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  1. Another update! I finally got a 2048x2048 texture working for the backdrop for Telos Station. No more blurry mess, nice crisp buildings I might do a version 2.0 later on, adding just a few more buildings, as now there's some gaps inbetween that just show outer space and it reveals quiete clearly that the last few buildings are as flat as a piece of paper. Anyway, Sith Holocron asked me to do a third texture, one that's used on various computer panels in the game. Not certain where it pops up. But I'm certain it gets used on Peragus, some of the Sith levels... Ack, the thing is just pixely ugly and it can use some updating luuuve Picture time:
  2. Hmmm; Somehow I can't find what I'm looking for.. I'm certain I had a nice little text DI gave me about grass in areas. Nothing turned up from my HD either. If I get a change I'll bug DI about it. Cause I'dd like to have that info myself again aswell :p


    Though I'm 99% sure the walkmesh itself needs to have parts of it set to grass. Mayhaps with some hex editing you could switch the settings of the walkmesh without breaking the entire module.

  3. Well, I hope that means will meet more unique NPCs and Jordy Headsmen, having Breton Face A with hairstyle F, which looks much the same as Pete Woodcutter who lives in that last village I visisted, is a thing of the past. Both gave me a big important task, involving my uber quest to save the world I think it would be fun to have a party aswell to travel around with. Somehow Bethesda never added that to one of their games. the lonely trecking gets a bit tidious. Aye or make the conversations bizzarly hilarious like in the GTA games. The pedestrions where whack
  4. Minor update, without pictures though. Been working on the background buildings, but they turn out pretty bad in game. Looks like I'll have mimic the old texture very closely to get decent results. So far most of my time was lost on rendering, then messing about in Photoshop. Saddly it now feels like wasted time: no nice results in the game :'-( No fear though, I'll have another go add it later. I'll investigate what a new TXI file might do. Perhaps the orginale one is to blame for my troubles. EDIT: After a good nights sleep, I went back to my texture. This time I kept the orginale scale, measely 512x512 pixels. Things turned out better. No crazy black lines and other odd bits. Though, it's more fuzzy then I thought it would be. Not certain what Obsidian did with the background. Anyway, I already have another idea on what I might do to get a better looking result. Means I'll need to do some extra rendering though Here's a first glimpse on what I have now: Look at the texture it self:
  5. Nah, games don't need that sort of "realism"; this sort of thing always turns out to be sort of slapped on, fun thing. Fable had this stuff, buying houses, having a wife and all: but in the end it was nothing really. It didn't add that much, fun yes, for like 15minutes. I'dd rather have bethesda focus on story and voices. I want mored differant sounding peepz in my world!
  6. Yep, I'll have to add in the red version, since both, blue and red are on the same texture. Leaving one out is'nt an option. Reminds me I'll have to put my stuff in the right spot on the texture, else I fear it'll look pretty messed up in the game. Anyway, here's another more finished render of the blue lights version: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Mmm, looking at it again, I'll have to spice up the lights in front of the buildings, looks a bit dark. Ack, here goes another 15minutes rendering fun
  7. TTlan what a crazy trick to get behind those forcefileds Ahum, besides that I've been working on getting nice looking buildings in the far distance. The old texture was a blurry mess. Though I could see that they where renders of the 3D buildings that are more close and part of the Telos Station model. Anyway, I used the old texture to mimic the look and layout and made some very simple shapes in 3Ds Max. I'll just render it out with the full "bling-bling" I can add to have a nice and crisp result Here's a very quick and dirty preview: I know it looks weird, but it's floating in Max, once it's in the game it'll make more sense; I promise ^__^
  8. @Darkus: Oh, I've got a ton of brushes for PS already, but thanks for the linky. Always worth checking out ^__^ Don't forget to post something if you got something cooked up yourself.
  9. @CtrlAltDel: Wait, wait. Let's adjust that; when your mate is a lower level and yourself is a high level class it should go easy peasy to get your kids. Vica versa ofcourse would be what you discribe; harder to get it done. Though perhaps with your alchemey skill you could make a potent potion, viagraos temptatous elixer or something like that x-D
  10. Don't forget the mod to "make" you/ her/ him pregnant; I bet they'll involve a few stats, to make sure the higher your level the easier it'll go to get knocked up x-D At low levels several attempts must be made! Benifit though is you'll get a level up, because you keep depleting your stamina
  11. Okay; back with a slightly altered texture, I've shrunk the thing to 75%, copied and mirrored the thing. Then moved it around a bit, to hide the patern/ tile look. Turns out nicely in the game now, but it still lacks depth; I'll see if I can solve that in 3Ds Max; as I made a bunch of tubes and support beams in there. I'll see what sort of results that gives.
  12. Downloaden the files as I type ;-)

  13. Hey, long time since I posted in this thread, but Sith dropped me a line and off I went to make a better looking texture First results. Nothing breath taking: the thing I made is still to "big", the originale uses finer smaller pipes and tech bits. I'll have to do a second version where I do the same, just some rescaling nothing more. Enjoy the pics EDIT: Oh, the name of the culprit is Tel_StSf.
  14. Aaah, the Telos textures; I remember your thread, as I once played around with that texture you've highlighted red. Not sure why I never continued mess'n around with it :confused:


    The buildings in the backdrop, use regular Telos textures, altering those would alter a whole lot around the station, not just the backdrop. Anyway, I'll have peek down my HD, to see if I can dig up what I was working on.

  15. Well, about everything! :lol:


    Most of them need further texturing, a walkmesh, then the whole setup of the .mod file.

    Is about the ruff estimate :p

  16. Nuts, I better get me a atomic proof shelter build. I don't live in a fancy place Brugge like Miliades. x-D
  17. Second attempt at landscape planet thing. I'm having a blast with this stuff
  18. ANd another one bitest teh dust!
  19. And out of nowhere a Photoshop planet thing! What ya folks think?
  20. Yeah, Lightmaps worked for me. Did some waaaaaay back for Disbeliever on the Sleheyron thing. Plus some test models.


    What's not working for you?

  21. Well, Chainz anwsered most of your question. I use 3Ds Max a lot for my hobby time, modding Kotor, so I can't claim I'm a professional Though I had some lessons about the program. One of the teachers mentioned that 3Ds Max is really nice at building up your model, but lacks a bit on the animation side. The guy claimed that animation is really a forté in Maya; while that program lacks a bit in the modelling side of things. Not sure how much faith you should put into that though Blender is a nice a tool, it has a good support by its large community and a ton of import and export tools and addons are provided by that same community. So that might sort out trouble, but... yeah, most of the members do a lot of 3D as a hobby. Like Chainz mentioned it's perhaps best to stick with one of the bigger lads to get your work done as a pro, just to avoid a whole hassle. Certainly if money is involved people just get nasty :-S Another part, is on how much money you want to toss add it, not just the software but also the hardware. And I'm talking for the rendering stuff! One of my friends works at a architect bureau and they bought some older PC's to get that sort of work done, Network rendering, has cut there time down a lot that they would loose otherwise. Rendering is a pain on that, you can easely loose 12 hours when you're doing small films... and then you can still end up with nothing... argh, the nightmares
  22. Eh, yeah, I've read your post, but it seems I didn't get my thoughts straighted out when I posted I understand what you're on about. My point is that, they might put far less importance on the stats, like they did in ME 2. Infact in ME-2 they seem to have kicked out about everything that you could stick RPG to. Only dialogue remained. Perhaps what Bioware is working on is to bring back certain RPG elements back. Like say, armours and weapon upgrades, not streamlined like in ME-2 but a little more indepth for each of your squad mates. Anyway, it was clear with the ME franchise Bioware was searching for a good balance between "hard-core" RPG and more casual action games. Hopefully they'll do just that for ME-3... for most of us Then again, they might make so watered down... it'll be annoying. Going round in circles
  23. Well, RPG is more then only Stats on skills and whatnot, who get used in a "Dice" rolling system. It was pretty clear they sort of kicked that out in ME-2. Mayhaps, teh developpers are bringing back a more slightly elaborate item upgrade thing and armours? That could be considered an RPG aspect aswell. Then ofcourse they did say they'd bring back more indepth stat stuff... I could see they offer you more choices to spend points in when you level up, sort of mini skill tree's? Ack... idiots >_<
  24. Just this morning when I arrived at work, it was on the radio news. Otherwise, not that super... Another bloke will take over and start a new vengence thing...
  25. Damn, Chainz beat me to post some deliciousness volumptious desiretastico b-day present... x-D Oh, what the hell, since it's such a summery awesome weather here at govermentless Belgica, a trio of darlings to spend that bear with on the sunny beach! Enjoy! Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
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