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Hardest Puzzle


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Unrelated to the puzzle: my children and I liked our initial idea that these challenges are so commonplace, the current queen maintains her reign by 1) being really good at algebra, 2) winning ties in the case of the face contest, and 3) never having a supply of fish for the eating contest to happen.

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Fish puzzle was a good one. I did the same thing with putting the spice on in my inventory then putting it in the bucket and running back to Melee. I knew you could sneak a fish onto your plate (as I did it with a spiced one), but the leap to not add pepper until the fish were in the bucket took me a bit. Despite it seeming so obvious afterwards

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10 hours ago, Lagomorph01 said:

The hardest one for me was proving that I was the accountant.


Yes, I still don't really understand why putting a painting next to a document proves you're someone... but I got there in the end.

2 hours ago, BaronGrackle said:

What's funny is that he's VERY attentive if you try to add the pepper after the contest starts. But by that time, the queen already has her piece! The judge just saves Guybrush from spicing himself!


I guess the thing is: It doesn't really matter where the fish come from. I mean Guybrush placed all the fish in the bucket to begin with. So it sort of makes sense, so long as Guybrush IS eating said fish... provided you're naive and not looking for foul play!


I found it harder to believe that the man who got you to sign your name on the document, saw your coronated, would then believe that you had a different name.


(I also struggled with Ned's fear of Stan... If he'd been afraid of Stan turning him in to save his own skin, that would have made more sense to me. Kinda.)

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On 10/6/2022 at 8:01 AM, Huz said:

Also agreed on the above! I solved that aspect of the puzzle by mistake because I had the other elements in the right position and I was spinning through all the possible dates. I had to go back and check the riddle to see why it was accepted.


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