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  1. Some people have recently been trying to run Curse of Monkey Island natively rather than through ScummVM. I wrote programs to help with this years ago but haven't updated them since ScummVM became more capable. Here for when I forget this in a week for posterity is a quick guide to getting CMI working in Windows 10: Install the game using my installer The game will work fine in windowed mode but will just crash in fullscreen so... Get DGVoodoo2 In the zip extract the dlls in the \ms\x86\ folder to your CMI folder The game will then run fine in fullscreen. If you want to change the aspect ratio and scaling extract dgVoodooCpl.exe to the CMI folder and run it. For those who don't want to go digging for their original cds, archive.org has ISO images for CMI. Why is this necessary? CMI has a 16 bit installer, so it wont work in 64 bit versions of Windows. Hence my installer. CMI normally needs the cd's inserted to play - my installer and launcher fixes that. In Windows 10 CMI refuses to work in fullscreen no matter what compatibility settings I try. DGVoodoo2 converts the old graphics API's to their modern equivalent and this lets CMI work fullscreen.
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  2. You mean like these? (Laverne and Hoagie will follow soon) I think the Indy games would offer the best chance for proper merch. A leather-bound grail diary, an actual grail-replica, the knight's shield rubbing (for LC), Nur-Ab-Sal necklace, horned statue, orichalcum sugar beads (mmh), stone disc replicas.
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  3. Yes, it's quite a surprise we found time to put this back up. Too much new stuff on Netflix nowadays.
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  4. There was! It was called Intellicast, and consisted of two guinea pigs, some string and a whole lot of chestnuts. Also, welcome!
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