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^ Isn't as good as I am at Pong.

> If by computer, you refer to Charles Babbage and his machinery, then no, I don't. I have a PC, PSone, Gamecube, Gameboy (original), 2 Game & Watch, SNES, Megadrive. Wheeeee!

V Will make a statement about my 'computer' collection. Good or bad remains to be seen.

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^ Likes consoles. Therefore is COOL.

< Has a PSX, PS2, Dreamcast, N64, Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance and a PC, and is attempting to get a SNES from DreadLocksDude (His mummy wont let him sell it)

V Is a L00Z4H who hates consoles :p

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Here, copy what I have written inside the following quotations for all of your following posts in this thread:




^ him

< me

V you





if we do this right maybe we can, as Double fine's info cow suggested, create a loop that will destroy the internet.

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^ Assumes correctly. :D

< Is currently listening to The Gone Jackals and wishing FT2 will look/be better than the trailers would lead to believe.

V Is going to flame me for not being crazy about the FT trailers.

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