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Plo Koon Model!

ET Warrior

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Man, I would like to get a chance to skin this sucker!!


I've always thought that PK looked visually cool, even before the release of Episode I. I was a fan from the very fist behind the scenes pics I saw.


I also do some sculpting and even started on a Plo Koon head, but unfortunately I never finished it as it was destroyed in an 'accident'.


I can only hope that the skin for this is as good as it's model, Then we'll really have something amazing!!!

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Alright, I take it no one read my last post. I'm not going to state everything again, but I am going to ask some questions. Where, might I ask, have you found evidence that Plo Koon speaks telepathically? I mean, I'm not doubting you, I myself think I've seen it written somewhere that the Kel Dor speak telepathically, but I thought that was only within their own race (Kel Dor). I could be wrong on that aspect though, I haven't dug that deep.


Anyway, though, concerning his ability to speak, Plo Koon VERY much so can speak. The Kel Dor even have their own language (that they speak by tongue). Its also said that Kel Dor's can speak Basic very easily. So, I just wanted to make sure I cleared that all up.


BradFu, I must give you praise for your superb job though at creating those taunts. They are way beyond anything I could ever come up with.


Though, I must ask, what was wrong with the ones from the Clone Campaigns? I don't mean any offense to your work BradFu, but I just want to know what was wrong with those original taunts.

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In the comics, Plo Koon speaks telepathically. Where have you read that they do speak? I wouldn't be at all suprised if they DO speak physically, but from everything I've read, Plo Koon at least speaks telepathically. If there's substantial data that opposes that, I definitely want to check it out :)


As for the Galactic Battlegrounds sounds, they were ok, but in my opinion, his voice wasn't anywhere near deep enough, and had a metallic ring to it, which is wrong based on everything I know.

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Let's see, in the comics both Kel Dors and Iktochi (Saesi Tiin's species) are telepathic, though only Plo Koon, and theoretically by extension all Kel Dor, have been shown using telepathic speech.


In the Star Wars RPG, which is as much cannon as the comics in terms of background info, says that Kel Dor speak Basic and their own language. It does not specify whether or not it is verbal, but it's logical that if they speak telepathically that they wouldn't need to actually know any languages, since telepathic speech is usually considered universally understood. The RPG actually makes no mention at all of Kel Dor being telepathic, nor Iktochi, I think, but that may or may not be significant.

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Cool info :) I still like to have him speak telepathically, maybe it's a matter of they speak telepathically among their species, but speak openly to make others more comfortable. Him speaking mostly telepathically is a lot more interesting to me :D

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Thanks Kent H, thats helps everything a lot.


I guess I've never been much of a comic fan, so there is why you can understand why I never heard of him being able to speak telepathically too much.


Anyway, sorry if I was a annoyance, I just wanted to make sure we had all the right info so we can make this politically correct :)

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I think Plo Koon should have a line like:

"Eat saber simple one!" or "I'll bust you in yo grill!"

or better yet "I sense your weakness...NOW DIE!"


others could be:

"austa la vista baby"

"I hear voices"

"Can you hear me?"

"No chance...that's what you got!"

"I see you"


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Yeah that's what I meant... I think he should sound less human.


I know that's quite hard to do...


Maybe we should email Ben Burtt.




I would love to hear what he might have come up with.

In fact, (oh! actually not fact, but in rumor) There supposedly were some scenes taken out of AOTC where Plo Koon and Ki-Adi Mundi went off to do something together, and that's why they rejoin the group of Jedi in the arena the way that they do. It's most likely that they would have addressed what he does or doesn't sound like.

Just fuel for the fire. It is, after all, a Star Wars character that we're attempting to create. Not something to be taken lightly :lightning


Ben... Ben... help us... Please!


Bradfu, we appreciate your effort, you're leading a tough challenge.



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Originally posted by Klorel

YES! thats it xan, a goa'uld. A goa'uld/Protoss hybrid sound. thats exactly what he should sound like. they are human like, but have that alien feel to thier voices. that would be perfect.

i like both prottos & goa'uld but how it would perform if there would be goa'uld/prottos hybrid?havent tested but it would make helluva loud speak.goa'uld speak is already louder than human but prottos even more than goa'uld what would basically happen?but would be nice if therer would be prottos/goa'uld hybrid.& also note prottos cant speak by their mouth they use telephaty to communicate as stated in starcraft manual.but zerg/goa'uld hybrid?would be pretty intresting to see that,i do not mean normal zerg sounds but overminds merged with goa'uld :).it would be pretty alienish if ask.
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Yeah Klorel, i originally thought of Protoss myself, but those wav's just sounded goa'uld to me. Tassadar or Zeratul would be a prime choice i reckon.. or maybe even a dragoon.


I'm trying to grab some wav's of them off the CD, but it's stupid MPQ format!$@

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Yes, the reason Ki-Adi and Plo rejoin the group of Jedi at the end of the Geonosis battle is because they were supposively leading a group of Jedi who were attacking one of the droid control ships, in hopes they could disable the droids (much like they did in TPM). Though, to their dissappointment, these new droids are no longer dependant on their control ship, thus the group was captured and rejoined with the others in the arena. The scene was stupidly cut out from the original movie (the main reason I went to AOTC was so I could FINALLY see Plo fight!!), but I have high hopes that it will be included in the DVD version....


Guess I'll just have to wait...

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Yeah, there's some pretty cool stuuf in the comics on Jedi now. The current series is set during the Rise of the Empire and has focused exclusively (except two issues) on Jedi. One four issue arc, called The Stark Hyperspace War (#36-39) has the post TPM Jedi Council telling a Padawan the story of how Plo Koon became a member of the Council. He and his master, a wookie named Tyvokka, along with Qui-Gonn (flashback, remember), Obi-wan, Adi Gallia, and Tholme and his padawan Quinlon Vos (comic introduced characters) investigate the beginnings of abacta shortage and the piracy involved.


Plo Koon is shown as being very humble, too humble in Mace and Tyvokka's opinions, since he even brushes off credit he deserves. He is also very good friends with Qui-Gon. He's seems to be something of a balance between Yoda's Unifying Force and Qui-Gon's Living Force.


Since it's been a while since these issues came out, it could be hard finding them. Theoretically, a trade paperback should come out in the fall, around October or November, collecting the four issues. That might be a bit alate for some, but if you're a big fan of Plo Koon, I think it's worth it.

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Is the second model decided? I have read the last two pages and can't seem to find anything coherent, but this thread grows so fast!, I may have missed something. Are we getting somewhere? I think we should organize our thoughts and decide, or make up a poll or whatever.


But since the master likes poll, we should make him happy!:) The Poll could be "do you want an Ep1, Ep2, 4,5,6 or expanded universe, charachter?" And then make a second poll on the main charachters of that episode, series whatever. Otherwise decide a few charachters out of the 300/400+ of the SWU and poll that. Kinja you should be responsible for the poll or decide whatever.


PS: If the model is already decided, than sorry for the goof, I realy looked all over the thread!

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Nano, he said he only wanted to some someone from the films, none of that EU stuff. Here are the nominees so far:


Ki-Adi Mundi (Psyk0Sith is working on him)

Kit Fisto

Shaak Ti

Jar Jar Binks (Major Clod is working on him)

Coleman Trebor (Kinja and PIo Koon are working on him)

Saesee Tiin

Eeth Koth



X-Wing Pilot

Old Ben Kenobi

Luke (RotJ or ANH?)



Tusken Raider

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