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educational political game


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I saw an actual commercial game in Best Buy a couple of weeks ago (it's still there) called "Political Machine."


Tongue in cheek with cartoony graphics, but it's supposedly a pretty good simulation of the presidential race. You can run as Kerry, Bush, or a bunch of real life candidates past and present, and create your own.


It even has multiplayer. Wonder what that's like.. ; )


Anyway, looked interesting.

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Educational (assuming their facts are correct). Basically a left-leaning rant about how both President Bushes are greedy self-serving politicans who ruined the economy to curry favor with the super rich (and Clinton was actually a smart economic prez).


Interesting, of course, but the game portion of it sucks horribly (no, I can't do better, but I've seen better). Still, pretty expansive for a homemade freeware game. Reminds me of the old style Duke Nukem games.

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