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  1. Yeah, it's well written. The end of the Monkey 2 hint book is quite chilling.
  2. All these illustrations are so dang good. I love these maps! Imagine how Mêlée Island would look drawn like this... Interesting, on Scabb Island, there is no dock for Captain Dread's ship. There's just his house. Miscommunication or were the maps drawn super early in production?
  3. Rum, years ago I wondered about the same, and believe I know where you are coming from. I really hope I don’t come off rude with my post, but have to ask: Are you really sure you want to dive back into this topic, and are you really, really sure you want to do it with that question? The thing is that this question has been (and still is) asked a million times, and there is no quick answer to this that will satisfy. I know I had the same thought in the past, and it took many years for me to understand it. I’m trying to educate myself with reading articles, listening to p
  4. Yeah! We finally see that there are more than just three cannibals on the island.
  5. The document is done and online. Dig in! Have fun! There are a couple more things in there that were not shown in the anniversary stream. https://gamehistory.org/monkeyisland/
  6. That room sounds amazing! It fits to the vibe that I get from the town of Mêlée, which is this huge virtual place that is full of life. I can imagine how the team just went crazy with it and had tons of more rooms/screens planned/sketched.
  7. It’s simply respectful to adjust to modern sensibilities. I don’t see what the dangerous slide here is. Do you mean that changes like these could “anger fans”? Well it might, but I think it’s far more important to create art that is more welcoming and respectful to races and cultures who are fed up with, for example, whitewashing. I know what you mean, but keep in mind that "not influencing products from the past" is also political. Everything is political.
  8. I dig this screen a lot! Copy pasting my thoughts from Twitter. I love this alternate shot and am intrigued how it feels cutting to it after the title screen, as it’s a direct reverse shot instead of a „zoom in“. Plus the setting sun appears in the following room, the dock. The whole sense of space must‘ve felt very different. Also the gate framing the screen is really cool. Bummer that room isn't in the source files, I would've loved to plug that back into the game.
  9. Wow, that's a big one Laserschwert. Awesome!!
  10. I think it's less about having a tool to make adventure games. You are right, there are much easier tools today. But the idea to make a game in an old engine is incredibly thrilling to me. The thought of someone making a brand new SCUMM game that can be played on floppy disks on 30 year old machines sounds wild to me.
  11. Awesome, yes, thanks haha. I find little experiments like this interesting. The colors are really nice actually. I think the most irritating element are the sharp shadows, which somehow fit better when they are black. I think.
  12. Interesting, wonder how it would look in cerise with purple shadow. @Laserschwert, please photoshop it for us, you are our only hope!
  13. I suspect the room was made for dramatic effect. Like approaching the circus on Mêlée. You can get a tiny slightly better version of the video in this Mojo post from 2013: https://mixnmojo.com/news/You-wont-be-needing-the-next--fifteen-minutes-of-your-life
  14. I don't have a scanner, but have connections to some who do. I'm glad there is a demand for that box, so I'll scan them eventually and post 'em here.
  15. Detective work like the spiffy screen is what I'm here for. Quality content. There is no Spiffy on the german Atari ST box that I have, but I find more traces of "photoshops" (deluxepaints?) specifically made for print. You'll notice a) different fonts used for the verb interface, b) that the inventory is identical in both screenshots, and C) an unused Guybrush pose (or at least I can't remember Guybrush having one arm at his hip anywhere in the game).
  16. Isn’t it when Guybrush tries to drown Elaine with compliments just to get the map piece back?
  17. Like @Jake pointed out, we did some really interesting and fun Monkey 1&2 streams with @Dmnkly. I'm really happy how they turned out. To me the point was to figure out why I am drawn to these two games so much, and better understand how they make me feel. I see both games from different angles now, and appreciate them even more today. Both of them don't feel like comedy games to me. They have tons of humor in them, but it's not the basement. I believe both games would still be great games if you remove the humor. Anyway, I would redo streaming both games again and again, because I am
  18. I love both Monkey 1 and 2 so dang much, but I enjoy the first one a tiny bit more. Mostly because the world of 1 feels more real to me. I got this sense of visiting a world with people in it that have their own things going on. There are pedestrians everywhere on Mêlée Island, and even the main plot is a conflict primarily between Elaine and LeChuck. Guybrush is just a tiny part of a world that is moving on without him. Monkey 2 to me has a similar, believable world, but the more I progress through „Four Map Pieces“ the emptier the world gets, and unlike in Monkey 1 it‘s not narratively
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