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What system(s) should it come out for???


What system(s) should SWBF3 come out for?  

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  1. 1. What system(s) should SWBF3 come out for?

    • Playstation 2
    • Playstation 3
    • Xbox
    • Xbox 360
    • Nintendo Wii

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first he SHOULDENT of done PC cuz nearly 50% of games from a series that have already gone on PC the next will unless they make a PC2 lol


and nearly 70% of games ARE remade to GO on PC but with some upgraded multiplayer stuff so if it dont go on PC just you wait, it'll come out later with more mutiplayer benifits :)


trust me im a gamer!

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Trust me I'm a gamer!


Most of us are...

But when considering the PC2 { :confused: }, how about the Windows Vista? It's completely new, and sort of like a major upgrade. Everybody knows it's Godawfully slow, so if it does come out LATER on PC, it should have compatibility with both XP, Vista, and Mac. I don't care either way, as long as it eventually comes out on PC, I'm fine!

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I can see Hero Assault doing pretty good on the Wii.


If SWBF3 comes out, its a given that it'll be out for the consoles. That's where the money is to be made. PC Gamers are a dedicated lot.. but the money in the gaming industry is made in the consoles. LA has to make the decision as to whether it'll be worth it to them to invest money into the PC version. That decision has to be based on whether they can make money in doing so. They're not in the business to do us all a favor and release it on as many platforms as possible.


I play both consoles and PC. PC always far outweighs the console versions of the games IMO. The consoles are more stable. They are machines built for gaming and the developers know what kind of hardware the end user has... because they're all the same consoles.


With that said.. I've always enjoyed the PC versions better because if you have a dynamite machine.. you can dial the graphics up to way beyond what the consoles can do with little to no lag in gameplay. In developing a game for PC, the developers don't know what hardware the end user is going to have... They deal with more compatibility issues than anything else.


Is it worth investing money in SWBF3 for PC? I say yes. I think loyalty to their gaming base means something in this world. They'd be doing themselves a favor if they look at the long term. Gamers are getting older and older. Adults don't usually have consoles. Although some do... most have PC's.. and are willing to invest money in a good gaming rig to play video games. Either LA wants a share of that market.. or they dont. Loyalty to there ENTIRE fan base would go a long way in reputation for their company.

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As always, you've put it very nicely indeed. You have good insight into LA's mindset, but we can't really tell what their motive is. It would depend on whether or not they're interested in just making money or expending more time and making slightly more money with a boost to their reputation. I could see why the delay in its production would deter them from making it for the PC, however. Assuming that they're going to release it for all systems at once.

True, the Xbox version of SWBF3 probably wouldn't have as much thunder. And possibly not for the Wii, either. If they're looking for something like Hero Assault, there are games which focus solely on Jedi combat. I can see it being much more impressive on PS2, 3, or PSP.

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I don't even own any Sony system. I'm just saying that the newer systems (Oh, forgive me, I left out the 360, and screw the PS2) would probably get a better reception. Perhaps they could stick with the original systems and all those more advanced.

Glad your unnecessarily obnoxious caused some revision to my comments?

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I don't have anything Sony. I can't even afford anything Sony. I've never played any Sony system. The only large console system I've ever had access to is an Xbox.


Same here....but, ya.....like it was said earlier:if anyone here bought vista, they suck..unless they went back to XP....then their okay....

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