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Cantina: The Holiday Special 3!!!!!!


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Deac: Quick! To the Deac mobile!


Orthos: You have a mobile?


Deac: I'm hoping real Deac does


*Goes outside to find a bicycle in Deac's parking space*


Syrnl: Stupid environmentalist. Or maybe he's to stupid to drive.


Deac: Heck. We'll just hot-wire Redwing's car.

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((OOS: [Ya, in this thread? Who would've thought? ;)] If I recall correctly, real-Deac lives in England...if not, I'll correct my post :D))


Rwos: I'd be all for that, except 'Redwing' doesn't have a car...


K'Warra: That's right. She, or he, or it, or whatever, rides the bus. *Grins* Two hours every day to school. We can steal 'its' bus pass if you want.


Me: ...Shut up. >< *Hides*


K'Warra: On the bright side, I know all about Earth. Because I live here! In an alternate universe, anyway...


*K'Warra walks across the street to the first vehicle he sees. Breaks the lock and opens the door*


K'Warra: Hey! We're in England! Bloody Brits driving on the wrong side of the road...


Rwos: Aren't you English?


K'Warra: Ya, but I haven't really lived here since the Middle Ages. Someone else want to drive? I get shotgun.

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Alyssa: Umm... I'd say yes, but this thing has wheels under it... I'm not sure I could.


(Nom and Tarila agree)


England? No, no. I couldn't either. It's the wrong side of the road! No, somebody else can volunteer. In fact, I think I've said too much already. I'll leave you all to whatever madness you're about to encounter and go... um... study BIOLOGY!! Yeah, that's it! Biology!



Alyssa: I hate it when he does that...

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[it is indeed correct. They are in England...BUT Enron/Darkstar tower is in the U.S]


Deac: That's right. We need to cross the ocean.


Orthos: But how?


Deac: To...the airport!


*After a long and difficult bus journey there [this is English public transport after all...]


Attendant: Welcome. Where would you like to fly today?


Deac: New York, please.


Attendant: How many tickets.


Deac: This many *Points to everyone*


Attendant: Please remove any metallic items you are carrying.


*Deac walks through the metal detector. It goes off*


Attendant: Do you have any metal limbs or plates?


Deac: Several...*begins pointing them out*


Orthos: We'll be here a while...

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(Tarila frowns and begins to remove all metal items... this includes two swords, six knives of various lengths, and two pouches of throwing knives. Nom removes his sniper rifle, along with the other assorted rifles he has strapped to his back. Then, he removes the long knife hanging at his side. Alyssa removes two lightsabers and a long metal pole she'd been carrying on her back. Cat merely growls)


(The attendant screams at the sight of the tiger and runs away.)


Alyssa: Do you think that means we can take our weapons back?

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"Showoff," Alyssa mutters, taking her weapons and going through the metal detector caring very little about the thing going off since the attendant had run off. Nom and Tarila did the same. Cat simply followed Alyssa and was the only one of their little party who did not set off the metal detector since he had not metallic objects to carry. Not many tigers do:p

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Deac: Awww. I stink at those.


Syrnl: So do I...hmmm...


Deac: I'll try anyway... You want to let us on the plane


Attendant: Hey! You're like that guy out the movie!


Syrnl: Hey...we're going to a convention. In New York. These are all just plastic. Come on...who has a "real" lightsaber anyways!

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(Alyssa whispers)


Alyssa: Good gracious, do you really think you'll get us on like that?


(Then, after raising her voice, she uses a mind trick)


Alyssa: We have tickets.


Attendant: You have tickets. Show them to me.


Alyssa: We have already shown them to you.


Attendant: You have already shown them to me.


Alyssa: We may board now.


Attendant: You may board now. Have a nice flight.


(The attendant then sees Cat and runs away screaming. Alyssa laughs.)


Alyssa: Cat seems to be the only thing we need around here... everybody runs at the sight of him.


(As the attendant runs away...)


We have a large party of... people. They've got a tiger with them and they're boarding the next flight to the US! Let US customs know what's headed their way... and see if you can get rid of that tiger before it kills somebody!

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(Alyssa smiles and nods, but when she gets the chance, she whispers to Deac.)


Alyssa: You're what who in what the what?



Hmm, yes it's me again. I must say, I don't bother educating my characters in video games or any other form of technology or entertainment which exists on my home planet... sorry, you'll have to do quite a bit of explaining.


Tarila: And of course, you don't have the time to explain it yourself... typical.


Nom: You'd hope our creator would have the time for us.


Shut up! I've got to finish about 11 modules of a biology book within the next 2 days!


Alyssa: Mmmhmm, sure you do. That explains perfectly why you're here talking to us right now.


Give me a break! I'm taking a little break, so what?


Nom: So finish up so you don't have to take a break!


Oh, fine... I'll be back [/Governor Arnold]


Tarila: Don't you love it how we can boss him around?

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Sophae: The lift is broken, this is Earth, remember? Nothing ever works.


Allessa: Well would one of you boys like to fix it.


Flax: That's for when your car breaks down, we're not all that stupid. How the hell do you expect me to fix a lift? I don't even have a hydro spanner.


Hal: I'll fix it for you!


Dasken: No, I'll fix it for you!


Hal: No, she's my fiencee, I'll do it.


*They begin to fight.*


*Flax puts his head in his hands and drags his fingers down his face.*

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Deac: Then...the stairs...


Syrnl: Yes the stairs, and then?


Deac: Up, up up and up. And then...


Syrnl: The tunnel...


*Deac looks puzzled*


Deac: No, the office.


Syrnl: Yes, the office. We meant that.


Deac: Whatever.


*Starts climbing stairs*

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(Alyssa turns to Deac)


Alyssa: You spend time with some very strange people...


(Cat bounds up the stairs ahead of everybody)


Alyssa: No, CAT! Get back here!


(Cat growls, but returns to Alyssa's side.)


Tarila: Strange people abound here. You talk to an overgrown cat.


(Nom and Tarila chuckle and head up the stairs.)

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