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Simple question; Is LucasForums dead in all but name?

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Some of you have probably noticed that the forum home page looks pretty empty now. That is because I have moved most of the old Star Wars communities into the LucasForums Archive: http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=822


This archive has been closed off to any new posts.


Currently, JK, SWK and XWA have not been archived. Jedi Knight is next on the archive list but SWK and XWA, having the only two semi-active communities on LucasForums at the moments will be treated as special cases.


Eventually, SWK and XWA will be archived, but I'm going through this process step by step so that people are more comfortable with the changes and can see them coming rather than it being a big surprise.


Also, archiving those older communities will help us with the influx of spambots we've been getting for years.

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