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Plo Koon Model!

ET Warrior

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i can't imagine what plo koon would sound like....


i think plo koon would have a raspy voice....a bit higher than what you have....




and Shaak Ti is still in this race!


4-lom 0 0%

biker scout 0 0%

Eeth koth 2 3.64%

kit fisto 16 29.09%

luke skywalker 1 1.82%

old ben 4 7.27%

saesee tiin 6 10.91%

shaak ti 16 29.09%

tusken raider 9 16.36%

x-wing pilot 1 1.82%

Total: 55 votes 100%

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well brafu, i think u did a good job, i just got cool edit 2000 and i will try my best to make some, but i really like urs, im just goin for a midpoint between what u have and what the oother person said.



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1. is cool edit 2000 free?

2. where can i find it?

3. Like the sounds, voice is pretty much nailed bradfu, but i would still like to see what gholam can come up with. I dont know what darthweaver was talking about - but he's entitled to his opinion i suppose.

4. My 2 favorites are:

"With my life, I shall protect the republic" and

"The Force shall decide our fates"

lol. I have your origional "I AM PLO KOON!" sound stuck in my head. maybe you could use that for when he gets hit. that would be hilarious. *BAM* ---- I AM PLO KOON!


yep. thats all i have to say about that.


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hey weaver..........****in call me a fanny..............ya wee ****in n00b..............ur probably sum wee kid with low hygien,a spotty face....and a huge porn collection on ur pc...............****in call me a fanny.....al boot **** oota u ya wee ****e if a ever find ur sorry ass.

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as i am scottish...............i dont really care for english.........the language that is(my cousin r english).so when i was in school i was in general or fondation english class......and its not as tho i try 2 type properly.


and darthweaver called people from glasgow fannys(P-Ussies)


so thats y im takin a rager on his sorry ass

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arg im sick i going into large posts of a map/model/skin i like and have to search for 5 pages to find anything even about the thread, please if you don't have anything important about the map/model/skin to say don't, yes yes i realize im sort of doing that with this post but this had to be said. o and don't agree/disagree/flame with this post u'll pnly add more useless posts

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k well I am gettin better at teh sound program :D

The first one turned out the best in my opinion, but thats because i forgot how i got it and had to wing it for the other ones lol. As you can see, I did one taunt each from Bradfu, Klorel, and myself. If you guys like them, ill try to make some more


"The Force shall decide our fates."




"With my life, I shall protect the republic."




"My lightsaber is ready for the challenge."




What do you guys think?


Klorel and Bradfu, do you guys have AIM or anything? Id like to talk to you guys a little more about the taunts and maybe get some help in CE 2000 from you Bradfu.



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