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MP Bots confirmed.


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An auto level difficulty adjuster would be cool. Only problem is when it has been tried before is that the enemies become to difficult to kill as they match you so well. Thats why I think the feature was scraped from Starship Troopers.


Remember though people (and this is unlikely because its Raven)....just because theres gonna be bots doesnt mean they'll be used to their full potential. Unlikely though because they've got it right so many times before :)

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Hmmm... I have to say, I wasn't overly impressed by botmatch in Elite Force. In fact, I have to say that the multiplayer options in Elite Force, whilst solid enough were nothing like as inventive or original as the single-player experience. Basically, it was just Quake III with Star Trek skins, weapons and maps. After such a highly engrossing and original SP mode, I have to say I was hoping for a little bit more...

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hi nykel welcome to the sight,


BOTS are like oppostion in the games, if you have played Perefct Dark you can choose the opposition you will face in MP.


We are hoping for some good BOTS so we can play as realistically as possible because not everyone is blessed with broadband..





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Its site Wardz, not sight :)...actually i nearly did that the other day :)


A bot (short for "robot") is a program that operates on the Internet (multiplayer) or in an arena as an agent for a user or another program or simulates a human activity (basically it acts similar to a human player).


In basic terms a bot is an opponant that acts like a human player, but is controlled by the Artificial intelligence. They can also help you and work as a team with you.

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Originally posted by Wilhuf:

<STRONG>Ed I recommend you try Elite Force botmatch with the 1.2 patch. Try the disintegration, elimination, assimilation and specialties modes. These are much more fun than run-of-the-mill deathmatch, IMO.</STRONG>


Yeah, I've heard the patch improves things - I'll have to check it out sometime. Thanks for the recommendation, Wilhuf.

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Yes, the patch is really good.....and look how many bugs it gets rid of....


Minor Fixes:


Single Player

Dynamic lights have been fixed for the Matrox G400 card.


An error in the French text for Janeway's bio in the menu has been corrected.


In Voy8, you can now enter the broken door before Salma and Paris finish their conversation without affecting their script or the mission objectives update.


In Stasis3, a clipping curve collision causing navigation problems has been fixed.


When entering Voy5 on easy mode, the correct health level is maintained.


It is now longer possible to teleport into Chell in Stasis3.


On Voy7, the turbolift doors no longer stay open while the lift rises.


On DN1, a small chance of Tuvok and Chang getting stuck and blocking the player has been fixed.


In Voy6, you can no longer lead the Doctor into the turbolift.


In Borg6, Chang will not get stuck on the Borg examination surface.


A bug in Voy15 involving Chang not getting on the transporter pad has been addressed.


During Borg6, you can no longer break a trigger causing a door to close and block your progress.


In DN3, blowing up the first head-bot during the cinematic no longer stops game play.


Similarly, in DN4, blowing up the first maintenance-bot during cinematic does not stop game play.


Firing grenades into the cinematic on Voy8 no longer stops game play.


A ceiling piece no longer lands on Munro's head before he beams out after the final confrontation on the Forge.



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