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Arc Trooper Mod

RC #38

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what if it starts wit that you are a member in a clone trooper squad and in kamino you become a Arc trooper?


Hooper, Remember, We're Talking About An ARC Trooper Mod, Not An RC2 Mod


EDIT: i know! but we have to make an arc trooper mod out of RC!


Merged double posts. Please use the 'edit' button instead of double posting in future. :) - Astor.

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Hi everyone I'm back from vacation. So what did I miss?


well there is one problem.....if you want an arc trooper, how would we get the shoulder thingy on, i mean porting is illegal so is anyone good at mesh editing?


The shoulder thingy, you mean the pauldron that Arcs wear on their shoulders. Just use the warrior shield thing from multi-player for the Republic, it's the closest thing to a pauldron, just change the color of it to blue or whatever color the arcs will be and also you will need to some how make the helmet rangefinder thing Arcs have on their helmet. Oh and the picture looks great. It's an edited picture of Commander Bly.

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I think I know a way hockey could put in the DC-15S blaster rifle. The clone troopers carry it in RC so you could find the mesh for it and make it a usable weapon by putting it in the mod just like your clone trooper mod. Also when you pick it up make it look like you are actually holding it, not replace it with the blaster attachment and make the ammo capacity around 500 and make it as powerful as the blaster attachment from the game. Also you could do the same thing for the E-5 droid blaster rifle carried by the regular battle droids but make the E-5 more effective against Trandoshans. You could also add in the AT-TE by finding the mesh for it from when you use it on the Prosecutor and make it movable like on Geonosis by finding the animations for it, but make sure you can get in and out of it. You can also make the homing spider droid a fight able enemy by also finding the mesh for it. On Geonosis when you are going to enter the hive place, point your weapon at the homing spider droid and it turns red which means it can be killed and also give it as much health as an SBD or regular spider droid you face. Look at my sig and see the destroyed spider droid in the background, that's a homing spider droid. The game might also have some unused features and object like how UnrealEd was disabled, look around in the RC files and and try to find some thing that might be useful to the mod.

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