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Lightsaber combat for the Wii


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I don't know why everyone complains. I have fun, usually end up dizzy but I have fun.


And anyone that tells me Mario Kart on the Wii isn't fun is a soulless devil who is hereby dead to me.


QFT. The new Mario Kart is great :V

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Capn?! :o


Crikey, mates! Take a look at 'is. It's the rare Swamp breed o' CapNColostomy. It's 'ere enjoying another part of it's life cycle; busting balls, this time targeting Wii. Hoo boy and do we got a live one 'ere. Crikey, mates. It nearly bit me' arm off there.



RIP Steve



Also, Mario Kart on the Wii isn't fun

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Speaking as a gamer who owns a Wii and is also a father of young children, I think the Wii is an extremely sucessful system. It engages the kids unlike any other system. The most of the games are designed to be interactive, vibrant, unique and/or very fun(in a silly, unadulterated, unmitigated, childlike fun).


But speaking as a Gamer who sometimes just wants a mature, graphically intense, actioneer or adventure game, or would just plain like to see a much more advanced step forward in the use of the hardware the Wii has available, (i.e. freeform Sword/lightsaber control) and quite frankly much of those advances just seem logical given the capabilitiies of the system hardware.) I think the Wii fails miserably. The Wii is pandering to the young kids and their parents, which is a viable market. However, that market grows up and matures and will just move on to the other systems if you don't give them a reason to stay with you. Nintendo, just doesn't grasp that. They make the games and system just engaging enough to keep a 3-10 year olds happy, and quit at that.


But overall, the father in me, as well as the little kid in me, loves the Wii and feels it delivers more than it fails, but it certainly isn't without it's shortcomings. Sadly, all of which are easily addressed, but no one at Nintendo seems to care about that.

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