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Cantina 14 Discussion Thread


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((1. Shadow Realm is more 'dead zone' then anything.

2. By Kioet having coming close to Irvine, Irvine grabing the cartosis staff (thus connecting him to kioet) he pulled Kioet into the realm.


Maybe perhaps magic could work in there cus sleepr powers work there. but theres no force, or ability for any electricity to obtain continuity to run/power a circut


3. personaly im trying to end the conflict quick, cus this can go on FOREVER. (hence reason why i was havin Irvine dodge Kioet so much). Not only that it could get into 'whos got the better stuff and who can beat who, so the longer this lasts the more things are bound to not happen in adverse to getting on with a plot.))

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((If no electricity works then the human brain cannot work.


You can't end the conflict by godmoding so your character wins. If you really want the conflict over then you have to manipulate things to either a standstill via violence or speech, or let Kioet win. Dodging is what prolongs the conflict, because it prevents anything from happening. :p


But all in all, Kioet's comm system won't shut down, and his suit won't stop working, although his nonmagic weapons might if you have an explanation for that happening.))

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((Well red, what if I got so annoyed at fighting, that i didnt WANT to fight.

I mean really, where is this going with me and r15, no offence 15 but, all thats going on is is that im seeing

capture him, capture him, capture him. but then its shoot shoot shoot shoot, so i dodge dodge dodge, more talk, capture capture, then shoot some more.


so with this shadow realm. okay. as shown in previous instances is that the shadow realm is a realm which one of the main traits is that it shows what the essence of the entity that exsists in the realm at any given time is truely like. What the 'soul' of the person is but isnt shown in the normal space/time, is in this realm.


F. Irvine in the normal was stuck in a child's body. but in the shadown realm, he's in his adult form. cus thats what his soul is, an adults not a childs.

Irvine was a red haired and bound by his old Jedi master Chi whom exsisted inside him in the normal space/time. in the shadow realm he exsisted as he should be, and also this is why F Irvine found it so easy to separate chi from irvine.

Havok exsists as a child, becuase he is a child in normal space, but in the shadow realm, he's Specture becuase havok is a sort or re-encarnation of specture. Specture's soul is havok's.


There is no force in the realm, it doesnt exsist there. sure the force is a powerful energy that exsists in everything and anything and meny people are absorbed into it when they die, but it doesnt exsist becuase its not apart of normal space


Lightsabers dont work, cus of two reasons.

1) no force

2) its an object.


An object only exsists in the shadow realm becuase it is what it is. those whom have it in the realm keep it and it doesnt desove into nothingness becuase it it tangible. it exsists to the soul. therefore even if in some medocore way if the person believes it to be real, its there.


but does it work? No. again. a tool, a tuba, a flashlight, whatever. they are objects with out conscience, will, or anything. they exsist how they are. they dont have a will to work, so they dont. So thus, electricity in an object doesnt work, but a brain does. again its not the fact that if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, then it must be.


Other then that, i'd rather leave technology out of this place.


now about those magic stuff you got. now heres where you can fill this part in red. cus im tired of having to explain and think up of **** just to get ppl to leave me alone and attempt to continue on with the RP. hell its gone this long. but anyway, cus your magic isnt mine and i dont have any say in how it works, you can go ahead and explain how you think your magic will work here. i can understand how you want me to explain myself in detail, but frankly. im on vacation. (im lucky i can even post on the ship ffs)))

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If you got so annoyed with fighting that you didn't WANT to fight, then you SAY SOMETHING, rather than break a rule because you want to 'win', and then make excuses. If you don't want to fill RPG space, which you clearly have to problem with, then you can use the magical thing called private messages.


This RPG isn't a place for a pityfest. So I'm not going to respond to your other stuff, except to say that if you don't want to think of explanations for things, then don't use them.


Next time, explain what *should* happen, rather than godmoding and having it happen to things that aren't yours (like Kioet and the Vanguard suit.) Example: "((OOS: Mechanical stuff doesn't work here, so Kioet's comm and suit shouldn't work.))"


You've been in this RPG a very long time. I don't know why this is an issue.


Now the Vanguard suit is controlled by will. You probably don't know this because you probably don't read RPG posts that don't directly involve you, but the user's mind must synchronize with the suit's systems (which are magic based) to get them to work properly. Kioet has an almost perfect sync ratio because of his Sleeper powers and slight medical treatments. Otherwise, a Vanguard suit operator must be mentally altered to an extreme form or grown from scratch to sync with the suit to full extent. The reason is that the Vanguard suit systems are inherently magic; since the systems were designed to kill beings with magic by imitating their powers. (Blades.)


So Kioet's suit would still function, along with the base systems, but none of the weapons except the magic ones would. (Should mention again that the teleporter isn't magic. Refer to the C13 discussion thread page 3.)

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see, now im happy.


i just get ticked off a little cus i go do my thing, and then have to explain a **** ton about it, but i never question anyone elses, demanding for detail. of course i can understand when i could use a little more explaination, while admiral explains his stuff, you explain yours, BD he does in his way (:p). i feel like theres enough info for me to understand whats going on, mainly i dont care as much cus i never find myself getting envolved, which does suck in a few ways and such.

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I'm living on the ship now, so internet for me is limited to 'when ever i get a chance', plus Im going to be mess cranking soon, so this 'freedom' i got right now, is going bye-bye.


So, in the shadow realm, the physics are different. But also the natural 'noise' of the universe, ie the 'static' from the big-bang and the lack of force which in its binding of everything living or not. Whats left to keep everything together if there is not force? if there is no force in which physics in this universe deem has to keep it all 'together'?


each planet and realm of which is tied to each other. each planet is on the normal realm is fused with the force. BD, i hope you can clear this up for me :D


So what happens is is that using a sort of sleeper teleporting (much what cracken uses), Irvine/f Irvine, travels to the shadow realm to 'filter' everything out, and then when he goes back, he 'hops' onto another planet that way by following the binds of the force when he 'reconnects' to it.

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you mean F irvine?


F irvine had already been put through some of it, remember back when F Irvine was on an Asgard ship with Odin on it, and odin got really really really annoyed with F Irvine, he dumped him on one of coruscant's moons?


well after that, Flax came in disguised and one-hit-killed F Irvine, then later came back. Instead of being 'killed' outright, he was thrown into another realm. the spectural one.


it wasnt until later when his body was destoryed by Cracken, that he found out how to 'jump' through realms




as for Kioet. Irvine 'left' him there, mainly cus (if you want aren to ask and this is what Irvine will say: ) if Kioet can get on a ship that can travel so fast, then why not have him provide himself with that transportation. Irvine's not a bus service ya know :p

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R15, Kioet can't get to a VSD; he got to the base via a special transport. So he has to take it back to get there quickly. Normal hyperspace travel takes about a day, give or take. (Too lazy to calculate it, but the base is out there)


Scar: I was following the logic of Irvine pulling Kioet into the realm via a 'connection' with him. But I still don't see how Irvine could know how to teleport instantly across the galaxy; are there signposts or something? "This way to Tatooine"? How is he hopping and still keeping his new physical body, since he discovered hopping with his 'spirit form'?


By the way, Sleepers don't have a 'standard set' of powers. And Cracken was a special case.

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