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Simple question; Is LucasForums dead in all but name?

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LucasFiles is actually one of the things we've been discussing on the chat we established for the whole revitalization effort/project. If I remember correctly, the general consensus is that if the new site can support mod hosting, we should have it, but actually resurrecting and updating LucasFiles is way too big of a hassle, for various technical reasons that stoffe can explain a lot better than I can.

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Taaks idea isn't bad, but I see some problems with it.


First, what games would be reviewed? There aren't that many out there, and there aren't many coming out in the near future.


Second, who would review these games? Would someone post a review, then we vote to see it on the front page?


Third, one all the games to date have been reviewed, what then? Would we keep posting reviews from different folks? Reviewing the same games over and over?


Was actually meaning one or two "staff members". If we want to turn a potential website into an actual good source of information on anything star wars then we need a couple of people who can review the movies, the games, the tv show episodes, the comics. Anything really. Star wars is huge.

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I regret that I've been away, but I just got caught up on the last two pages of posts and things seem to definitely be looking up. Even Lynk dropped by. :D


First off, I'd like to apologize, specifically to Farst, if my last post was misconstrued (I don't think it was, judging by his reply, but it was worded pretty piss-poorly). I didn't mean for it to come off sounding *quite* so melodramatic; I just typically am not thinking clearly when I post in the small hours of the morning.


Firstly, can anyone tell me if the administrators are still accepting PMs from anyone interested in helping breathe life back into the place? If so, should I include a list of ways in which I could contribute or a skill set if I'm interested? Thanks for any information you can provide.

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Also, why are @(insert name) below all our names now?


New feature - display names. Basically, in addition to the username which must be unique, we can all now set display names. By default the display name is the same as the username, but it can be changed to whatever you want by going to your profile > About Me tab. In order to prevent trolling and impersonation attempts the display format is displayname@username.

You can all give a big round of applause to stoffe for this feature. :)

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New feature - display names. Basically, in addition to the username which must be unique, we can all now set display names. By default the display name is the same as the username, but it can be changed to whatever you want by going to your profile > About Me tab. In order to prevent trolling and impersonation attempts the display format is displayname@username.

You can all give a big round of applause to stoffe for this feature. :)


Oh that's a sweet new feature, I can actually be recognised as the same name as literally all my other accounts and usernames now. Nice!

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In order to prevent trolling and impersonation attempts the display format is displayname@username.

You can all give a big round of applause to stoffe for this feature. :)


So this is how trolling and impersonation attempts die...with thunderous applause.

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I kind of went back and forth with myself for a while on whether or not to post here, since I thought it might seem petty, which is really not what I'm going for. I decided that since I was in for a penny on this particular discussion, I should go in for a pound and let all of you who were not present for the big project discussion in on what happened. If anything, I'm doing this as a word of warning, and you can draw what conclusions from it that you will, but it'll put my mind at ease knowing that I may help people avoid wasting their time as well.


Long story short, I decided to leave the project, in order to save my time on what I believe to be a very lost cause. See, when we started talking seriously about getting things done, about offering help to save what is very clearly a dying website and forum, I thought it would be as equals, as peers, trying to help create something better from what is very much a corpse. However, it appears that you can take a forum away from an admin, but you can't take the admin away from the forum. Let me explain.


In the process of ironing out disagreements and churning up ideas to make changes, I was, as I often am, a voice of dissent that many people disagreed with. I think that this is a valuable tool towards progress, which I always made sure I kept the spirit of when in these arguments. A lot of these bore fruit. The name changes you see now were part of that. It started people thinking, looking for alternatives, finding compromises, and it was working.


However, there were admins who didn't like what I was saying and began telling me to stop saying it. Pretty much giving me orders. Now, it's also a personal opinion of mine that when people play leader over a small group of people that don't need one, this kind of work is doomed to failure. Admins in the old sense of the term, people that held a made-up authority over other people that are their peers, are outdated, and detrimental to the new internet attitude. See, there's this false sense of importance that one gets when maintaining a forum. Like it's their reign, their domain, their own personal reality. But that's not really the case. You need people to make a forum anything worth the time, just as much as you need people with know-how and finances to create the space. I can run a kitchen all day long, but what am I without customers? To me, they're more important than the chef, or at least equal to them.


So when one of the admins involved (I won't be naming names) told me, however diplomatically, to stop talking about what we were talking about and move on? I took offense. I went there because I was asked to help, as an equal and a fellow human being of shared interest. I considered myself at least worth more than being dismissed like a serf that had spoken out of turn. This happened twice before I decided to pick up and leave, and I did this for three reasons. The first was that I am a relatively busy person, and my time is valuable to me. I'm at an age where I've begun to realise that money doesn't hold a candle to time in terms of value, because time is the one thing you can't buy. To me, with these people running the show, this was a waste of my most valuable resource.


Second, these admins still believe they're in charge of something, and that it's something that is still worthwhile in its present state. I think I've made it no mystery that I think where LF is right now is a failure. They failed. That doesn't mean they can't pick up the pieces and make something new, but that means a new attitude, new community, new direction. The old didn't work. It failed, and it failed for good reason, which leads me to my third cause for abandoning the project:


The admins, and the culture they want to perpetuate, is a poison that killed all forums like it long ago. It is toxic, exclusionary, presumptuous and vile. It elects leaders to rule over a group of people that don't need ruling. The best analogy I can think of is tournaments or group gaming hang-outs at hobby shops. The managers/owners of the store keep the peace, keep it friendly, but do nothing else. They don't tell you what you can say, kick you out for disagreeing with them, shout you down because they don't like what you're saying. If they do, they won't be seeing much business in the future, because they're clearly unfair to their customers. That's what forums were like with this sort of staff, that's what they were like here, and that's why this effort will fail.


You can dress up a website, give it a brand new colour and layout and a shiny new name, but when the inside is dead rotten, it's never going to be more than that. And truth be told, I don't honestly think they want it to be. So to answer the original question, yes, from all forms of observable evidence, this forum is dead in all but name.


I tried, and I wasted my time. Don't make the same mistake. Let the past lie, because all this will end with is heartache.


EDIT: Forgot to mention, but I intend this to be my last post, and honestly, I don't expect it to last very long here. You don't want to hear something negative when you're trying to sell positivity and hope. That's fine, I still said what I felt I needed to say in a place for everyone to see. As a side thought, having the discussions about fixing this place away from the forum where people can't read it is really exclusionary as well. It felt like a think tank for the new forum elite, rather than an attempt to create a new and forward-facing community of people on equal terms. Just a thought. Have a good one, guys, you won't hear from me again after this.

Edited by Adavardes
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@ Adavardes: I'll make this simple


- You volunteered

- You gave us your ideas

- We considered your ideas

- We came to a compromise on some of those ideas

- We rejected others

- You came back forcefully with your ideas

- You weren't content with the outcome

- You kept forcing the subjects instead of letting things cool down to bring them up later on down the line

- You pushed everyone in there just so you could get your way

- You were disrespecting people

- Finally, people pushed back

- You didn't like that

- You saw people disrespecting you

- Instead of letting things cool down, you kept pushing everyone around

- Eventually, you annoyed me with the way you were pushing others

- I pushed back, hoping you'd back off from the others

- You whined and complained and left in a huff because you didn't get your way at every turn

- Now, here you are, doing exactly what I thought you'd do because all you can do is be spiteful because you bullied your way out of a good thing

- All you had to do was take a step back and calm down

- Instead, you're acting like a child and trying to sabotage a good thing just because you have hurt feelings.



That's my reply. I don't care if it was insensitive or whatever. I really tried to give you a shot at this because I didn't feel anything negative toward you, I truly thought you could contribute something good to the place if you'd just work with everyone else.


I STILL think you can do something positive for this place, even after that childish spiteful post of yours, but you've clearly got a different agenda. One where you're trying to sabotage things from the outside out of spite just because you exiled yourself in a huff.


Good job.

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Just to let everyone know, we've made some good progress on plans for a consolidated Star Wars site and we've also gotten preliminary plans to update the forum and restructure things.


Right now, the plan is to focus on getting the web site up and running, then we'll have staff for the site make articles and news posts and such while others work on getting the forum ready for the big change.


Of course, before we go changing the forum, we'll be discussing more about that more publicly so that people know what is going to happen with this place before we actually do anything. We don't want to scare anyone with big changes happening suddenly with no warning.


Things are going pretty well, we've been working pretty well behind closed doors... and I do know that people are curious about what is going on. In short, we're trying to get all the ducks in a row and all the background stuff laid out before we can say anything concrete in public.


However, I am pretty pleased with the way things are going so far. It's not going to be easy, but I really do hope we can make something of all this effort everyone is putting into the project.

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That's truly great to hear, Lynk. Mad props for you guys. This may actually be the first forums revival effort I've witnessed bear any fruit.


Just mass-PM'd all the admins with my intentions of helping out, although I've been waiting on a reply from Jeff for a while now. But, whatever, he seems like a busy dude. I presume the old "annoy the hell out of them" strategy is still in effect?

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