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What do you expect from KOTOR 3 (if it will ever show up)

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personally, i didn't have very many gripes with a lot of the kotor systems. the combat system was simple, enjoyable to watch, and it still felt somewhat real. i'm sorry, but the whole concept of taking turns in battles is ridiculous. when's the last time you ever saw a real battle fought turn-based?? when you can think of one, let me know. :dozey:


the voice acting in the kotor series is believable and ranks as among the best voiceacting in any video game. sure it doesn't quite match the degree of voiceacting presented in games like the Chronicles of Riddick and Bloodlines, but it is still much better than the gaming industry standard.


and i also don't get you people not liking all the little sidequests. without them, what are going to do?? run around and kill people/creatures??? it sounds fun, but you'd have much more fun doing so on another game like Half-Life 2, Doom 3, etc. a ton of mindless killing is for the genre of first-person shooters, not rpg's. :dozey:


to be honest, my only real gripe was that although the Kotor games use an older graphics engine, i still get better framerates on games like Half-Life 2 and the Chronicles of Riddick which look tons better. please use a new graphics engine for the next Kotor game. i don't care if its the Source engine, the upcoming Unreal3 engine, the Doom 3 engine, the Crytek engine, or the Starbreeze engine. just use one of the next-gen engines, please.

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hey who doesnt like the sidequest, its the sidequests that gave the 1st kotor a certain amount of replayability


i want more because in kotor the sidequests were earned via talking a lot to ur npc and in tsl you earned sidequests by talking to npc of each planet that wern't part of ur group in kotor3 i would like to see both introduced


what i also noticed is that by talking to the jedi/sith in ur group (not ur aprentices) you could unlock the ability to have them teach you new force powers i would like to see more of this to but not just with ur group but with other jed/sith (depending on wether u play ds or ls) and i dont mean that just by meeting them and having a converstion with them that you sudenly get taught like in tsl with some of the lightsaber tecniques


i would like it so that by talking alot (the lightsiders way) you can learn alot more about the people you meet on the planets you visit and about your companions and you can learn alot about the force that you wont just by waiting to level up

or by finding jedi/sith and trying to force them to teach you (the dark path) and only taking the time to learn what you need to complete ur mission


i would also like it to be made a bit clearer what upgrades can and cant be used i.e. armour i found that certain upgrades for armour were not useable for certain armour but for me it wasnt to clear how or why

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I would like more heavy weapons in the game, not like the powerd up rifles of K2, but the guns that required the Heavy Weapons Feat. I could find some nice ones in K1, but I can't remember finding anything that required the feat in K2 (come to think of it I haven't noticed the feat in K2 either, probably because I didn't focus on that feat as it was a free start feat for soldiers in K1).

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-Less in-game graphic cut-scenes.


-More Revan:D


-Get Bastilla on your team


-More worlds(Courscant, Alderaan and Mandalorian planet should be included)


-T3 and HK


-More ancient sith/jedi artifacts


-Huge epic battle


-no wookies this time


and they need to take their time and make this a really good game.


I liked K2 but it was a bit short and too many things left unexplained.

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-More Revan

-Get Bastilla on your team

-More worlds(Courscant, Alderaan and Mandalorian planet should be included)

-More ancient sith/jedi artifacts

-Huge epic battle

I liked K2 but it was a bit short and too many things left unexplained.


People, are you sure you're not telepathic? Beacuse on this thread you were like reading my mind:D

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ok the more revan thing i think we may hear more about revan but we wont actually 'see' revan as revans was a man/women of many faces if we're lucky we may find his/her remains and get to bury them as for more of the characters this could be dificult as it was possible to kill many of them in kotor1 but it would be nice if via a conersation you can say u ended kotor and tsl lightside hence unlocking them in the game to possibly be part of your party


i'd like the sith to be a bit more challenging, i dont mean the ones who hunt you down they can be what ever they are but i mean likt darth sion, kriea and that guy with the mask who's name escapes me just now, kreia was the most dificult and thats only because she had the lightsabers floating in the air to help her sion and mask guy were somewhat foreboding but they were way to easy to beat


i've said it before and i'll say it again more sidequests please, in kotor you got them via talking to your companions, in tsl you got them by talking to people on planets outside your party i hope in k3 we get both


i also hope theres more choice of who's in your party i would like it to be a choice rather than hi i like you can i join join you, i would prefer it to be that you can only fit so many on your ship so you can actually have so many people on your ship so some people you will have to turn down, this will be even more fun as a sith as you could kick out anyone you thought wasnt being usefull.

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1. You can have at least 3 NPC's that can follow you around. (For bigger battles)


2. Of course! More force powers , unique swords, lightsabers and guns. Im getting tired that you can only pick 4 strikes that can kill the opponent. (Put more!!)


3. More unique NPC's that you can be proud to have. (Bao-dur: BOOOOOO!!) Also, having 15 or more NPC's that can join you.


4. That ebon-hawk ship might need some little changing. Why not change it to a more bigger ship that can support more Npc's?


5. Make enemy's harder than ever.


6. Make a better plot for the game.


7. Massive places that you can actually roam. (Like Morrowind or something)


8. (This is just something) If possible, make the romance....ummm...you know. More romantic! :eek: Of course, make the player to choose if they want the relationship to continue or not because some may just want some actions.


9. Make a vehicle of some sort that you can use for easy transport. (Needs #7)


10. Once again, Im craving for a lot of monsters. Larger packs of monsters. You know, monsters that actually have some brain.


11. Puzzles. I dont really like puzzles but I think it will make the player to actually use their brains, not just depending on dexterity or that kind of stuff.


12. Better voice acting.


13. Make an option to actually kill almost all of your party. <<Disadvantages: What about their side quests?


14. Improve the graphics!


15. Somehow.....make T3 or any other droids more useful. << Didnt use T3at all in KOTOR 1 and 2.


That's it.

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If KOTOR III were to be made!?


1. The choice to choose if you are Revan, The Exile, or another PC with a new agenda, but you get to pick gender, head pieces, etc....


2. The choise to possible obtain your real lightsaber back from Atris some how.


3. A hidden secret which is hinted at through the game play, which sends cills up your spine.


4. New planets, and return only Dantooine!


5. How about some starting game gear, which represents a hint to your past. At the beginning of the game.


6. Side Quests that both alter the outcome of the game, and are a sandalone complex.


7. The choice to choose, at the get go, what your apprentice or master looks like, but the game writer decides his and her fate.


8. An Ending, which is theatrical as KOTOR I.


9. Force powers, like Force Crush, which is given to you near the middle of beginning of the game, so you can develop its potential.


10. Battle Meditation that actually works!


11. A sidequest were you can save you master or apprentice, and not save your self.

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Hi everyone.

probably not the best thread to introduce myself. oh well no offense to you all.


I really disagree with somethings you all say.


the main character should not have a voice the main character is suppose to reflect yourself.i prefer it this way but i guess somepeople want a voice but then the people would have to do every single line and they might have to do a dark voice and a light voice which might take a pretty long time conseriding how long the game is.


Some of you want better voice acting and i dont see why. the voice acting was alright i liked it. i dont see how they could improve it unless they attached a 5 second dramatic sound.



Kreia was a good character although she was evil. i brought her on all my planets. she certainly gave me a challenge influenceing her while im lightside :p their allways has to be a dark character in your party.







I think this KOTOR 3 will be when the exile goes to fight the Sith'ari i dont think youll beable to get your lightsaber back from atris unless you met her somewhere in the unknown lands

And about the force crush:

It was way too overpowerd. if they lower the power of it then yeah i would say devolp it and stuff.



I finished Kotor II in two weeks because i fought every monster their was and got all the objectives done expect the bugged ones. although it might be i took that long becasue i had to do a poopload of homework








Uhm sorry but KOTOR III would be doomed if they made it that way. if you want that kinda stuff then pick up the empire at war or whatever that was called.




that all my ranting..no offense if i offended some of you. :(


i do want new planets and maybe one old one like Nar Shadda.


hopefully they wont make anymore half-baked romances.


i want more room to travel in.

and more sidequests. Like in KOTOR their were alot of quests but In kotor II it just slowed down to 5-6 a planet.


thats all i could think of right now.


thats all i have to say. I think this is one of the longest posts i have ever made. and again im sorry if i offended some of you

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Hi camino, welcome to the forums! Don't sweat about not agreeing with other ppl's ideas; you're not gonna offend anyone just cos of that, ppl are really friendly around here.


The only thing I'm really concerned about is the size of the levels; Nar Shaddaa for example didn't feel like a city at all. If I had to chose between lots of small planets and a few big ones I'd go for the latter. I suppose I'd also like to be able to fully customise the PC's face, rather than just pick from a few that were already made.

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the main character should not have a voice the main character is suppose to reflect yourself

Agreed. Though I don't mind the little "Yes." when switching to your PC, or whatever noise when placing a mine/picking a lock/etc.

hopefully they wont make anymore half-baked romances.

Don't really care if theres a romance or not. -A Jedi has no such attachments-

-Get Bastilla on your team

Disagree. Couldn't stand her the 1st game -honestly do not understand peoples obssession with this character. Is it the 'collection of pixels' (to quote Hawke)?- In fact this was one of the places OE let me down. I killed her 9/10 on the Forge & she's magically resurrected with her head intact on Telos... BOOOOOO!

NO annoying characters like Kreia. Really, who on this forum actually thought she was cool?


-More worlds(Courscant, Alderaan and Mandalorian planet should be included)

Not necessarily more worlds, just bigger. -Though I really want to see Coruscant in one of these games.-

11. A sidequest were you can save you master or apprentice, and not save your self.

Wouldn't mind seeing something like that. Ex; LS game having to sway your apprentice away from the DS.

T3 and HK



I hope they expand on the Influence idea; dialogs for NPC's relative to their alignment, if dark aligned not whining about cruel acts, you know actually being able to shape them. & they have new things to say after so many INF gains, not the same old dribble that you've already covered; got kind of old exhausting most conversation after 2 times with some NPC's.


Preferably start as a fresh character; Personaly wouldn't be too fond of starting a "new" game with a level 20 Revan / level 40+ Exile.


Most importantly, whoever makes it LA gives them the room & time needed to complete. No more MS induced X-Mas $$$$ rush it out the door jobs....

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What I would like to see is:


More planets and bigger ones.


All the party members (who survived) K1 and K2.


Be able to have the Exile and Revan in your party - but be able to play as the Exile for a few planets, and play as Revan for the next few.


Go back to Korriban, and the wreckage of Taris. (That would be interesting.)


Go to planets in the unknown regions, where the true Sith live.


AMke the planets look like... people live there. No more super clean corridors. Make it look like people live there not a bunch of hallways.

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Wow, some really cool ideas.


How about:


1. A game where you can choose to start off as: Revan, Exile, or a new PC. However, they need a meaningful purpose, and I don't buy the line :

You are an echo!



2. The ability to manipulate the art elements of your PC's head. Colors, pericings, etc...


3. Allow longterm players to intergrate their KOTOR I or KOTOR II save game characters into the game. (Sounds too complex, but its a thought.)


4. Larger worlds is definatly the ticket, but with intricate sidequests, which relate and not relate to the main storyline.


5. Base some storylines, like Bastilla's past, of the NPCs into the game as side quests again. (Since KOTOT II didn't have any NPC personal sidequests, I got board really fast.)


6. I like the idea, which I even thought was missing and that was: Influence problems... I thoughit was weird that they were all preachy about you doing bad things too much. Visas and Kria were interactive with this, but the other characters seemed to lightside even when they were dark.


7. Like I said, and someone agreed: Have the ability to choose to follow a master or apprentice, and either suffer from their consequesnces, or reap the rewards of the kindness. Maybe a few sidequests to turn them good or evil.


8. I love the idea, which another poster stated, make the hallways look liveable. Like there was or is sometype of activity that takes place... Nice!


9. How about this: You have slots for six members to join your team, and throughout the game you can bump into and try to influence six out of nine types of characters to join your quest. Regardless of your gender, but more into your alignment. Therefore, you can influnce a Sith Assasitn to join the team or something.



There was a point on Nashadaa where you were peicing together a landspeeder, but never got the chance to use it. How about actually using it, and traveling to another part of the planet without being forced through game play, and to explore other quests? (Too Complex?)


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In the next Kotor episode I like to see:


- A real influence system (when you drive people to the Dark Side, they will become evil, and not simply change portrait and say same lines as they’re LS).

- Bigger maps and more planets, and more side quests in each planet (be serious... in Kotor II some planets have almost no side quest).

- Another character in your active party and not only Revan/Exile and other two, with a total of four active characters.

- No bugs or/and plot holes.

- Not any need to wait levelling until someone become trainable as a Jedi or Sith.

- No items randomisation. When you kill an enemy, you get what the enemy has in the inventory.

- More valuable items and not so much garbage.

- A lesser components cost at the workbench.

- More customisable PC portraits, or more portraits selectable.

- Changing colour of your dress and Jedi robes, and no more refugee style clothing for the main character.

- No people that call you Jedi every time when you're playing DS.

- No useless characters like GO-TO and absolutly not Disciple, Carth and others boring good boys like them.

- Not already aligned characters. Your path thought the story will influence their alignment.

- Not so horrible appearance when you play DS... Palpatine is already Sith Lord in episodes I and II, but he doesn’t look like a corpse until episodes V and VI, so I do not think there is any real need of that.

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Carth isn't really useless, as he is one of you 2 main sidekicks (otherone being Bastila). Therefor I think Carth should be a possible partymember, at least if you're playing Revan. I also think the DS appearance should be done better, I never thought of Palpatine as a corpse, to me he looked more like a human lizard combination. I would like to use the swoop bike more often, and I don't mean on the racing track, but to travel across the planetsurface (just like the speeder, but much more usefull, and why wouldn't you use the swoop bike for that as well)

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ok having revan in ur group is not going to happen and the only way your going to be the exile is if its the main character because some people have speculated that the ending of tsl was a cliff hanger so if that is so that would mean your the exile again in kotor 3


if this is not the case ypu will not get the exile in kotor 3


the best we'll get is to hear about them via rumours and facts


i am up for more planets, side missions and group members i am also up for no bugs in the game when we get it i would like no plot holes but this is star wars and they tend to have a few and i am a fan


i dont think we need any more lightsabre colours but lightsabre upgrades the more the merrier so that all our lightsabres will then probably be unique wich is the way of the jedi

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