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The search for an MP3 player..


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Pretty much searching and I'm looking at getting a mini-model aswell as I don't need the high capacity for anything else (unless someone can find a 10GB model ;P). I've heard some good things about Dell DJ from a few and wondered if anyone might have one to share their experience. I think iPod is pretty much out of the question for their over-pricing.

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Don't know much about the Dell...how about a Rio Carbon? I've heard great things about those, and they're real comfy in the palm of your hand.

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Originally posted by Jed

Don't know much about the Dell...how about a Rio Carbon? I've heard great things about those, and they're real comfy in the palm of your hand.

Nah, those are only 1.5gb and are weird lookin.

Get the Zen Micro, 10 colors, 4, 5, and 6gb models ($180, $200, $250) ATM the 5gb is only available. And in June there will be a camera version for $300)


'Bout the same size of a Mini and a little lighter, and if you're lucky, you will get a free second battery! :D



Good Review: http://www.justdiscounted.com/zen_micro.php



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Originally posted by TheOutrider

Why not get an iPod?


Heard quite a few good things about those, but I think some you can't carry around in the palm of your hand :confused: .


For how much they are... Not worth it to me.. It's all over-priced anyways.

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I dunno bout these mp3 players :p Damn lotta money to pay for something that mainly plays some music :) I got a pocket pc for much much less than an iPod, it plays music(has excellent music software you can get for it, including a winamp port)...


At the end of the day it comes down to the amount of music you want to carry around


The pocket pcs/palms have a wariety of storage media. I have a 1gb SD card. It suits my purposes nicely. I have about 200 tracks on there(more than enough for me). I also usually have a cpl of *full* movies on there, depending on what Im doing(eg. good for long trips) There is also an *excellent* program that I use all the time that emulates gb/gba/snes/nes/genesis games *perfectly* = freakin awesome... :D Ive been playing sonic 3 and chrono trigger for the last week or 2. No probs at all :)


add to that things like wi-fi and bluetooth capabilities, not to mention being able to use it for work stuff, my lil pocket pc is invaluable and I wouldnt swap it for a 40gb musical monstrosity ... so yeah, it just depends what your needs are fella :)


the ones mentioned seem to get good write ups.. Grooves seemed to have a cool rig.... maybe he can give you a review :)


anyways, whatever you decide on, happy spendin !!



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Well, I can get all my Aerosmith, guns N Roses, and AC/DC songs on my MP3 Player in WMA format, and it only takes up like 1.3 GB. So, unless you have a ****-load of songs, you shouldn't need anything over 5 gig.


I have a Zen Xtra 40 GB....

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I have an old 3G iPod (15GB). Well worth the price you pay, IMO. You could try getting a 3G model on eBay. I'll bet the prices for them have plummeted, and there's really not that much difference between 3G and 4G models (besides the scroll pad), at least as far as I can tell.

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I've got an Archos Gmini XS200 which is about the size of an ipod mini but 20gb. Nice player, but very simple (eg: only two buttons and no extra fancy features)


But it sounds like you only need a 5Gb one, so there's no point in getting a huge jukebox one. I'd go with a Zen or a Carbon personally, as the ipod minis seem overpriced. But ipods still have the best UI.


I think this one is the coolest looking 5gb one around, though the reviews have been average:




Wonder if it has had a firmware update to improve it?


There are a few nice looking OLED display units coming out as well.


If you want a tiny flash unit to throw around then buying a no-name usb-stick type one off ebay is probably by far the cheapest. Pretty much all mini flash drives are the same, so you might as well buy the cheapest, or the one you like the look of most.

The Cowon iAudio ones look funky too.

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Awesome. but huge. Its nearly 3 times the size of my 20Gb gmini. :D (though i'm sure it has a few more features packed in).


But since he doesn't want anything as big as a 20gb drive its not really that useful. ;)


Though, if you have a reasonable cd collection (and can be bothered to rip them all) and a few downloaded tracks its amazing how much space you can fill up, especially if you want to leave some space for the future.


I can't find many 10-15GB drives around though... seems you have to have either 5gb, or jump to about 20gb.

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Sony are starting to bring out some nice little players, and now that they have started to support actual MP3s (!) on their mp3 players thay aren't totally out of the picture.


This one they just announced has a few cool features, is tiny and 20Gb: http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/news.php?newsId=1080




Zen Touch 20Gb: 4.1 in x 2.7 in x 0.90 in - 7.1oz = 10 in3

Ipod 4th 20Gb...: 4.1 in x 2.4 in x 0.57 in - 5.6oz = 5.6in3

Gmini XS 20Gb...: 2.9 in x 2.3 in x 0.75 in - 4.3oz = 5in3


I know which one i'd rather have in my pocket


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CNET headphone reviews:



Sennheiser make the best "big" "professional" headphones you can get. Lots of musicians use them.


Their portable headphones don't really stand out over anyone else though.


Electronic noise-cancelling headphones aren't really much better than decent in-ear plugs.


Those weird looking little in-ear "Isolator" headphones seem to get good reviews, but aren't cheap.


If i remember correctly a lot of sites use these Shure E3Cs as reverence headphones.



Though with an mp3 player sound quality isn't the primary concern, as no matter how good the player and te headphones the sound quality is never going to be stellar.

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