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Broken Sword Directors Cut PC version (out this week!!!)


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I played it through, lately. Still a very great game. But I hope (like the Monkey Island SEs) there´ll be a DVD version. Not only Download. And not in a package with other games like it´s on the market in Germany. I had problems with the savegames!

Broken Sword 5. Please!!


But one question: Do I need the Steam update for the Italian and Spanish voice? My version didn´t support that.

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So did they add anything to this one like they did to the first, or is it pretty much a straight conversion?


Same game, only difference is the portraits are back during conversations but this time their lips move, new in built hint system and a "Dropbox" integration allows cloud saving so you can play the same adventure across multiple devices.

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General Tips for Beginners



This is a point and click Adventure Game.

Click on Options and then on the Audio tab to adjust the Sound Effects, Music and Speech Volume.

Click on Options and the Screen Resolution tab to choose between Full Screen, Original or Augmented resolutions.

Click on the flag below the Credits to choose the language for the subtitles.

A flashing blue circle cursor indicates an area of interest.


READ ALL DETAILS : https://onclan.com/tip/general-tips-for-beginners.Y5CLeOj8fd6d9IUp

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Chapter 3 – Paris Café Walkthrough




-Walk towards the workman (H) and Sergeant Moue will approach you.

-Speak to Inspector Rosso. It does not matter what answers you give, choose any response.

-You will automatically get ROSSO’S CALLING CARD in inventory.

-Pick up the NEWSPAPER next to the street lamp and check out the stories and the writing on the paper. You will not be able to back out of the screen till you have clicked on everything.

-Speak to Nico and exhaust all options. Nico will give you her phone number but it will not appear in your inventory.

-Walk towards the workman.


READ ALL : https://onclan.com/tip/chapter-3-paris-cafe-walkthrough.Y5CTDka66uRFKAcT

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