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  1. Ah, wasn't aware SS gave up on Coruscant. I saw his awesome work on Boba Fett :)

    I knew you guys where busy for school and such. Heck, life always sucks away lots of modding time.


    I'll keep doing modelling work on Coruscant, but I can't say when it'll be done.

  2. Thanks! ^_^

    Working hard on those things. What are you cooking: modding wise?

  3. Yoo! Back right at ya :p

  4. Mmm; 3Ds Max knows a lot of differant file formats. I do think UDK supports some of them. Not sure if that applies to full levelsss.


    Allthough Im very certain you can get tools for 3Ds Max to import/ export for the UDK set. Once you get your model from UDK into 3Ds Max; I'dd make sure everything is an editable Mesh, not editable poly. Then I'dd take a good close look to see if any faces of your meshes aren't inverted. Exporting and importing 3D stuff, it often happens thing get turned inside out. :lol:


    To export everything for the Kotor games, get NWmax. Its a plugin that'll give you all the needed bits to export out your level to a format that Kaurora can use. Plus adding a mesh to use as the Walkmesh, zone where the PC/ NPC can walk on to. Then use Kaurora to compile. Then you have all model files. Other files needed are .vis and .lyt. Both contain a short list of 'rooms' your level is made off.


    Last bit is to setup a .Mod file.

  5. On top of my head:


    Lightmaps work in both games, though the UVWmapping of the lightmaps might get mangled. Which gives odd shadows etc...

    So far I haven't found a way to get rid of that problem once it happens. This happens mainly because I use auto-mapping functions in 3Ds Max. Benifit of the automapping is it's quick. But it's dirty; so to speak.


    The long way around is to map all lightmaps by hand. But most of scene's contain hundreds of objects. So it takes some time to do and it doesn't mean it'll be 100 % OK in the end.


    Though I guess dropping questions on a 3Ds Max forum might turn up some neat scripts and user-made plugins. I already use 1 such plugin to create my lightmaps.


    Another issue is the non-solid walls. The camera floating behind the player and his party just goes through anything. It's also a problem for enemies; they see through it to. Start reacting to the player miles away, even if they aren't supposed to see him. So it potentially messes up scripts to.

  6. Mhm, I know it's a hot 'pickle' in the US to talk about guns. And what to do with it legaly. And true, it won't stop it all, prohibition being a nice example of taking it to far. Though it was a differant time. There's more involved then only these tragic shootings. There's the accidents to consider aswell. I don't know any numbers, but a lot of people get killed by guns in the USA. And most of them I think aren't really with 'evil' or 'mad' purpose. I do know, it happens a lot less here in Europe. It does happen, even here in Belgium. Though I can count that on 1 hand. Thanks, it's a struggle, but I found a lot of help, by family and by going to therapy.
  7. It's sad, but I find that any life, no matter what age, ended by being shot is very sad. I hope someday the USA will vote for far more controle on the selling of guns. It won't stop hard criminals getting their gear, but it would make it far more difficult. I think it would also put a big stop to these tragic blind rage shootings, depressed and stressed people do. Certain people will always find a way to harm others. But at least you can make it damn difficult for them to get lethal equipment. So that they don't massacre a whole class. Like I said above, it would stop these people in emotional turmoil to do something this bad. I fought with severe depression a few months back. At certain times I felt a lot of rage against myself, but also just the world outside. I can tell you it was a very strong feeling. I wasn't completely myself either. I wouldn't have put a button for a bomb under my finger at that time. Anyway, enough of about me. I feel for the families. Hope they my find some piece and anwsers after the media storm.
  8. The sequels don't really follow up coherently with the movies before them... Would I dare say WTF retcons on various things? Still I still like Highlander II a lot. I consider it to be just a fun movie. Don't expect jaw dropping and deep emotions. It's just fun and odd... weird... lots of 'what the hell?!" But that makes it fun ^_^
  9. Hey, all is well on my side. Been busy prepping to move house in early Januari. And working, holiday season... at a general food store; HELL on earth incoming for the next 2 1/2 weeks Doing more hours, sucks... And next to that lazying around all the time x-D

  10. I like his Raiden in Mortal Kombat. I recently bought that one dirt cheap. Had a good laugh wathcing it. It's sort of fun to rewatch all those 'bad' made movies. There's still Zardoff, Zardog? with Sean Connery to find and watch I reall like the first 20minutes of Highlander, the whole fight at the underground parking lot in the baseball stadium.
  11. Editing the .vis and .lyt file of a game area could solve some of these "problems'. Within both these files the game gets info on what parts of the whole area need to be rendered. Both files contain basicly a list of the differant rooms an area is made of. Plus each room gets a list of its own, saying what needs to be rendered if the player is within said room. example of how it looks. RoomA 3 RoomB RoomC Sky RoomB 3 RoomA RoomC Sky RoomC 4 RoomB RoomD RoomE Sky Though, you might still have problems regarding the rendering of creatures, placeables etc... I believe these are depended on other settings, propebly hardcoded. Nice find though, it certainly will help the modding community. It beats the sluggish slow work of compiling and puzzling stuff together in 3Ds Max.
  12. Oddly enough I like the second highlander movie a lot, just for it's sheer crazyness with the badguy driving the metro. Those 2 laughing wacko's at the beginning of the movie. Boy, it was such an oddball movie, makes me laugh everytime I watch it Highlander III was just meh. Dull, dull compared to the first and insane second. I can't remember anything from the tv-series. Though If I'm correct; there was also somesort of cartoon series? More or less based on the second movie; where the highlanders come from another planet. x-D
  13. Oh, I'll have to peek in my WIP folder, those textures are gathering a lot of dust :lol:

    I never continued work on the console thing though... hmm, might pick that one up where I left.

  14. Oops; sorry! I'll drop it in the dropbox ;-)

    It's a whole folder with a row of differant version of Kauroa. Nr13 is the latest and the best one :)

  15. Hey, working on a mod with Canderis and SithSpecter. Though things are going a bit slowly on my part. Life keeps jacking up my modding work schedule :lol:


    Hopefully soon we can update that crazy thread with something more juicy, then just silly banter :-p

  16. Downloaded it, had a small short test run. Like Stingerhs said, they 'improved' the look of the maps, no suprise really, looking back at the old half-life it would have been a very empty research station. Certainly worth it to play it again; these guys did a stellar job on recreating this old classic. Edit: Oh, there are some funny achievements to be unlocked at the start of the game. Involves microwaves and toilets
  17. Mmm... Odd...

    A second thought came up. Did you use another sort of material on one of your meshes. "Arch Design" is not the standard material 3Ds Max uses.


    I know the export script doesn't like the other materails. I know this because for certain renders I tweaked material to emit a nice glowly light. I once forgot to change it back and I got all sorts of bugs.


    I'dd check that out. I think it might be something within a Multimaterial on slot 19 that causes this error.

  18. Hmmm; Looks like the export script is confused about the walkmesh material somehow... Not 100% sure; as I've no idea if you even added a walkmesh already to the area :lol:

  19. Okay; thanks for the update. I've been working on getting my lightmaps to work on my street area mainly. It's sucking up a lot of time. As can't get them to work 100% correct. *sigh* Redoing stuff is so boring.

  20. Yeah, thanks for that. Since I got a working Kaurora again, all attention went into that. But I'll reserve some time for those 2 helmets. Expect an update later this week ;)

  21. Heyo, MagnusII! Hope your doing well; could you check out your PM inbox.

    I'm having problems with Kaurora again. :lol: Yeah, I know, I'm a whining modeller.

  22. Yep, that's me and my girl. Where almost 6 months together now ^_^

  23. Hey,


    Doing well, things have changed a lot in my life.

    Moved in with my girlfriend and a whole host of things had to be figured out and all.

    I'm sure you know how hectic life can get :)

  24. Dang, I just got myself a nice ME concept artbook from DarkHorse. Last chapter was about ME 3, couldn't help myself, had to peek. Spoiled myself seeing stuff about the Illusive Dude... and the newer party members. *Sigh* now to wait on my CE edition to arrive.
  25. Oh, boy... I'm so sorry HarIII. I haven't had much time to do any modding last months. I'm moving to my girlfriends house and a whole other ton of stuff needs to be done... I sort of forgot I had a model of yours to check out. Hope you don't take this to badly :-S

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