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Can I join too?

Ewok Hunter

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Bad news :crybaby:... I sort of spent lost most of my money buing games and a new video card so I don't have enough left to buy SWG for at least a few months. Soooooo.... can you please preaty please put me on the inactive members list... or something

m( )m


oh and Splinter Cell is a really fun game:D

and I don't know what that staple gun is for... but it sure looks painful...;)

EDIT: hmmm... a week of posting.... that seems like quite a long time....:p

really, I'll try to post more now.... but everythings all diffrent... and stuff

EDIT 2: errr.... when'd Jan become the offical greater and is there any chance i could *ahem* audition for an understudy greater position:D

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Who are you, and what are you doing here? :D


j/k ;)


I was gonna post a complaint about you, but the generator seems to be down. :( So that was all I could think of. :D


Just go to SWGalaxies and register again, then apply for the Associates (again) and I'll let you back in. :)


Nice to see you're still alive, EH. :D


I became the official greater when I became a Mod back in January. :)

<--- points at status




I'll have to think about a position for you. :)

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