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A signature thread


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I was wondering if we could have a signature thread about Commandos and Mandalorians here. You know, showoff your sigs and help people who want some.


*Note - If the admins don't agree, you can delete this thread :)

**Note - If the admins do agree, here are some basic rules and how you can ask for your sig:




Rule 1 - No flaming in this topic, or any topic. If you've got nothing good to say, don't say anything at all.

Rule 2 - No spamming, meaning private chats and PM conversations in the topic.

Rule 3 - No posting other people's work, or at least if you post it give them credit.

Rule 4 - Everyone's welcome

Rule 5 - Have fun




Asking for sig rules:


1 Character - Tell me which character you would like

2 Quote - If you'd like any specific quote for him, if not it's the sigger's choice

3 Background - If you have any specific background in mind

4 Symbol - Any symbols you'd like to be in your sig(you can go without them if you want)

5 Your name - Because some of us are on 100+ forums, you have to specify which name/s you want on your sig. They can be more than one.




Alright then, I'll show some of my work, related to Commandos(and clones of course) and Mandalorians.
















Anyone can post/comment/request/fulfill a request. Have fun :thmbup1:

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I'm quite happy to let this stay open, and the look great, but just a quick note from the General Forums rules regarding signature sizes -


The maximum size of your custom image is 500 by 120 pixels or 80.0 KB


So if you're going to be producing signatures, it'd be best to make sure they conform with the current guidelines. ;)

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Are you sure there's no way around it? I always make mine 550 by 150...It's tradition...


They are just guidelines, but we usually ask that members stick to the recommended size. It's not a concrete limit, but anything around that size is fine.

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Astor: Thank you. I will not make anything that looks way too big.


Also, while we're discussing signatures, would you be able to condense the text on yours a little? The image is fine, but the text below stretches the page a fair bit.


You don't necessarily have to get rid of it, just minimise it a little. ;)

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Very Cool. Revan, mind if I guess at how you did it? First, he carefully selected the commando and pasted him onto a different background (made it or found it somewhere), then added a slight motion blur on the left and right side of the commando, then added the wording with a blue outer glow.


I'm also sure he found the same pic with a higher resolution.


I'm probably not even close. xD

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I like the pic, but do you want a sig from it?(Bounty Hunter game, I'm sure.)


M@ars:No higher resolution here, I did it like I do the Commandos, piece by piece and you get a good looking sig. :D I hate Fixer anyway, so I'm not going to use his picture for any sig. And I use 3 blurs, about the text you are right and the background I found, but I'm pretty sure it's the merged pic from Ep2 AotC and a sky background.




K1lingdr3ad(You should tell us a shorter name :lol:) I'm just wondering why you made the pic smaller. Astor said it was okay 550 x 150. IT kinda dumps the quality when you resize it manually...


Anyway, if you'd like, I can make it that size by resizing it in Photoshop. It will look better ;)


And I forgot to answer your question: Photoshop CS3, that's how I make both the Commandos and the sigs. But it's not enough to have it, you have to get someone to teach you the basics. If you've heard of him, Razgriz was the one who taught me most of the things I know(basics at least :p), and without his creative criticism(oh how I hated that) I wouldn't have gotten so good. :D

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