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I just got back from seeing it.



I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The plot was very well drawn together. Maybe they tried to squeeze in too much stuff we hadn't seen yet, such as all the different pirate lords and Calypto. But it worked out and I was fine with it. Two major parts I didn't like. During the most epic battle scene of any of the three movies, it is ruined when Elizabeth and Will are married by Barbosa in the middle of battle. I know they always throw something silly like this in to these movies but I really wish they could have let that part wait until the battle was won. The other part I didn't like was how Will was made captain of the Flying Dutchman. I won't say that it ruined the story because it had to be done after he was stabbed in the heart, but I would have rather had it play out differently. I was expecting Jack to become captain of the Dutchman but perhaps I should have known it wouldn't work out that way.



All in all a great movie. I haven't decided if I like it better than the first or not but I can confidently say it is superior to number 2.

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