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  1. Meeps! Doing well, thanks. ^_^

    Hows things on your side?

  2. No it's for Ponrz; t'is even in a song!
  3. Time they introduced a Turian female squad mate, so I can see what this talk of flexing and reaching is about... interstellar interracial achievement coming up x-D
  4. Héhéhé, I"m not there yet though ;)

    Just need to fix the texture issue. Plus I've got an idea, a hunch, that I might keep the visor on a seperate texture! So that it can glow in the game. Instead of being "bling effect" like the rest of the helmet.


    Have to fiddle around with the Hex edit though, better make a back up :lol:

  5. I've looked up Miros Tutorial, and he got most of the info from me and Settokon :lol:

    Anyway, the clone trooper and storm trooper mods just use regular helmets.


    So there was nothing in there that was much helpfull. I've got another idea on what might fix my issues. But if that dosen't work? Eh, then I'll have to do some real hard thinking :lol:

  6. Meeps,


    Just to let you know, I've been messing about with the mask-head.

    Though no positive results so far, besides the funny big-head thing :lol:


    Actually I'm a bit worried, results of my tests went from bad to worse, to game crashing... :-S

    Not sure what's so differant than adding a cube to a head.

  7. Ooh, hey, J7 :)


    Haven't continued to work on the texture just yet. My Warhammer painting frenzy has taken it's toll on my free time :lol:

    But, from now Friday, I have a week off! No work! Tons of free time awaits me :p

    So you can bet I'll get something finished :D

  8. Waar is dat feestje? HIER IS DAT FEESTJE Gotta luuve Belgium; at least we've got good beers and chocolate still avaible! I hope we can really up the record; cause I don't want to be beaten fast!
  9. Bit late, but here it goes! HAPPY B-DAY! Mr.Sexy J7. Gotta luuuuve his legs! Hands! Nose! Hair! Damn; luve the legs already! x-D
  10. Glad to hear, they helped! ^_^

  11. Méh, I'm slow >_< Ofcourse, wouldn't expect anything less!
  12. Héhéhé, I understand, guess we've taken it as far as it can get, before it turns rather "painfull" in a certain sense. Well I do hope you find a nice smart goodlooking lad!
  13. Nuts, I like mutated monsters... Though I can't understand how anyone could have misunderstood this thread, well the OP part of it; t'was all rather for a bit of a laugh, or am I that naive or some folks so dense?
  14. Hey, I'm Belgian aswell :'( Don't forget our fabilioshesheshhsehshhseshes beers, but I agree choclate comes first Plus in my own defense, I might not, never actually have the sweet intellectual powers of Sir Pavlos ( reminds me, Belgians must be friendly towards English lads, they gave our first King after all ), but I do arts, EDIT: I did arts... I always fancied doing body paintings Abuse of whine is involved ofcourse, painting with choclate... Though I won't do as Fabre, drawing with your own blood or semen is bit taking it to far >_> @Mill: I don't think the team is going to work, I get -5 @Lynk: Isn't this the "fun" nonsenses part of Kotor section. I remember a time when we had elections, with a strong runn'n Sabre campeign, featuring sort of commy look'n posters and all that Jazz. Plus not everyone on this forum is 15, those you find in the modding section, besides a few elder retards x-D
  15. All limbs? You mean some people actually search for a partner that misses certain parts?! Here I thought I was weird If only my dexterity was high enough Reading the misses her replies I'dd say you w(h)ere winning. Though I'll have to support Mill He's from the national team of Belgium to seduce foreign women.
  16. ZOMG! Since when did LF-boards turn into a dating site I'm not a native english speaker, so I get typos and odd grammar constructions in everything I type... I could ofcourse be less lazy or hasty and check with my dictionary to see if it's at least correctly spelled. Google translate often givs whacko things... then again that fits x-D Anyway carry on you bunch! I shall await the happy message that Sir Pavlos has married Misses Tysh.
  17. I"ll wait for the Nude DLC, which shows the main charater has 3 nipples, YES, 3!!!
  18. Méh, to the whole "zombie" look for DS characters in Kotor. Since they're powerfull in the force they make themselves look like whatever they want. I'dd say DS users are often "ugly" because of their aggressive lifestyle. Choking, lighting throwing, duelling with other DS or LS users; they get scars and so on. They're just more abusive on their bodies, wearing it down. Still shouldn't make you look like a bloodless, white/grey ghoul
  19. *Sizzles* I thought that was rather done by surgery and Botox cures... and a big smacking load of make-up.
  20. Wondering if every important parts are still as firm as they used to be at her 20's? One can only dream
  21. Aah, glad to hear you like it! :)

  22. Well, your only on the "select-tool", hitting W on the keyboard will activate the MOVE-tool. And then you'll be able to read the X, Y and Z coords of a vertex.

    It's also on the top bar, a button with 4 arrow/ cross.


    Hitting E will acitvate the rotate tool and R the scale tool. Move, rotate and scale are all next to each other on the top tool bar ;)

  23. You could use a AuroraDlight, give it some "big" values in its settings and it'll pretty much act as a sun. Though I'dd use lightmaps to enhance the feel in your area. T'is a ton of extra work though. I've been messing around with a plugin in for 3Ds Max that streamlines teh whole lightmap business, but it isn't FREE.


    And I haven't seriously tested it out in the game itself.

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