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Endor Siege


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Rig = Weight.


The process of setting up the 'bones' within the model so they properly deform the model during animation.

LODs are of course models with fewer polys for viewing at a distance instead of using a hi-poly version. I'm not sure if Psyk0-Sith does that but he's done a lot of rigging and is quite efficient at it.

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Been er... busy playing KOTOR 2.


Quite a compelling story line - if only the battles weren't so tediously boring it might be fun rather than a chore.

Still just finished it now on the light side - why the first thing everyone else does is turn to the dark side, I just don't know.


Anyway, the place to get hold of Psyk0-Sith is




Will get this project back on track now...

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Alas, no... KOTOR 2 was rushed to meet the Xmas deadline and as a result the last third of the game is badly broken with quests that are impossible to complete an entirely missing planet, character arcs that go nowhere and lots of bugs.

Its just the first half that sucks you in - If they hadn't been rushed to finish this, this game could have been absolutley fantastic.

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OK, permissions received - so ATST pilot release will be all GO! So am planning to get it released tonight! (Though the best laid plans...)


ALso got back to work on the mapping last night. Just a little bit, but something to get me motivated again. (Its so hard to keep ones enthusiasm for a project going sometimes... but I am determined to get it finished)

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I used their model as a base and simply reworked a lot of the mesh, rather than starting from scratch. Same with textures - notably on the holster, gloves, face and goggles. No point reinventing the wheel, when I have such a small amount of time to work on the project in the first place!!! ;)

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Ok, I've redone the forest facade texture so it matches the model trees a lot better, I've added a couple of hollow tree trunks to run through. rezzed up (redid) most of the ground textures, finished the AT-ST Pilot and added him in the team classes, changed the Vader model to the VaderVm one (Hapslash's one looks great but since he rarely releases anything, I'm not holding out hope).

Also started work on the log swings and it kinda looks good but needs a lot more work - will probably have to script them to get them to swing only once, perhaps with some sort of delayed reset on them

Have the primary Siege Objectives working properly but still need to add the secondaries. When activated, I'm hoping to spawn in some NPC backup forces - though not certain if that will work well or not.

Have finsihed the handrails on the four main Ewok platforms - now just have to do the small ones and the bridges (Which are a pain in the arse).

Am working on the map screen and objective icons.

Added some more lighting and sound effects but still much more to add.

Am definitely going to have to add fog as it runs a bit too choppily without it.

Hope to have some new screenshots in bit.


Also been playing Lego Star Wars: The Game - Dang! If that Revenge Of The Sith Space Battle level isn't full on!!!


As an aside, what Game Engine do you think should be used for the "next" Jedi Knight game? (Assuming one ever gets made of course.)

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The Half Life engine looks good from what ive seen, or perhaps the engine from Quake 4, since I assume it has the same type of engine as Q3a, just more powerful. I doubt LA would make another Jedi Knight game, thats something modders would have to do.

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Hmmm... Seems I'm getting too ambitious again for the Q3 engine. I keep getting the MAX_MAP_VERTS error - so looks like I'll have to split the map into two separate ones.

Will probably make the Forest - Ewok Village - Bunker portion into the Siege map and the Bunker - Shield Generator - Landing Platform into a FFA map. Sigh.

There is one alterative I'm going to try, but I've never seen it done before and have no idea if it will work - merely that I have seen the option.

OK. Once I get the damnthing working again, I plan to finish the UV mapping on the Rebel commando and get him to Psyk0Sith for rigging.


Progress is being made and I'll put some updated screeenshots up as soon as I get the map to compile again...

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Can someone please send me scans of the Endor stuff from the Incredible Cross Sections book?

I've seen the book in stores but haven't been able to justify the purchase.

It's a pretty good reference too and I'd like to make the Ewok village section of the map a bit more "accurate".



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