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MP Bots confirmed.


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Didn't see a topic referring to this in there, so I thought I'd spring up a new one.


its right there on the main page. rejoyce people. rejoyce.



oh, and discuss. rejoyce and discuss.


do you think the bots will know how to judge lag shadows? :)

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Will be interesting to see what kinds of commands can be issued to the JKO bots.


Q3 has a good selection of bot commands. For instance, aside from the obvious 'go get the flag' and 'cover me' commands, you can order q3 bots to meet at a rally point, protect teammates, camp/protect items for a specified amount of time, patrol between items, and attack specific opponents that you name.


Here's a list of Q3 bot commands from theQuake3 World Beginner's FAQ



follow for xx

follow forever


accompany for xx

accompany forever


cover for xx

cover forever

go with

go with for xx

go with forever

go to Bot should go either go to the specified location or pick up the specified object.


patrol from to Bot will run back and forth between specified locations and/or

objects for the specified time.

patrol from to for xx

patrol from to forever

camp near Bot will camp (and defend) near the specified location or object for specified time.

camp near for xx

camp near forever

camp here The bot will guard YOUR present location for a specified period of time.

Bots told to Camp will NOT move around to collect items close to their targets.

camp here for xx

camp here forever

camp there The bot will guard its own location for a specified periond of time.

Bots told to Camp will NOT move around to collect items close to their targets.

camp Bot will camp at specified object or location for specified time.

Bots told to Camp will NOT move around to collect items close to their targets.

camp for xx

camp forever


defend for

defend forever


guard for xx

guard forever

help Bot should find and assist other team member.


lead the way (then give action – bot will wait for you to follow)

Bot will go on ahead, then perform specified action.

kill Bot will hunt down and kill specified player.

hunt down

dismissed Bot will stop performing the last task you commanded it to do and commence roaming.


stop action

I quit being the leader Allows a bot to become the team leader and give commands.

I quit being team leader

I stop being the leader

I stop being team leader


Hopefully the JKO bots will also support similar bot commands.

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It was almost sure Itd have bots, but great to hear that its confirmed (almost)



I hope they have at least all that commands

I wonder how we will choose the bots force powers.We could be able to chose ready made bots (light, dark, extremely dark, lightning expert) and maybe we assign them each star (or whatever is used) and choose how much the bot will like and use each power

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While I was pretty assured that they would include bots in Outcast, it gives me a sense of relief to hear this news. I've always wanted "intelligent" and "skilled" bots in the first Jedi Knight, but the closest thing to a bot you'll get in JK is "rbots", who charge each other with bryars. =P


So yah, dats pimp shiz yo.

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Guest Kurgan

Well the usual settings...


Skin, saber color, difficulty, name, check/uncheck jumpy behavior, etc like how you can do it in UT for example.


Of of course what force powers they have would be good too. Random bots would be a nice option too.



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I'd like to be able to customize just about everything with the bots. I must admit it would be pretty cool to be able to adjust the "aim" of the bots on a certain percentage scale, where 100% is midair hits and shiz, whereis 50% is just above average aim. The ability to choose what weapons they're most proficient with, which force powers they use, their general look would be awesome.


Then of course maybe a simple "choose difficulty" to go along with it for people who don't have the patience to go through and customize it all.

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Well, if Pat Lipo's pennance is to make little tiny GODs out of his bots, then let's hope the bots have god-like configurability. For instance, let the end-user configure bot:

  • appearance
  • lightsaber color
  • chat messages/taunts
  • melee v gun preference (e.g., all saber all the time, mixture of sabers and guns, all guns, all the time)
  • weapon preference
  • Force powers available
  • Force use preference
  • scale of defensive - offensive behavior (e.g. bot retreats or attacks more frequently)
  • camping vs. roving behavior
  • jumpy behavior
  • awareness
  • aim

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Guest ZeroXcape

I didn't even think about that...


The bots should be fun w/sabers. Hell... they'll be fun with the Force!

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I would like to have all the same options to configure bots as I would have to configure my own MP character. If not more. And giving them personalities is not impossible. Anyone ever fiddle round with the Eraser Bots for Q2? You could choose (for each individual bot) aggression settings, favourite weapons, and other gameplay characteristics such as whether or not the bot liked to camp. That sort of stuff would be cool in JKO.

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Originally posted by CaptainRAVE:

<STRONG>As soon as it was announced that Raven was making the game it was obvious there were going to be bots. There always are in Raven games....just look at EF, that is similar.</STRONG>


Not necessarily. SoF2 isn't even going to have multiplayer, let alone bot support.

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I based that on EF though. For JO, as it is Ravens debut star wars game they have to have all the best features. SOF2 already has SOF, so the fan base is already there and they can concentrate on other aspects of gameplay. With JO they need all Ravens best features in order to get the fans. Remembering that most people have never heard of Jedi Knight.

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