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Help! game decision.


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I never got creature Isle, but i'd go with Freedom force because Black and White was an exercise in frustration for me. It was really neat and a lot of fun at times, but there were times when your creatures AI was just not up to par, and no matter how much I trained and trained it would not learn, so then I decided to make it an evil destructive creature, so I'd tie it to a tree and beat it senseless every day, then tie it to the town centers of my foes....but he usually just sorta sat around, even when he had the aggressive mean leash on :giveup:

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Freedom Force if course. I bought B&W and the Xpac in hopes to keep me occupied for the whole summer - boy was I wrong. It didn't even last a week. It is so boring all you do is literally babysit a stubborn animal and whining townspeople that cry we need food we need this we need that non stop. Its fun to make your creature go bad but only for a short while and even if you want it evil you can't beat it for taking that route. So yeah don't make the mistake I did, go for Freedom Force.

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Originally posted by Herminator_64





Originally posted by jokemaster

I can't afford KotOR right now.


I will sell you my pc copy of KOTOR DIRT CHEAP! Reason being, is that i'd like to take it off my hard drive, and get the XBOX version instead. The XBOX version is selling for less than $20 now.:)

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Originally posted by Sabretooth

Freedom Force, coz most people are recommending so...






How about buying the Sims?



The sims sucks because they take 10 minutes game time to go from the bed to the toilet, and they're in the same room!


Hmm, I might take you up on the PC version Groovy.

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