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PS 2 drive, bad?

Revan Solo

Is the PS 2 drive bad?  

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  1. 1. Is the PS 2 drive bad?

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    • No
    • I don't know
    • I have no PS 2

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I don't own a PS2, but from what I am aware of there are no inherent troubles in the drives of the newer ones. The older ones I know had troubles if you stood the device up on end, the lens would become loose and unable to properly read discs.


It's possible the new ones are screwed up, but I really couldn't tell you

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Originally posted by InsaneSith

The new Slim PS2 actually does read at a faster rate than the old one, and can read more reliably.


I dont' have a ps2 drive, but I hear their very well made.


Well I'll take your word. I'm not at all interested in it rite now tho. PS3 is gonna come out in Oct this year I hear, and that will be the new rage until they make another :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by Ranre

In my opinion, why would u get another PS2 when ou already have one. It looks different whoop te do. But you would think that the newer one would go faster right.

The slim line one has this network adapter at the beginning. For the older one you had to buy it.

And the newer one is so small and light. And it looks better.


(Has anybody seen that you can roll the Playstation emblem?:) )

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Originally posted by Ranre

Exactly, there must be 70 ppl at my school whom like to play alone these days on their DS. If they wanna get something they might as well get the better PS2 (of wich i think they have lol)

DS = hand-held, PS2 = console. I think if they got the DS they want a handheld.
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Speaking of ps2: my Star Ocean disc won't load. :(


It loads when I don't have a memory card loaded and runs fine, but when I put in my memory card it screws up. :(


I don't have a regular memory card: I bought this 8MB one that has to be loaded by a disc.


Think the memory card is the problem? >_>


And yes: DS is for on the go gaming. You can't carry around a ps2 in your pockets :p

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