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Endor Siege


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You could put all the extra files in a "resource" type pk3, but if it's all required for the mod anyway...


Yeah, remember, people are danged lazy! You've got to make it as easy as possible for them to get everything in one, neat, package. ;)


Looks like the file only increased in size about a meg. Remember though, despite how lazy people are, they are willing to download 100+ meg "ownage" videos, and 90+ megs for a mod like MovieBattles 2!


As is the file I got before was unwinnable. In fact, those first few objectives stayed crossed out (2, 4 & 5?) no matter what you did.


To save space, make sure there are no "thumbs.db" files in there and that you've only included files required to run the map, nothing from basejka.


New sounds and music of course take up the most space...




-I'll check out what you've got now that I'm home and awake!


-Are you using HapSlash's improved stormtrooper model?


-Did you remember to put the grass texture and the sky texture in the main pk3? In the version I have, the sky and ground were missing, plus the underside of the wooden ramps was transparent... apparently all those textures were from other addon maps, but missing from the siege endor file!

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No those textures were custom made by me as well as the shaders and they're ALL included in the file.

I stripped everything out of the base folder except the needed files, tested it, repacked it from scratch, and tested it again.

Download the latest version from http://www.pcgamemods and see if that works better for you.

I am personally using Hapslash's stormtrooper & Imperial officer player models - but since they replace the standard ones, it doesn't matter if you use them or not.

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Okay after further testing with the new file (from PCGM),

I've found the following problems:


The grass and sky textures are still missing.

Perhaps they're not in the proper directories?

(See posted screenshots below)


Some walkways are invisible on the bottoms

(when viewed from below).


The "shaft of energy" textures are there now,

but they're very dark, not at all like in the

screenshots on PCGM! And just in case there

was any doubt, I did turn on r_dynamicglow 1

and turned on "show detailed shaders" and still

they look dark and drab.


For reference, I'm using an ATI All-In-Wonder 9600

(128 mb) with the latest (I think) drivers. 1024x768




Minor stuff:


Han Solo's taunts are missing (he just has the

default Reborn taunts). Understandable as this

is a converted JK2 model

(most such models have goofed up taunts).


Might want to remind people not to use the biker

scout blaster, since it replaces everyone's pistol,

not just that of the biker scouts (and it doesn't

change the blaster bolt color of the pistol anyway...

it should be red!).


Major stuff:




Note when the map STARTS, those objectives are

already completed. And running over those shafts

of light doesn't seem to change anything after the

map starts. I do hear the voice over at the very

start, but no more after that. The map seems

unwinnable, as is, at least for the offense. :(







Now you see it.




Now you don't!









You mentioned that the NPC's don't attack,

which is true. They also are immune to Force

Powers (can't push, pull, or grip them).


It looks like you DID include the Imperial Commando

skin IN the main pk3. You did include the Endor sky

and ground textures BUT they are NOT showing up,

in the actual map!


Edit: links fixed

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One way to save some space would

be to just use the standard voice files

that say "the enemy has completed a

secondary objective" etc. rather than

your custom ones (or have the custom

voice files be a secondary file that would

overwrite the defaults). The objectives

are normally identified with onscreen text,

and custom voice files, while helpful, are

not completely necessary. Anyway, just

a thought. ;)

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OK... in order to complete objectives, you have to HOLD DOWN the use key!

Just running through the beam will do nothing!

Can't do anything about Han Solo's sounds! I didn't make the model!

3 objects on each side are already completed. I wanted to make it a different way but it was making the objectives too complicated to get to work.

As for your missing textures, I believe you need to go to your "Gamedata/Base/Shaders" folder and open up the "shaderlist.txt" file and add "endor" to it! that should solve any problems.

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Actually, the texture problems are most likely due to the fact that...


ATST Pilot has bad shaders!


Observe these errors:


WARNING: R_FindImageFile could not find 'models/players/atst_pilot/holster_gun_spec' in shader


Shader models/players/atst_pilot/holster_gun has a stage with no image

WARNING: R_FindImageFile could not find 'models/players/atst_pilot/hand_spec' in shader


Shader models/players/atst_pilot/hand has a stage with no image

WARNING: unknown general shader parameter 'models/players/atst_pilot/goggles' in


WARNING: R_FindImageFile could not find 'models/players/atst_pilot/torso_spec' in shader


Shader models/players/atst_pilot/torso has a stage with no image


My red slushie flags stopped working after I DLed that model, and bad textures showed up on even default maps... You do the math.


PS: You missed off a } in the shader file. Hence bad errors.


       map models/players/atst_pilot/face
       rgbGen lightingDiffuse


A last } needs to be there. That fixes 'unknown shader parameter' and fixes other shaders this model breaks. As for the file can't be found errors... Well, I think we all know what's the problem (Files aren't there).


Furthermore, you forgot to make shaders for the team skins. It's missing shaders the default gets. You doubled the torso shaders (but put them under another name).

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No. No the shaderfix isn't.


It doesn't FIX the shaders... It just nukes them all. That's not a damn fix, that's gutting.


I have the shader file fixed on my file, but I had to delete the bad hand_spec etc stuff.


Monsoon, do you have the three missing files? If you do, I'll be glad to make a fixed version.

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If you let ,me know which files you need, I'll send them to you ASAP!

Sorry for all the hassle - part of BETA testing I guess... Sigh.

Has anyone actually managed to play the map?

I've been holding off on uploading fixes as I'm nearly done getting the 3rd map ready...

All the objectives are in and working... just have to add some more lights and fix a few things tonight and then it will be all go, so I thought I'd upload the fiexes at the same time.

Still, it won't be ALL happening until I get the MAIN map finished and that still need quite some work alas. Still each map is quite playable by itself.


Does anyone have any GOOD references of what the red generator things inside the bunker look like? (I need to rebuild the ones I have... Sunburn made them for me, but they have a super high poly count, so I thought I'd try and make them more quake engine friendly...)

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Does anyone have any GOOD references of what the red generator things inside the bunker look like? (I need to rebuild the ones I have... Sunburn made them for me, but they have a super high poly count, so I thought I'd try and make them more quake engine friendly...)



References.. you mean like from the ROTJ DVD? Or was it not shown in the movie?


I tried to play the map (as best as one could with only bots), but the missing textures and lack of recognition for completing objectives made me give up.


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Sorry I'm on my way to class, I just saw your message (turns on ICQ). Too bad I don't know how to auto accept files on it!


Approving a file on Lucasfiles takes a bit longer but if it's still not ready by the time I get back tonight I'll make sure it gets posted. ;)

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Cool will make sure I update the on on PCgame mods personally...


Currently just have to do the bot routing and fix a couple of icons on the 2nd map...that should be ready by the weekend...

Also hoping to get the 3rd map ready ASAP. Just have to get my log traps working properly and add the siege objectives...


Just got my DVD of Revenge Of The Sith from K-Mart (Yes! They're here as well!)

So am planning to watch it tonight when I get home with some take-a-way's (McDonalds or fish'n chips or whatever the kids feel like!)

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I've uploaded the AT-ST Pilot model to PCgamemods (At last you can update your old files!!!) and made the team skins a bit less pastel!!! LOL


Also finished modeling the new Low-Poly version of the Generator Pylon last night... should look good once I UV map and texture the damn thing!!! And it's about 1/4 the number of poly's that the current version has and is a bit more movie acurate!

Thats the last Major thing to be done on the second map... Hope to have this map ready for testing by Sunday (Fingers crossed!)


Anyone able to assist me with converting a model into a vehicle???

I have one for the 3rd map that's just waiting to be done!

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New Generator room with the new low-poly generator models.

I still have to finish the textures on them and do a "metallic" shader for the metal bits...

I also noticed that in the movie, they subtly "curve" the perspective on the tunnel so you can't see to the end of it.


Oh! Going to have a question about this room for after you've played the level... At the moment the generator room is simply for looks and the way out of the bunker up to the "main" outdoor area is via two separate tunnels.

I was thinking it might be more interesting if instead of having the (rather bland) tunnels, that the way to the outside part was via the gantries in the generator room?

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