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Endor Siege


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Hey CerberuS_21, hopefully the final map sizes shouldn't be too big...

It was originally one HUGE map, but I gave up doing it that way (too many problems) and now it is three separate map that are somewhat joined together - eg. should the Imperial team win the ENDOR BUNKER map, then the EWOK VILLAGE map will be automatically loaded and play will continue (though scores are reset) and if they win that map they are VICTORIOUS, if they loose play moves back to the ENDOR BUNKER map and if they loose again, play then moves to the third map the ENDOR SHIELD GENERATOR complex. If the Rebels win here then they are VICTORIOUS.

Play can oscilate back and forth. However, each map is playable as a separate entity all by itself.

Thats one of the main reasons I want to test the maps is to make sure this gameplay mechanic will work successfully, as well as working out team balancing issues and making sure that the objectives are balanced, since to win a map each team must capture ALL six objectives. Each objective can be captured by the opposite team and teams each start with 3 objectives already captured (Couldn't find a way to work around this).


Now all I have to do is redo the botrouting when i get home - repack the .pk3 file so there's no extraneous stuff in there and upload it to whatever sites are still up - most likely lucasfiles and jediknight2.filefront.com since pcgamemods is down. So look for it within the next 24 hours (I'll post links when its up)

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Um... well I only have Yahoo and I don;t think that'll let you transfer 24mb files either... but hey! I've never tried it - could be wrong!

It's late though and I have to be up at 5am, so need to go to bed for tonight - hope to have this sorted by tomorrow as its all ready to go!

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I got the file, I can post it later today (Friday).


I noticed right off the bat that there is a big missing texture (half pipe shaped) inside each of the big colored "aura" objectives. The big half pipe thing standing on its side that appears to "follow you" as you move around it. That texture is missing on all of the object spots (I can post a screenshot in a bit if you don't know what I'm talking about).


I also noticed that several of the player classes don't have a face icon. Is that due to missing files?


In the readme you said to reduce space you removed the speeder bike, scout trooper and ewok. Can the map run without them or not?


I also noticed that you included the Death Star Trooper (the Dark Forces Mod style Imperial Naval Trooper with the sunglasses), Han Solo and Darth Vader (which one?). Will the mod crash without those? I thought I installed the mods you asked for in the readme and it crashed on spawn... I'll check my base folder to see what I've got.




Edit: "Missing" skins? (might want to double check these, and if they're not included please put in the exact URL of each one! I'll be uploading them to the site when I have confirmation from you which ones are needed!)


Not sure which Darth Vader Model you used...


Han Solo (JK2 model)


Imperial Commando




Imperial Commando (no goggles, reskin as an alternative?)


Not sure if there are any AT-ST's on the map, but there's an:


AT-ST Pilot skin

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Okay you included the face shot of the Imperial Commando, but not sure if you forgot to include the actual model. I also noticed (I see your post now):


Had missing face shots:

AT-ST Pilot

Darth Vader

Han Solo


So I filled those in.


When I try to spawn a bot in so I can play the map, I get a "recursive error, MAX CVARS" though I am running OJP, so that might be the conflict (bummer if they're not compatible!) and the game locks up. I'll try it once more with the skins properly installed...


All I'm asking is a list of the needed skins IN the readme so people know which ones and where to get them. ;)

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Still crashes. I'm going to remove all my extra pk3's and see what happens.


Oh btw, I did have VaderVM2.2 installed, perhaps that was the conflict?


Screenshots of missing textures:






Okay, cleaned up my base and swapped in only the files you said to use. Wish me luck!


Also, updated my downloads page with the files here:


http://strategy.jediknight.net/jka/downloads.shtml (scroll to the bottom)

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Hey Kurgan found this...


"I noticed while testing that with to many cvars set the server will crash and display an error message. Don't remember exactly but was something like: Recursive error: MAX CVARS.


I got this message after cycling trough all the gametype in Merciless mode. I then rewrote the cvardef code that AWE, CTF and DEM is using to get cvar values.


cvardef will set a cvar to the default value if does not exist which means that all AWE, CTF and DEM cvars will be setup even if default values is used. Add to that cvars that the other gametypes setup and the ones that Merciless set up and you get quite a lot.


cvardef in AWE 1.4.3 beta 2 will not set cvars that do not exist. Therefor I recommend putting // (two slashes) in front of all the lines in your config files that sets something that are the default value. That way you still have them in your config as a reference but they will not take up resources.


This will propably only affect people running many gametypes but with Merciless v.6 coming I suspect there will a lot more cvars added so you might aswell start going through your config files now to avoid future problems."






Re: Max Cvars

« Reply #6 on: September 26, 2005, 05:22:09 PM »

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Maybe this is what you wanted but just to clarify. It sounds like its running dedicated, which means you will only get that console to change maps and configure your server for other people to connect to it. If you want to run a server so that you can play as well while your running it you will need to set it to non dedicated server.


If you are using this shortcut from our site


"C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\quake3.exe" +set fs_game pow +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg


Set dedicated to 0 instead of 2






Re: Max Cvars

« Reply #7 on: September 26, 2005, 05:25:21 PM »

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Also if you are using custom scripts/configs and not the ones that come with JBPOW in the pow folder you might have too many entries in there.


Hope these help!

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Doesn't really help me at all, sorry (what's the URL of the place you got those from anyway?).


I'm not running a dedicated server. Ask about Max Cvars on the coding forum or ask RazorAce, I'm sure he can help. ;)


Max Cvars MIGHT be resulting from a conflict between your map and OJP basic. Again, you should talk to Razor, get that ironed out. It may be that he can fix it. I hate to think I can't use OJP with your map! :(


Btw, I got it to work. I removed all the pk3's out of my base that the mod wasn't using, and guess what? It works!


However, oddly enough, the Sky texture and the ground texture are now missing!


Apparently you have those two textures in another pk3.. perhaps another addon map in your base! Oops.


You said it's hard to get mods working for other people. My advice is to do this... before you release something, clean out your base folder completely. Leave in only basejka pk3's like the assets files and the pk3's you're going to upload to whatever mod site. This will show you definitively if any files are missing.


I tried to take a screenshot of my base folder but PS is messing up for some reason, so here's the files I have listed (do you have any of these?)... some of these might contain the textures you were using! But you need to include those textures in the map...


Tell me if you have any of these in your base:


















Also, some kind of announcement or sound effect when you complete an objective would be nice. I couldn't tell when I was completing an objective or what. Those icons on the radar should disappear once you've completed them too probably... (and I notice on the Objectives menu map only the rebel ones highlight when you click on them... plus the icons are too big on the menu map).


The speeder bike is great, but (just like in SWBF) there is no room to ride it! You can go about two inches before you have to stop and navigate around some obstruction or ram into something. "realistic" or not, it's dang annoying. What's the point of a bike except to travel some long distance quickly? As is, it's kind of useless.


Finally, you may want to give Luke his "luke" hilt (that's a hidden one in basejka) and perhaps give Vader something else for his hilt (perhaps isolate a vader hilt from another mod and include it).

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Yep, not to worry, those are all the things that need ironing out...

Funny - I did record sounds (voiceovers actually) for when you complete each objective! + text should come up saying that you've done an objective.

Also since each objective can be captured multiple times, there's no point in them dissapearing off the map.

Not sure why the imperial icons don't show up... will have to look into that..

The speeder bike is there for if you want to use it - but its really for the MAIN part of the map (SIEGE_Endor_Bunker) which is much longer and has AT-ST's in it and log traps and the imperial bunker. The third part of the map is SIEGE_Endor_ShieldGenerator and has the Imperial Landing platform and the Shield Generator complex... Still working on both of those.

As for saber hilts... it's on my to do list! LOL

OK guess I'm gonna have to include all the extra stuff in the zip after all...

Will remake the pk3 file from scratch to make sure I have everything.

Will try and repost an updated ZIP file later today!!! Gonna be big though!


Thanks very much for your help... I do appreciate it!

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