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Lucasfilm Games is back! In name anyway.


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So, maybe this is more of a front page thing, but I just read that on IGN that all new Star Wars games will be published under a familiar name from now on:


Lucasfilm Games.


Seems that we've finally come full circle. Now if we could get a revival of those classic days, sign me up!


Anyway, on the serious side, I've never really been interested in Star Wars games (did play Dark Forces back in the day though), and I didn't think it could be possible, but Disney's decisions actually got me to stop being interested in anything Star Wars related.

What about you guys and girls? Do you still play Star Wars games? Do you like the return to the old name?

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I love the New Logo, I was also joking at Craig Derrick about guybrush cameos in everything on Twitter and he replied jokingly that Guybrush could be like their Stan Lee or Deadpool:-) that would be awesome


I also suggested legacy character costumes and skins for fallen order/bf2 because I have this weird want to see Bobbin or Zak McKracken try to star wars in my lifetime haha 🙂

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