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Sontarans too? Cool! Makes sense too, as Sarah-Jane met them more times than she did the Daleks!


Well, no, not really.


Sontarans: The Time Warrior and The Sontaran Experiment.


Daleks: Death to the Daleks and Genesis of the Daleks. And now The Stolen Earth/Journey's End.


So three Dalek stories against two Sontaran (and obviously I'm not sad enough to try counting novels and audio dramas). But the SJ Sontaran story will bring things back into balance...3 to 3.


As for the Brigadier, this photo of Courtney coming out of a shop reminds me of this. :dev9:

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Matt Smith. Who? Well, that's the good thing, he's almost completely unknown, just like all the Doctors should be. Steven Moffat seems to love him. The only drawback is that he's astonishingly young, even younger than Peter Davison was when he took over, and I'm worried the BBC wanted a more kiddy-friendly face.


I'm sure he'll be fine though. I'm more worried about what iconic villains are going to turn up in Season Five, as there aren't really any decent ones left!

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You worry about everything. You're such a grown-up.


I did recognise Matt as soon as I saw him (from having watched Ruby in the Smoke), but I was very surprised.


He was chosen for his acting skills and the way that he looks both young and old, not because he's a younger face for the "kiddies."


Who says they need to bring back an iconic villain for series five? That's what RTD chose to do every year, but 2010 Who will be a completely new production team, and they might not want to do that.

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Okay, read "I'm more worried about" as "I wonder what". You're right, if there's one thing I'm not worried about, it's the quality of the show. Season Five is going to be great.


Steven Moffat himself, in the Confidential special that introduced Matt Smith yesterday, said that there was far too many really young actors on their audition list that the BBC had prepared. But what swayed me towards Matt was Moffat's insistence on a 30-40 year old, which he instantly disregarded the moment Smith auditioned.


The only thing Smith doesn't have is that air of geekiness that David Tennant always did. Tennant's one of us. He was always a fan of the show, and indeed is one of only two actors to appear in Doctor Who before they were cast as the Doctor (the other being Colin Baker). Tennant's was only in audio though, so he probably got away with it.


The lack of geek-cred is a disappointment in Smith, but it's not a problem. He (and Season Five) I have full confidence in.

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Fluffy sand!


They could have made a sand dune in the studio, put up a blue screen, and it would have been the same, but cheaper to make since they wouldn't have to go somewhere where, if RTD lived out his sexuality, he'd be locked up.

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I don't think they could have made it as good in a studio. That was the best we've ever seen an alien planet in Doctor Who IMO. It looked fantastic. (Did you download the episode? Maybe you would have seen more of a difference if it had been on a TV?)


I liked the episode, though Lee Evans annoyed even me.

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Does it? Smith looks like more of the same, unfortunately. Comparing the two regeneration scenes, they're nearly identical - right down to the gurning. Although at least this one lacked the execrable "new teeth" line.


Honestly, don't expect a revolution from Moffat - he's Rose T Dementia's chosen successor, after all.


Not only this, he's kept on the excruciatingly awful Murray Gold's services as composer (apparently Moffat shares the opinion that we need to be signposted to cry by whopping great instrumental sections so poorly mixed you can't hear the diabolical dialogue).


He's also getting Chris Chibnall in to work on the series (that Chris Chibnall. Yes, Torchwood's Chris Chibnall).


Fundamentally, the programme's going to remain the same unWho it's been since 2005. Moffat's not going to risk a winning formula.


And, to be quite honest, his scripts suffer from much the same issues as Ribos T Dominator's. They're marginally more coherent, that's all. Look at Blink. There's a good story there, buried under dire sub-soap claptrap. And not all of that is down to Rasputin T Doggerel.


Don't get me wrong, there will be some improvement, I'm sure. But it'll be incremental, not sudden revolution. Next season isn't going to contain another Ghost Light. I'm afraid any hope for intelligent Doctor Who on TV is well and truly dead and buried.

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