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Outcast vs Obi-Wan


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Originally posted by PreTZeL:

<STRONG>the engine they are using is newer, and it looks more appealing to me as well...



That's not right, the engine for Obi-Wan is completely new. Obi-Wan looked great, before they moved it to the XBox *mumbles something about LEC and microsoft*.

I do agree that I'd rather have a game that takes place after or during the first trilogy than one that takes place during episode 1. I think I would want Obi-Wan, but with the story of JK2.

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They are two different games

OW ended up mostly as a 3rd person action game, not a FPS like JO


I think you should choose based on the gameplay, sure the story and how they look is important, but they are nothing if you dont like the gameplay

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Guest Kurgan

It sounds like they will be very different games:



Based on Episode I

Single Player

No Editing

Saber focused


releases this year


Jedi Knight 2:

"Original" sequel to EU material

Single and Multiplayer

Editing (high probability anyway)

Guns and sabers

PC Windows (at the very least)

releases next year


Both games sound appealing to me, except for the choice of platform for Obi-Wan.


Still, even barring that, I am far more excited about JK2. It looks to have better graphics, more variety in combat styles (not simply focusing on one weapon), multiplayer, and the possibility of extensive editing.


Yes, I'll have to wait longer for JK2, but then it will be interesting how each game seeks to accomplish it's goals.



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