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Plo Koon Model!

ET Warrior

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:o oops sorry i had to browse through the pages as it took so long on the other thread, my appologies


but still the model looks awesome :D :D :D


btw my list of models erm... some are already being made so scratch off a few


i now leave in embarresment ;)


p.s i also vote 4 shaak ti ??? think thats right

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Originally posted by Adonai Saboath

i'd say Shaak Ti....


we don't have her race in the game, there is no way we can make a decent skin of her at the moment...


and she's just the cutest ^_^



but is she ever w/o her robe?!








i've only seen her WITH her robe on...


and i think most jedi look best w/o robes...

shaak ti, imo, would look best with her robe... it's just fitting for her.

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I think hacking the ewoks off the list cos of their height, was a bit harsh considering the height issue pretty much solved now. However i still wouldnt have voted for them


I vote KIT FISTO (with robe) :)


Is anyone gonna start a proper poll thread? i would do it but i dont like responsibility:(

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ok ive put a poll in as a new thread under vote here (simple aint it:D )

and it expires in 1 day so VOTE NOW if u want a chance to :cool:


and if it goes wrong dont look at me its my first attempt :lol: its gonna go wrong i know it :(

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gholam, thanks for the feedback, i thought you made some really good points on those lines, I fully support the changes you suggested. Maybe if they took the best of our lines, and came up with some others, we would have enough to pick out maybe 2-3 from a poll to use for the model.

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Another person I think would be cool to have is a Gand. More specifically, the bounty hunter Zuckuss. No one really ever made a decent Gand skin before, and I know this guy is more then able...



BTW, any estimation to when this model will be released? I'm dyin over here! ;)

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ok sorry 4 going off the subject slightly but can someone see and post the results on this thread off the poll i done (wont be here till l8) the winner and runner up should be on here post after 1.00pm gmt time. tnx :D

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which model do u want made??

You have already voted on this poll.

4-lom 0 0%

biker scout 0 0%

Eeth koth 1 2.27%

kit fisto 13 29.55%

luke skywalker 1 2.27%

old ben 4 9.09%

saesee tiin 5 11.36%

shaak ti 13 29.55%

tusken raider 7 15.91%

x-wing pilot 0 0%

Total: 44 votes 100%



i hope this is the thing you wanted to post up, if not, sorry

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here is the poll results of the vote cast earlyer ( i posted this at 1:30 AM)



which model do u want made??

You have already voted on this poll.

4-lom 0 0%

biker scout 0 0%

Eeth koth 2 3.85%

kit fisto 16 30.77%

luke skywalker 1 1.92%

old ben 4 7.69%

saesee tiin 6 11.54%

shaak ti 13 25.00%

tusken raider 9 17.31%

x-wing pilot 1 1.92%

Total: 52 votes 100%



kit fisto wins with 16 votes

shaak ti is our runner up with 13 votes

and in 3rd place with 9 votes is tusken raider.

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Ok, here's all the taunts I've made so far.


I must end your darkness



The Force shall decide our fates



I do not wish to harm you, but I will do what I must.



Your Hate Will destroy you.



Impatience will lead only to your doom.



I seek only justice.



With my life, I shall protect the republic.



My lightsaber is ready for the challange.



My personal favorite is the last one. I just like how it sounds :) Calling it the coming battle a challange also conveys some of humility of Plo Koon :)

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i personally HATE these sounds. plo koon sounds the same as the galactic battle ground sounds, they sound what he would sound like because of his mask. his mask helps him speak in the oxygen-rich enviroment so his vioce would sound mechanical. these sounds just sound as if he is under water taking a crap. no offence to the auther of then cause they are cool but they just arn't plo koon. sorry dude, just not his vioce, sorry

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Well, that's your opinion. Just like it's my opinion that mine sounds more accurate. Just like it was some Lucasarts author's opinion that the voice they did was how it should sound. Just because LucasArts made his voice for an extremely minor part in an expansion pack, not even a full game, doesn't mean that it's correct. The only source you can take as completely correct is the movies, and we haven't heard a peep from him in the movies. The reason I'm posting these here is to get opinions on it, and yours is noted. So far you seem to be in the minority, though. Anyone else with opinions? :)

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