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Klorel's Mace Windu in progress


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Originally posted by SithMaster01


I hope so too I feel that someone shoulde make a mod that recreates all of Ep2 through single player mode. I'm talking

new sounds, use of the jetpack, new cutscenes, and brand new levels.


Anakin/Obi Wan= Kyle

Tavion=Jango Fett

Jan= Padme

Desann= Dooku

Luke= Yoda

Jedi= Mace Windu


Well, there will be, the website is down but AotC TC

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"I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?"





"Hold onto your butts.."



Any number of Samuel L Jackson's quotes could be used, I'm sure..given the violent nature of this powerful Jedi Master...






Edit: Sorry for this repeat, I didn't think it actually posted what I posted the other day, and it didn't let me in until just now, and I went straight to posting without reading anything but the last post. ;.;


Anyway...I still think these would work.

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Originally posted by keo718

Hey Deetox, do you think you could find other sounds as well such as pain, death etc.? Those could probably come from other films.


Well i can give it a shot but my resources are limited to only Ep2 audio right now, i don't have a dvd player so renting Sam L's other flicks isn't an option until i get one. But maybe the newsgroups will have some of his stuff.. think i saw Changing Lanes there recently.

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Great work. I never doubted you for one minute in finishing you project. I could also beta test it for you. BTW FYI I am beta testing Star Wars Galaxies. Not to release any information about the game but this will surpase all of your expectations and mine towards gameplay, interface, AI, Graphics, and overall Star Wars experience.




My address: ccbbbb1901@directvinternet.com

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Don't get me wrong, okay? This model is one of the best I've ever seen. Also an incredible skinning job. I, however, am a perfectionist. I would be happy with this either way but if you're really wanting to nail this, klorel, then my only gripe is that the the tabbords on the back of his tunic don't come down below the belt. They just dissappear when they touch the belt. whereas they are modeled on the front. just thought I'd mention it. btw, glad your going with the "this party's over" taunt:D :D :D

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