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Cantina 14 Discussion Thread


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What Deac said. Imperial, with research kept secret from Cracken... by his father.


BD, actually there's no reason Agric can't be Palpatine's half-brother. Cracken was the 'primary', so Palpy could've easily told him lies. Especially knowing Cracken's tendency for 'inappropriate' emotions (like him falling in love).

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Just an FYI to all: several of the current plotlines are intertwined behind the scenes.


Deac's heading to an abandoned Imperial research base.


The Elf Woman who's stalking Irvine (F. Irvine by proxy) is connected to the research base. (And of course the Blades are hunting her.)


Kioet is hunting down the remains of Moff Seerdon, who was involved in said research facility under Palpy's authority.


The subject of the research of the facility has something to do with Cracken, who might be very interested to learn of it - since Palpatine had it kept completely secret from him.


With all these connections, I think it would be funny if Agric (or Agric and Cracken together) just took over the galaxy while everyone else was distracted trying to run down or destroy the secret of this abandoned facility. Especially in a thread titled "The Guardians of Peace and Justice". :D

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Ok My Characters are both new so here is a brief bio. Its quick and didnt look for gramatical errors :p.


Name: Admiral Syno

Rank: New Republic Admiral (Commander of The 3rd Fleet of the Republic)

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Home Planet: Corellia

Appearance: Tall, short black hair with stubble.

Brief Description: Admiral Syno was promoted to the rank of admiral about a moth prior to the current events. He is a man who doesn't go by the book and prefers to take a chance rather than play it safe. He grew up on Corellia as part of a well to do family, however in his late teens he decided to leave it all and join sides with a small group known as the Rebel Alliance. He began as a fighter pilot and quickly rose through the ranks.


Name: Ilec Adumar

Rank: New Republic Captain/Young Jedi Knight (Scythe Leader)

Species: Mon Calamarian

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Home Planet: Mon Calamari

Appearance: A short Mon Calamarian very similar in apearance to Admiral Ackbar. He has bright green eyes.

Brief Description: Ilec Adumar was born during a chaotic time on Mon Calamari. His father died at the Battle of Endor leaving only his mother and older sister to raise him. When he was around 15, a Jedi by the name of Kyira Vela found the young Ilec and begain training him in the Jedi Arts. Kyira was mortally wounded on a mission leaving Ilec, once again, alone. He turned to the fledgling New Republic and found his way into the Fighter Corps, where his skills and quick reflexes raised him to the Leader of Scythe Squadron. During some R&R on Coruscant he was found by another Jedi who brought him to the temple where he completed his primary training and bairly passed the Knight Trials. He is now the Jedi representative in the 3rd Fleet of the Republic.

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Also I should mention that im not 100% sure why my guy is going to the Jedi Temple. I have a few ideas but nothing set in stone. It is just where all the action is so I figured why not :p. Right now im just trying to get a base for my characters seeing as they, along with myself, are brand new.


If you have any ideas please tell me. I'm all ears.




General Antilles

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General Antilles, I can use your characters. I need a ship to go behind the lines to facilitate insertion of a covert team.


Oh, FYI we don't use XJ X-Wings here, since the NJO didn't happen. However I have devised the A4, which has the same performance but differs in several technical and cosmetic ways, and is cheaper.

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Ok, I'm feeling rather left out here... Nobody seems to be taking notice of Alyssa... she's on the Council, you know and I've had her say a couple of things that seem to have been ignored...



ok, so let's see here... my track record in this thread is completely unimpressive. I started with assassin siblings. They had things to do for a while, but then got stuck somewhere in Cantina 13. Then, as a way to get myself a little more action, I brought in Alyssa, Jedi Council member and Riebe Sothe, Sith Hunter, Alyssa's former master...


Seeing as Alyssa's being ignored, my only hope of survival here seems to be Riebe... and thanks to Admiral, I may actually get somewhere with her... but with the way I've been ignored, I sort of doubt it....

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WJ, you notice that the Council discussion has so far just been mostly statements to each other. Alyssa's questions have been kind of rhetorical, and would require "yes" answers... and I didn't feel it would be in character for Kaya, at least, to give a response that wouldn't add any insight.


As for your being ignored, I'd guessed you weren't interested in alot of the plots going on in the RPG, since you didn't actively ask to join them... XD;;


Now that I know otherwise, is there anything I can do to involve you? :D (I can think of a million things, but I want to know what you have in mind specifically first, and if you want me to do anything at all :xp:)


It would actually make me very happy if you want me to involve you in any of the plots I've spawned or help spawn - the Sleepers plot, (a different part of) the Shadows and/or assassins plot, or the Blades plot... or anything I forgot. XD I'm sure you all know how much I love complicating things... :xp:

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Yeah, and hijacking threads that were meant to be about something else.


WJ, unlike Red I like to keep people guesing, I do have an idea for Nom and Tarila, which is why they are still at the Temple. Something will be presented presently. I'm afraid you're the victim of foot dragging here.


FYI The Council is a sort of sink hole for characters and wind up for plotlines, a way to wrench the thread back on course, since so many of our characters are Jedi.


Oh, Red, I think Deac's title refers to our friends in deep freeze. So if the whole thread gets centred around some puny research base it'll be your fault that the title makes no sense.

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For the most part, yes, they've been rather simple statements... but she also voiced a concern about what these 1000 Jedi would think at being awakened by complete strangers 4000 years after they were originally intended to be awakened... but I see you've mentioned that already :)


As for what to do with me :D all I want is to be able to participate... maybe I joined a bit late to do that, but that's what I want. At the moment, Nom and Tarila have nothing to do and as soon as the Council meeting is over, Alyssa's in the same boat. Riebe is waiting to talk to Godwyn when the meeting is over, so she's unavailable... but really, stick me in wherever there's space :p

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I have a question....


Once Cracken realizes that the Republic Jedi are mucking about in Imperial Space, won't that cause some sort of incident? I mean, as much as we love wars and such...... from an RP stand point, this gives Cracken an excuse to unleash his might down upon the Republic again.


In the spirit of cooperation between the two orders, shouldn't someone at least ASK him if they can much about in Imperial Space?


oh, BD, check your PM's.

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Well look at it this way, Cracken is a Sith, and until he renounces that the Jedi won't trust him. Put yourself in the Council's place, they're already worried the Jedi might be impressionable, what if Cracken got there first?


As to the Truce, it has to be said that it was something of neccessity on the part of the Republic, Cracken had them on the ropes, then relented. In the consolidation afterwards the Republic grabbed several former Imperial Seperatist Worlds so that Cracken's Empire is almost cut in half on a line from Agamar back to the Core.


The situation remains fragile and I think the Jedi would rather risk war than lsoing 1,000 Jedi to the dark side.

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The title came from Deac's patented "Title-o-matic" which churns out random titles...


The Research Base Deac is being sent to is in neutral territory, so technically the Empire has no territorial claim...but the Republic's going cloak and dagger just to be sure.

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WJ: Just so you know, Alyssa wasn't being ignored by Godwyn, I just didn't think her question could be answered. and see PM concerning Alyssa. Don't worry about her or Riebe being ignored.


BD: I would be careful when you say Red doesn't like to keep people guessing. After all my talks with Red I would say its the exact opposite.


Cracken: I agree, this course of action could very well make the Republic want to control the Jedi more and stop them from dabbling in galatic affairs without permission.

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BD you seem to be missing a few points:


1. I don't recall Cantina being one-plot threads except when setting requires it (i.e. Cantina 7).


2. You are the only one here who has Jedi for most of his/her characters, and the only one with your primary character on the Jedi Council.


3. I haven't hijacked anything about your plot; Deac came up with the mission he planned to send ... Deac on, giving me the idea to intertwine two plotlines, some time before you decided you wanted to send him to Jediz R Us.


4. Multiple plotlines running at once make things less predictable.


5. The Council can still send out its missions even if the people it wants to send on them are ostensibly busy. This is easily accomplished in-thread by thinking in character. ;)


6. I don't think you've been paying attention if you think I don't like to keep people guessing. ;)


7. The title doesn't need to make sense, although personally I think this title is begging to be skewed - it's about the guardians of peace and justice, but what about those guardians of peace and justice? What if it's about how they aren't particularly guarding peace and justice? What if the people we think are the Guardians are actually not, and those we least expect actually are? What if there seem to be many guardians of peace and justice, but the reality is that no one is guarding peace and justice, or this is about the downfall of peace and justice? Ah, the possibilities ;)



WJ: Too late in the plot? Never. The only disadvantage is that you could be a bit confused at times. You're a victim of misunderstanding. I figured, actually, that you had your own plans that I didn't know about... now that I know better, I'll change my methods. :D


Deac: I think BD and Cracken are referring to the thousands-of-Jedi thing being in Imperial space, not the abandoned research base.

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1. I was being a little flippant before. I just feel I gushed everything, well almost, on this plot, which is really important in terms of changing the dynamic of the Cantina. Now it feels a bit like no-one's interested.


2. No, Cantina aren't one plot threads, anymore. I remember when I joined you told me I could only have one charactor.


3. No you haven't hijacked the plot, but you have sidelined it a bit.


4. Multiple plotlines are, up to a point. I feel more than three at once is a bit much.


5. Who else is the Council going to send? Hal? He's just a beefcake with a pretty girlfriend! I don't want to create another charactor and I really can't think of anyone other than Deac to lead the mission.


6. What I should have said is that you like to keep people guessing less than I do and then Force me to expose my plots. :)


7. The title doesn't need to make sense but in this case I think 1,000 sleeping Jedi is a very good fit.




I stand by what I said about the mssion, it needs to be black. The Masters have sensed a great disturbance in the Force coming from the direction of the Empire, guess who that is, and Cracken is a Sith. There's simply no way of getting around that. Yes its risky, very risky, but I think that the Council would see the alternative as much worse.


Hell Deac is going cloak and dagger on a research base which can't be more important than these Jedi. Yes, Red got the pm.


Regarding Flax running the op:


1. He has connections in the military, he can get it done quietly.


2. Former general.


3. Former black ops, connections again.


4. He's not going to do it behind closed doors. He's just going to run it.


5. Otherwise, if you'd rather, the Council can do it and it'll take twice as long, not to metion getting stalled if someone goes off sick.

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1. How do you want the dynamics of Cantina to change? As far as your plot is concerned. I'm interested but I have some concerns about it.


3. I don't see how this plot is sidelined, its just not the only one.


4. It may seem like there are a ton of them but right now I don't count that many. We have Deac's research base, The Sleepers, the frozen Jedi. Maybe a few minor plots to.


5. Council could send Red's Jedi Master...


6. Again I have to disagree. If not for me Red wouldn't say a thing. :p


7. 1,000 frozen Jedisicles is good fit but will it be a literal or a more interesting one? (there are a number of possiblities and having just a 1,000 good jedi appear seems less interesting then others. For instance these 1,000 Jedi don't agree with the "new" Jedi on how they go about being protectores etc.




Jedi been frozen for a long time, the research base could be more important depending on your characters point of view. Possibly 1000 Jedi who are just as likely dead as alive (actually more likely to be dead) or a known imperial research base...


Regaring Flax running the op. That is fine execpt he said: I would like the council permission to run it. I've assigned Deac to lead the operation.


AKA he is already running the operation and is now asking the council for permission.


One comment about his qualifications: Almost every Jedi on the council has military connections.

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