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/\ Ransom paid the Devil...

He whispers pleasing words...

Triumphant are the angels if they can...a get there first...


< kowash!te watashi no kokoro o

akai kanashimi ga

afurete nagarete kuru kara



Break my heart

Because a red sorrow

is spilling out from it


\/ I took you home

Set you on the glass

I pulled off your wings

Then I laughed

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/\ Who made, who made up, made up the myth

That we were born to be covered in bliss?

Who set the standard, born to be rich?


< In my life I'll need you here, don't ask why

I'll never disappear

In your eyes you can bid me farwell

but don't ever try to understand the situation

why is it everyday that I feel the pain?


\/ You're an angel when you sleep

How I want your soul to keep

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/\ On the edge of a Christmas clean love.

Young virgin down from heaven, ohh, visiting hell.

To the man above her she just ain't nothing.

And she doesn't like the view.


< I've used hammers made out of wood.

I have played games with pieces and rules.

I undeciphered tricks at the bar.

But now you're gone. I haven't figured out why.

I've come up with riddles and jokes about war.

I figured out numbers and what they're for.

I've understood feelings and I've understood words but how could you be taken away?


\/ All that's sacred comes from youth

Dedication, naive and true

With no power, nothing to do

I still remember, why don't you...don't you...

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