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"Looks like the survivors have escaped into there." Alixe looked through the infrared binoculars picking up the heat signatures inside the Sith Academy. "How many of them did survive?" The odds didn't look in her favor, making her wish the Rebels had given her a concussion rifle and thermal detonators.

"If you can try and take them alive," she was ordered. "There was some trouble in recovering information from the Empire and if the Sith are still alive then they might know."

Of course the Sith are still alive, Alixe thought. Vader, the Emperor, two men who have signed their own death warrents. Alixe raised the sniper rifle, figuring she could take out a few of them, but thought maybe if she got close there might be another way.

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Alixie searched a sneakroute using her binoculars. She found a backdoor with only 1 sith and 2 troopers in the area. A quick sniping spree 'could' take them out before they could sound an alarm. She grabbed the rifle and started pointing it at the storm trooper. But then her rifle just flew away.


Alixie: Wat the..


Sith Marauder: Suprise (he grabbed his lightsaber)


Alixie: How the hell did you see me, I had a stealth field generator.


Sith Marauder: In case you don't know, you appear to be lightly force sensitive. It wasn't easy for me but when i was searching Hssiss beasts i thought i sensed something. Anyway, you're comming with me.


The sith took alixie to Darth Aap.


Darth Aap: Well well well. You're the rebel I encountered on Kamino arent you.


Alixie: Get to the point. What do you intend to do with me, since my relation to the force.


Darth Aap: You're an old woman with light force sensitivity. You're way too old to learn the way's of a jedi so why should I worry about you. You're nothing more then a rebel to me and I don't care about them.


Alixie? So.... I can go?


Darth Aap: Nice try. Nope, you're going to the empire. They DO care about rebels heh heh heh. You there! Trooper!


Stormtrooper: Yes lord?


Take this Rebel spy to Grand Moff Garn. I think he'll have interests in this one. Tell him It's a gift from me.


Stormtrooper: yes sir.


He brought her to a Tryden Shuttle (is that the correct name for those imperial transport shuttles?) and took off to the Capital Super Star Destroyer orbiting Korriban. There were 2 guards and 1 pilot. Alixie had hidden a knife in her belt.


Alixie thoughts: I have do act now or i'll never get off that Capital Ship.

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"Hmm," Alixe mused, sliding out the knife. As the guards reacted and aimed their rifles at her she plunged it into her side.

"Stop her." One of them ran to try and stop the bleeding. "Get the medkit."

"You will need it," Alixe said, her arm wrapping around the guard's throat as she twisted the knife out of herself and pointed the tip of it into the guard's back. "Drop it," she said to the other guard, "or I will cut him in half."

"Do as she says." Alixe grunted at the sniveling coward and pushed him forward. Fighting to ignore the self inflicted stab wound she picked up the rifle.

"Now since you want to live sit down and shut up." The guards did as they were told.

"What are you going to do with us?" one of them asked. Alixe's didn't reply immediately, pausing to see if the shuttle pilot noticed anything. She noticed one of the guards was about to scream out, brought the rifle to his throat and fired, her other hand plunging the knife into the same place of his companion. That left the pilot, Alixe couldn't fly and she knew she needed medical attention, now. Not risking confrontation she chose to let the shuttle fly on, for now, until she stitched herself up.

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*Okoe Kithoran was meditating in his chamber, thinking back on the duel between him and Darth Aap."You're becoming a dark jedi my friend. You can't deny it....." The room around Okoe started shaking slightly.

"I know this wasn't the first time you combined your anger with the force....."

Okoe's entire flagship "Justice" started to shake, screens went black, some cracked, levers, floor, wall, and ceiling panels broke off, everything turned into a mess. Okoe couldn't get those thoughts out of his head, he decided to get some rest, he hadn't slept for twenty-eight hours. Okoe laid his head on what remained of his bed and fell asleep* Darth Aap, Dark side, Okoe *Hint**Hint* ;)


*Half a galaxy away Darth Aap senced Okoe's anger, and smiled menacingly.*


*Okoe woke up a day later, he remembered Darth Aap and their duel, then he remembered TJ, the little kid who intervened, knocked him unconcious, and ran out of the temple, pulling Okoe along with him and got out just before the doors closed. Okoe seethed with anger, he had a flashback: Jedi Master Yoda and Okoe Kithoran were in a Meditation chamber, Yoda was telling Okoe to beware the dark side, to turn away before it would consume him, he told him that because not too recently during the Clone Wars Okoe had let the anger get the better of him and slaughtered the Separatists who were given the responsibility of making sure the planet staid in there control who had killed Okoe's best friend. Okoe woke from the flashback, he felt like walking up to Yoda and slashing him with his lightsaber, he couldn't not be angry, the Separatists had killed his best friend. Okoe shouted aloud, a moment later a Kithoran Alliance squad came into his room, weapons in hand, ready to assist their leader if he was in danger.*


*Kithoran Alliance Squad Leader* Sir, is everything all right? We hear-EEEAAAHHCKKK!


*Okoe Kithoran unleashed an extremely devastating wave of Force Lightning with one of his hands and vaporized the squad, he then walked out of the room and told his Lieutenant (who hadn't seen the incident) to contact Darth Aap, Okoe growing more powerful in the force and eyes turning yellower by the second*


BTW, if you guys do anything with the Kithoran Alliance in your posts, think Sith and Kithoran Alliance Allies, not enemies, just so you know.


BTW#2 keep up the good work guys! :D

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This story is getting better and better and better :D :D :D. The characters are really developing greatly detailed personality's and biography's :D.




Okoe and Darth Aap had a conversation over the intercom.


Okoe: Aap.


Aap: Kithoran, what do you want.


Okoe: You were... you were right about me. I'm becoming dark. I have a hunger for hate and violence I can no longer denie. I'm having dreams. And, they all make sense. I always hated more then any Jedi ever did.


Aap: Yes, it is as I felt.


Okoe: I know that the past few years we weren't good friends but now that I have seen the truth, can you accept me as a sith?


Aap: I think I can, only to be shure you won't betray me, I want you to do some test that will make me trust you fully.


Okoe: Just say it, I'll do anything.


Aap: Good, now lets see... Ahh, yes... Of course... I want you, to kill that little pest, Tyrone. He has interfered a little too much. Beside that, killing him will strengthen your connection with the darkside. Once he's dead, meet me at the academy and I'll help you control the Darkness.


Okoe: It shall be done, Darth Aap.


Connection Broken.


Okoe thoughts: Tyrone has been a good friend to me for the last couple of years, but I fear I have no choise.. Sorry old friend, but your time is nearly there.


Okoe grabbed his saber and a ship and hyperspaced to Yavin 4 where Tyrone was in hiding cause of the overwhelming Sith rise. Also the Empire's army was growing massively because of the Starforge working at 550%. Okoe went out to search Tyrone. He remembered that nobody knew of this turn of events and he could use his Lightside status to make an easy Hit and Run strike. This way he could avoid bigger conflicts.

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Grand Moff Garn: Ok chaps we are not going to call the sith "lords" Because the idea is that we are "allies" at the moment and we are not there slaves understood!


Entire Empire: YES SIR!


Grand moff garn: Good... We will keep a close eye on the sith


Stormtrooper: Sir, Darth Aap called... He said that Okoe kithorian has joined the dark side... Should we stop shooting the kithorians?


Grand Moff Garn: Keep shooting those guns cause they are still shooting us once they stop we stop understood


Stormtrooper: Ok but um... Is that orders




Stormtrooper: Yes sir!


*the pilots and gunners all get the message and they were always prepare to stop shooting*


*The luitanet (not sure how to spell it leuitenant or some thing l don't know) walked into Okoe's room and saw the two dead gaurds on the floor*


Kithorian: Oh my gosh! Quick get a medic!


*medic comes*


Medic: They have suffered from electricity burns from the inside out they have no inner organs currently


Kithorian: None of us a jedi there is only one person who could of done this


Kithorian: OKOE!


*it is up to you how they act towards this*

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The Grand Moffs of the Empire were discussing things in the discussion room when the Force-Spirit of Palpatine appeared.


Moff Tarkin: Em.. Emperor Palpatine?! *Shocked*


Palpatine: I create an empire to bring peace to the galaxy, and this is how you dogs repay me?!?! What the hell is this madness about being ''allies'' with the sith. Did you forget that I, the emperor, creator of the Empire, am a dark lord?? The empire is to Obey the sith, It is what they were cloned for!!! Don't dissapoint me again. I might be dead, but that doesn't mean I no longer exist!!


Then he dissapeared. The Moffs were shocked and amazed. What could they do.




I leave the decision to you, Daniel. This could drive the Empire to Obey the sith, Drive them to destroy the sith, Or they could think; Screw you emperor, and continue like they did. Or they could break into civil war (Part of the empire obeys the sith and part doesn't. The parts start fighting). Whatever, it's your decision.

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Note: Grand moff Tarkin died on the first death star so he is no longer alive


Grand moff garn: The emporour is a failiure we killed him without even knowing and that was so easy we jsut fired we will just be allies for now...


(post soon)

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*Kithoran Alliance Lieutenant called a holo meeting with all Kithoran Alliance guys who were Lieutenants or lower (besides Okoe Kithoran)*


*Kithoran Alliance Lieutenant* Well, comrades, our leader has joined the Sith, the enemy he swore to destroy, since he joined all of us together to bring freedom to the galaxy, and he has joined the ones doing the very opposite, I think we should now consider him an enemy, and continue our fight to bring freedom to the galaxy, who's with me?

*All but two ship captains agreed with him, the two who disagreed were sent back to the Unknown Regions*


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


*Okoe Kithoran contacted Tyrone via comm* We need to talk.... in person. Are you able to do that?


*Tyrone* Sure, see you planetside at these coordinates.


*Later, Okoe had two of his Elite troopers plant bombs all over the roof of the Command Center that Tyrone and Okoe were supposed to meet at*


*Okoe opened the main door of the Command center and saw Tyrone talking to one of his engineers, TJ hadn't seen him*


*Okoe on comm with Elite troopers* All right, detonate.... now!


*The Command Center blew up, the explosion could barely be seen from space if one looked hard enough. Okoe then walked into the remains of the Command Center, and looked for Tyrone's body, he couldn't find so much as a finger from anyone, he reached out with the force, either Tyrone was dead already, or he was unconcious and would wake up with five tons-worth of boulders on top of him and would die shortly after that*




*Okoe was back at his flagship, the Decimater, and contacted Darth Aap* It is done, Aap, I'll see you at the Sith Academy in a matter of minutes.


*Darth Aap* Excellent. Aap out.

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Okoe took a shuttle and went towards the academy. He landed at the shuttlebay where he was expected by Darth Aap.


Darth Aap: Welcome, Okoe.


Darth Aap showed Okoe where everything was at the academy and then gave him a room to sleep


Darth Aap: Get ready and meet me in the temple. There i will learn you about the darkside, and how to use it.




Darth Blaze arrived at the remains of Coruscant and surpisingly they were trying to repopulate the biggest part of rock. Luckely for Blaze there were still remains of the Central Library on that part. He went down to see if he could retrieve a History log of the clone invasion at Tatooine.


Darth Aap through the force: Blaze. I know you're kinda busy but you really want to hear this.


Blaze: yes?


Aap: Okoe Kithoran himself has joined us. He is now of the darkside.


Blaze: You GOT to be kidding me!! That's awesome news. A great punch in the face of the rebels and kithorans. Their only jedi actually betrayed them. This is hilairous!!


Aap: Tell me about it. Anyway how is your quest going.


Blaze: Still havn't found anything. Oh wait, whats that. Hell yeah i found it.


Aap: What?


Blaze: A log of the clone invasion at Tatooine. The one that got my family killed.


Aap: Good to hear. Good luck Blaze.


Blaze: Thanks.


Blaze got the log and went back to his ship. But when he walked out of the Library an angry mob was formed in front of him. It seems that they didn't apprechiate it that the Empire (who was still one with the sith when it happened) destroyed their homeword. Blaze grabbed his Dual Sabers and slashed through the mob towards his ship.

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*The Kithoran Alliance joined the Rebel Alliance instead of them just being allies since what's a Kithoran Alliance with out Okoe Kithoran.*


*The ex-Lieutenant for the Kithoran Alliance is now Rebel Alliance Lieutenant, he's currently at Tatooine (did I spell that right? they should have a SW spell checker on here lol) preparing a fleet consisting of ex Kithoran Alliance ships and Rebel Alliance ships (all now considered Rebel Alliance ships) to invade a Sith controlled planet and control it if they were victorious, before they left though, Darth Blaze's ship hyperspaced into the system a few km away from them, Darth Blaze did not know Tattooine was controlled by the Rebels so it was unexpected, he turned on an Invisibility function and his ship disappeared, a few X-wings saw his ship before he did so and reported it.

The Rebel Alliance Lieutenant looked at the image that was sent to his ship's screen and one word uttered from his mouth.*


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Blaze managed to evade the searching rebels and landed on the Surface 2KM from Bestine, behind a hill. He left his ship cloacked so it wouldn't betray his position. He worn a cloack that made him pretty much unrecodnisable. He would preffer not being detected here with the big army orbiting Tatooine. And with all the weird folks wandering around on this planet he wouldn't be too suspicious here.

Once he arrived at Bestine he went to his old home where the clone trooper killed his parents. He saw that the old security Camera was still intact. ''If i could retrieve the tape and look at the troopers registration number, I might be able to track him'' he tought. He accessed the security system and downloaded the footage of the day his parents were killed. Just as he was about to leave he was being held up by a group of rebels and a Leutenant.


Blaze: Can i help you sir?


Leutenant: You can stop the act, Blaze. We know it's you. We saw your ship landing here. Surrender, you can't escape.


Blaze tossed his cloack off and grabbed his dual sabers.


Blaze: Ready to back those words up, rebel scum?




Blaze rampaged through them like they were dummy's. He already saw the transports rushing towards the spaceport but blaze knew that he had become the strongest warrior in the galaxy. He didn't feel like running so he rushed to the spaceport, ready to slay them all.

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Mara's thoughts played heavily on her meeting with the Emperor, and the grave concerns over the information that had nearly fallen into the Rebellion's hands.

I'd almost prefer they knew about the Death Star, she thought. The plans on the new Imperial superweapon weren't in danger, but the Bothan spy had somehow uncovered Sith secrets that not even she was meant to know about, something far worse than any attempt to find a weak point like the Rebellion managed last time, such information could allow them final victory in the war between the light and dark side. How the hell were they able to find it? She had to be greatful for the soldier that was down there, Vanile she called herself.

"Alixe," Mara reminded herself. Rather a clone of the Rebel commando. If she was gunning for her, and the woman who had been enlisted into the Stormtrooper ranks was supposed to do something about it, the Emperor's Hand thought it prudent to find out what she could and began to research the information on the Imperial computers.

"Sergeant Alixandra Medcraft was critically wounded in defense of the Rebel base on Hoth, in an effort to infiltrate and undermine the Rebellion her DNA was extracted and taken to the cloning facilities on Kamino where several duplicates were created. Initially the results were a success despite their age being set back thirty years out of nessecity of the cloning process, however it was soon apparent the clones had developed their own personality that was unlike the vengeful commando. On the contrary, the clones had integrated themselves into the Empire with a nonaggressive attitude, wishing an end to the bloodshed in the ongoing conflict. Despite this setback it was agreed in part to their desire to aid us that the plan to have them sabotage Rebellion activities will go ahead." Mara got a sense of that down on Endor.





Vanile walked towards the Sith ruins on Korriban, knowing that Alixe was here and wanted the aid of the Imperials to find her. She was confronted by a Sith apprentice, his red lightsaber glowing in the dusk light.

"Out of the way ugly," she said, "I need to see your master." She spotted another Sith behind him. "What is this? You planning on having the Sith reborn?" The apprentice took a swipe at her which she dodged before reaching out, grabbing the arms as he tried again and twisted, the blade going back and stabbing the apprentice. Vanile took the lightsaber from him as he screamed in his death theros, finding the button to deactivate it. "You're not going to avenge your ally?" she asked. The Sith regarded her for a moment as he read her thoughts. "Don't do that please."

"He was a fool to be controlled by his emotions," he said. Vanile threw the lightsaber away.

"I thought that's what you Sith did." The Sith stepped aside, allowing Vanile to enter and meet with his master.

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Vanile went through a hallway and then arrived at a temple with 2 Sith Elite guards and Darth Aap meditating.


Valine: I need to speak to the emperor


Aap: The emperor? Don't you know? The emperor is dead for a pretty long time now. I guess the Empire likes their secrets.


Vanile: So.. Are you the new emperor now?


Aap: No. The empire and the sith have been divided. We are nothing more then allies now. But if you want a meeting with the empire you can go to the shuttleport and take a shuttle to the SSD orbiting the planet. Grand Moff Garn should be there. Talk to him if you need something of the empire.


Vanile: Will do, only I had 1 more question. The sith guard told me the other one got controlled by his emotions. But, isn't that what you sith do? Fight with emotions?


Aap: Ahh.. Let me explain (don't know why i'm doing this but i feel it can't be of much harm). Being led by your emotions during a fight is a weakness. The jedi understood this and supress their emotions before entering a fight. We sith however take it 1 step further by Controlling these emotions. Don't be lead by your emotions but let them be lead by you. That is how we are stronger. And I guess I have proven my words because in case you didn't know yet. All jedi are dead.


Vanile: I see.. I'll be going now.

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Don't be led by my emotions? Vanile thought. Well there was nothing wrong with that, she wasn't. The advice coming from a Sith however...she glanced at them as she made her way to the shuttleport. She was somewhat counting on them dying out, with the Emperor going to pass away of old age soon Vader a self hating former Jedi and Mara only an apprentice. The fact the Sith were reborn and growing in number bothered her. Wasn't there meant to be a balence? Well it wasn't her problem at the moment, she needed to contact this Moff Garn, get Alixe released.




"Not a peep." Alixe shoved the rifle against the back of the shuttle pilot's neck once they had docked. He tried to get a look at her which angered the commando and made her shove him against the console. "Put me on the radio or die, right now." She blasted open a panel and shot out one of the cables, pulled it out and held it close to the pilot's face.

"Forget it, I'm not helping no Rebel scum." Alixe shoved the exposed sparking wires against his face, stepping back as he was eletrocuted.

"Your Emperor does that a lot," she said as he burned. She figured the radio would be dead now anyway and put a hand to her side, still sore but she thought she could make it through this. The Imperials would come looking for her soon. Her best chance she thought was to sneak on board another shuttle and looked towards the back.

Not the first time I would have done this, she thought, stripping off the Stormtrooper's armor.

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Garn to Aap on holo-radio: We're planning to retake Tatooine and could use some sith assistance. Could you spare some?


Darth Aap: It would be my pleasure, Garn. And I think i'll be accompanying them myself. I could use some excersize.


Garn: good.


Darth Aap collected 200 prestige class sith and they took off to Tatooine in Basilisk-like fighters (that's what the mandalorian fighter that the Exile uses to get to onderon, rite?).




Blaze kept slaying rebel after rebel problemless. When the 3rd raid of rebels was ruthlessly cutted down, the Luitenant in charge didn't want to waste any more troops and tried contacting blaze. He talked into a dead soldiers Walkie talkie hoping blaze would hear it. Blaze did and picked it up.


Leutenant: What is it you want


Blaze: Very simple. I want You and your rebels out of the way. Now you can either step aside or I can CUT you out of the way, got it?!


Blaze crushed the walkie and went back for his ship.


Leutenant: We let him go for now. He's way too dangarous to fight head on. But we'll get him later someway...

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I know. Ah well then I'll reply so at least you can reply.


The imperial star destroyers were already in orbit when Aap and the other sith dropped out of hyperspace. The basilisk units rushed towards the surface dodging all air defence. Once they made contact with the ground the sith jumped out and started rampaging rebels. With no casualties Mos Eisley was easily taken and an Imperial assault force moved towarsd Bestine as the sith force-runned towards Mos Espa. Once they arrived there they force jumped over the wall and killed everything that moved in the city. It didn't take very long for them. Aap activated the basilisks auto-locate function so that they would fly towards Aap with the auto pilot.


Darth Aap: Eh garn, we've done our part. West Tatooine is secured.


Garn: Already?.. Impressive. Anyway thanks for the support we'll take over from here.


Darth Aap: Affirmative.


The basilisks arrived and the sith went back to the academie. But now, the rebels probaly knew of the sith's existance so they better tighten security at Korriban.

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*Aap got back to the Academy and went to Okoe's room, he opened the door and found Okoe floating two feet off the floor, meditating*


Okoe Kithoran*Are we ready to begin my training?


*Darth Aap* Yes, indeed.


*Okoe Kithoran* Good.


*Okoe uncrossed his legs and stood onto the floor and walked over to Darth Aap*


*Darth Aap* Come, follow me.


*They left Okoe's room and went to Aap's, Aap led Okoe to a concealed switch on the wall, the floor in the middle of the room started going down, like an elevator, Aap and Okoe jumped onto the elevator and after going abou fifteen feet down it stopped, there was a doorway, Aap and Okoe went through and the elevator went back up to it's normal position.

Okoe and Aap were in a short hallway with another door at the end, they went through the other door and they were in a large chamber filled with shelves of red pyramid like holocrons*


*Okoe* Sith holocrons?


*Aap* Yes, these will infuse you with the Dark Side.


*Okoe* Very well.


*Darth Aap used the force and red lines came from the holocrons and went into Okoe, Okoe then fell onto the floor, a blackish aura formed around him, though a few seconds later it disappeared, Okoe felt weak for a moment, and then stood up, his Zabrakian facial tattoo turned from a lightish green to a pitch black, then his horns went from a light brown to a black, and lastly his eyes turned to a blackish yellow and red*


*Darth Aap* You are now ready to construct a stronger and more efficient lightsaber, come, I will show you what you need*


*Minutes later Okoe had gathered the metals, and other things he needed for his lightsaber, besides the two crystals he would need. He then arrived at the huge furnace at the academy built solely for forging lightsaber crystals,

once there, he forged all of his hatred and dark side to start, the crystals would take days of concentration and the Dark Side to forge the crystals*


*Darth Aap* I will leave you here to finish.


*Okoe nodded and began his work*

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Darth Blaze got the data log but when he returned his ship was stolen. He went to a nearby village to ask if they had seen it. One of them saw a group of Jabba's thugs drag it away. Blaze thanked them and moved towards Jabba's palace with a public shuttle. He went to the door and told the door guard that his ship was taken by jabba and he wanted to make a deal to get it back. The guard opened the door and Blaze moved towards Jabba.


Blaze: Your thugs took my ship and I would certainly like it back.


Jabba: It was on my territory and that means it's mine now. But if you want it you can buy it back for 150.000 credits.


Blaze: Here's a WAY better deal. You're gonna give me back my ship, And i'm not going to slay you all.


Jabba: Bad mistake.


He opened the trap in the floor and blaze fell down into the pit. The big door opened and the Jabba's Rancor slowly moved towards blaze. He grabbed him and moved him towards his mouth to eat him.


Blaze: Oh my god I'm so scared, please don't eat me mister rancor.


Jabba: How enjoyable.


Blaze: Fun time's over fool.


He unleashed a powerfull force lightning attack at the rancors opened mouth wich crippeled his head. The beast fell down and smoke was comming out of his mouth, nose, and ears. Blaze force-jumped back up while he used force push to blow away the closed trap. He grabbed his dual sabers in the air and started slaying all armed men while blocking and dodging blaster bolts. Once all the guards were dead he moved towards Jabba and cut off his arm.


Jabba: What, what are you!!


Blaze: I am a dark lord of the sith. You should have thought twice before troubling me. NOBODY crosses the sith and gets away with it. Not even Jabba the Hutt.


Jabba: Wh, What do you want.


Blaze: 1. I want my god damn ship back, NOW!!!. And 2nd, you are going to respect the sith as superiors. We are gods to you from now on.


Blaze got his ship and hyperspaced towards korriban. Letting Jabba live would result in the underworld fearing and respecting the sith. Blaze knew this and it is why Jabba lived.

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Sorry l have not posted for ages just been really sick and l have not been able to post for awhile since l can not concentrate barely so sorry about me being sick but anyway l will try and keep updating this as much as l can



*Vanile headed to the largest ship in the imperial fleet to meet Grand Moff Garn in person*


Vanile: Hello Grand Moff Garn


Garn whispers to gaurds: Keep a watch on this one, she is a falty clone and may attack


Garn: So what would you like?


Vanile: I want you to release Alixie to be straight forward


Garn: That is quite straight forward, Anyway why are you interested in freeing her


Vanile thinks quickly: I need somethng... l know! l willl trick him into thinking that l am off to torture her more then she is here and then he will definitilly (sorry been sick and can't really focus on spelling too much) say yes to giving me alixie


Vanile: I am here to torture her and make sure she suffers


Garn: Excellent! l am sure one of my gaurds would love to come, Gaurds would you like to help her?


Both Gaurds: Yes we would love to


Garn: Excellent!


*Vanile's plan broke now having two gaurds comming with her back home*




After the attack at Jabbas palace, the holo-net program for tatooine was buzzing like a Hungry Mynock. Localists at Wayfar saw the fire from there homes and were amazed but now they were free since the Hutt gaurds around Wayfar is at Jabba's Palace checking out the stituation. Localists thanked the traveler who visited there town and then went to jabbas palace and destroyed




Garn was trying to figure out a way to actully get rid of the rebel alliance from the galaxy but was interupted by Okoe


Garn: What ya want?


Okoe: You a completely pethetic to us since we did all the work at Tatooine and most battles are done by us


Garn: You saying your braking alliance?


Okoe: It is obvious


Garn: Hmph! Fine be that way but since your not to trust worthy and may be playing bantha with us, we are nutral and we shall no attack each other but l am not helping you with any cause


Okoe: You should be enemies but your choice


Garn: Garn is off... Stormtrooper cut the line!


*the line broke*


Okoe: He he he l am going to take over this academy ha ha ha




Sorry again about me being sick still thinking about what to send so ya keep poppin and l will keep postin! :)

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