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  1. The latest one I got, is named: KauroraEditorRC11. Think it's still avaible in the private group for the 3D Lords, though on what page, I've got no clue ;)


    Here's a linky to my MediaFire, I've got it there aswell: CLICKY FOR DOWNLOAD

  2. Oh, dear, I totally forgot about your question o_Q

    Though, I must admit I actually had no clue what you where asking at first. :animelol:

    I'm not much into item/npc editing, nor the animation side of the game...

  3. I also hope the dialogue Bilbo has with the dragon comes out OK. I've no fear that the battle of 5 armies will look ace. Though, I've got a fear that might be the big focus of the second part... Not sure if I like that. Two Towers wasn't really my favourite of the Lotr trilogy, they messed around with the book a bit to much to my liking. So that the battle at helms deep was very the big focus of the film. While in the book it takes what? One chapter for preperations, one chapter for the actuall battle. Just feel in the film they stretched it to long. Anyway, Mr. PJ did a very nice job on Lotr; WETA did some awesome work aswell. Can't wait till this thing is out in the theaters.
  4. Happy B-day you infinite wisdom machine! I'll shall endavour to come with a nice B-day pic. Even though it shall be a bit late
  5. Owh thanks this will deffantly me link the skins to the correct head model.

    I've already organized the RoR override so I can easely pick and choose.

    And since I started this I think I'll make somesort of "catalogue" of all models in the game.

    Each with a picture. Like that whenever anyone makes a custome module, he just have to peek to know what certain placeables look like. Instead of endlessly doing test runs.

    Might also help people looking to do reskins to know what model fits which skins etc...

  6. Have they announced any patches already; there's some annoying bugs and lack of balance Still, somehow this intrigues me. Could this become a nice ironic RPG, where every silly classic trope gets beat'n to death and abused It's still Obsidian writing... well I hope they do the largest part of the writing and not just the guys from the series.
  7. Aha, I've seen that some models have been altered, nicely named the same as the textures they use :p

    Though, eh... Did you also alter head models. I've been importing all body models and looking at the skins I can easly pin point what body model they use. Though with the heads it's a little less easy, to pinpoint what skin uses what head model.


    You got a list? Or should the 2DA clear that mistery up?

  8. Thing is, it was the same "tragedy" with Morrowind and Oblivion. I know it'll get fixed but it makes me wonder who or what is in lead of the playtesting. Oh well, no point in getting fed up about it. I'll get my appetite sated eventually
  9. Great, I just patched the game via steam as I thought that would improve it. As the last few days, Skyrim suddenly decided that I should only play in sessions of 20minutes and NOT more. As after 20mins I was staring back at my desktop. Thing is I already played a few hours before that sort of thing started... Bethesda, will you ever learn. Seems these guys have real trouble delivering a functioning game... *sigh* Guess I'll wait a few months, then get back to this game...
  10. Heyo,


    Just downloaded RoR Beta; extracted the override folder. Tossed out a big lump of script files and .lips and whatnot. Like that I only have a huge bunch of models and skins.

    Boy, you made like a billion twilek skins :lol:


    Really great work in there! :)

    It'll take me some time to decide what to use first. If I understand you correctly, only the dancer model has been modified. All other body types still use the same old model from the orginal TSL?

  11. Oh downing RoR... Why didn't I think of that earlier o_Q

    I wasn't planning on using them for the signs persé. Just to have some fun with.

    I've been eye ball'n differant posing programs. DAZ and Poser, but none have those fun gamey characters. I sort of like 2000's game look, before bump&normalmaps where all the rage :lol:

  12. It certainly has improved. And I can see the brighter side again of life :)

    Do you still have some nice Twi'lek skins I can render? ^_^

  13. Héhéhéhé, it's pretty weird I was mindlessly surf'n the webs and I encountered this same funny clip. Been awhile since I rolfed that hard behind my PC. Freak'n hilarious with the last few seconds with Han and Leie looking up. Need to watch it again!
  14. Doing well at the moment. I still do struggle with a lot of fears and thoughts, but they don't drag me down as much as before. So its a positive move :)


    I'll be leaving the hospital "soonish", though I'll still be following a day-therapy program. Just 1 or 2 days I go in for a session to talk and work on the depression thing. But it has a bit of a waiting list. But at least things seem to be moving.

  15. I want a GTA London: a european setting would really be something very differant.
  16. You may have my melty uber Dali watch. Or this watch that shows time flow within the 9th dimension. It's always handy to know whats going on at the quantum level :-p

  17. Thanks RedRob and SilverEdge :)

    It's all hard to describe sometimes, it's such a crazy swirling madness going on in my head the last few weeks. I seem to have lost a lot, oddly I wasn't really aware of it anymore. But, it's getting better.


    Being at the hospital, has taken away a lot of stress and fears. Getting yourself back is an odd experience. I'm hoping I can go home soon :)

  18. Thanks guys :)

    Really appriciate all responses!

  19. And stopping by here on LF has always made me feel better :)

  20. Well, I didn't have an accident. I'm suffering from a depression. Badly infact, as 2 weeks ago, I tried to take my own life... Didn't work out as I planned. Trying to go on like nothing happened just made me crash.


    Though that's what happened. Being in the hospital has done me good. Very good even. I've got my more unstable moments; but lets say I'm starting to see the positive in life again.

  21. I only had a small part working in K1. Though not sure if I packed every file you need for that.

  22. Well, 3Ds does it a bit differantly. You'll have to copy your alpha channel; paste it into a new file and just save it as a regular JPEG or any other image file type. Just keep it black&white.


    Then in Max, go into your Material Palette; look for Opacity (1). Click on the small squarre next to it. Same as for the regular texture, you would put in the Diffuse slot.


    From there pick Bitmap. Then browse your HD to where you saved that copy of the alpha channel.



    The transparent effect should be apllied instantly. You might get a black border.

    That just Max being very annoying accurate.

    The Kotor games do a sort of blur effect to avoid that. Here's a very quick example; just a redbox and I used a bl&wh rock texture.



  23. Ah, sorry, I haven't done any sort of work yet.

    My new bought car arrived this week; so I was distracted, sorting out insurrance, getting money from the bank and all... was a bit hectic :)

  24. Thx for the high praise. I wouldn't be suprised the real version the artist made was very pretty and of high quality. But all the games textures got compiled to lower quality to save disc space. Most games back then did that. The version the developpers showed off on things like E3 often had far superiour looking graphics then retail versions of the game. All because they didn't want to put you up with 8 disces, 6 of them textures. Plus ofcourse eating up your Hard Disk space. That's what I'm aiming for ^__^
  25. Minor update on the panel texture. I've been staring at the thing, trying to see a pattern in it. Most textures have a "tiling" pattern within them. Most texture have themselves fixed for tiling; other are sliced into 4 and so on. This panel texture, doesn't seem to have anything of that sort or not clearly. Anyway I've deducted 4 sections out of that blurr madness. I'm now making these into 3D. Why 3D and not instant photoshop? Euh, well, because I think it might help me out with the glassy looking buttons, emitting light and so on. Anyway, no fear, I'm aiming for some nice quality: here's an early preview on the first 2 panel parts.
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