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  1. It where some fun days! Great many things to eat and had a blast giving a neat present to my young cousin :-p


    Looking forward to see more of your mad modding plans! Guess where in the same boat, to many plans, so little time! :lol:

  2. nott'n much, besides lots of modding plans :lol:

    And working my @zz off, last 2 weeks where pretty crazy in the store.

    Was to be expected with New Years Eve and christmas.


    You had a great time at those?

  3. Great to hear, you got everything to work for you :-)

  4. Ah, danggit x-D


    It's the one you asked for a copy of Kaurora: that can edit emitters!


    I knew I've forgot something. I'll get to it asap!

  5. :lol:

    Thx SH!!!


    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  6. Ah, nuts! Seems like we miss each other :lol:

    I'll try to be online a bit more on Skype. Like that you can catch me ;)

  7. Hey, hope your on Skype tonight, been working on your TSL hilt ;-)

  8. Not much, wasting time on watching BattleStar Galactica.

    And some modding, though nothing much to report on that yet :p

  9. Well, there a few links buried in the 3D lords social group. But I also have it here on my PC.

    Might have even uploaded it to Mediafire. I'll check it out and send ya a PM with a nice linky ;)


    Mind that this latest version does has a few "bugs":


    1) You get a new Max script to export. Though this new script only does export out Meshes with a lightmap on it.


    Problem is; your walkmesh can't have a lightmap.

    Solution: Hold on to your old export script. Export out the walkmesh alone.

    And export your area with lightmaps seperate.


    2) This new Kaurora also only handles area with walkmeshes, if it isn't included it'll just crash on loading in your ASCII file. So keep the old version around if you want to do more quick test runs.


    Don't freak out on the seperate stuff; you can combine any walkmesh with any area model in Kaurora it self. Though I'm certain you know your way around 3D :lol:


    Anyway I'll be back in touch ;)

  10. hahaha crazy nights ey? :-p

    I'm sort of passed that stage :lol:

    It's been awhile since I went out on a long night of drinking, after work I just feel to lazy to do a damn :lol:


    No worries about the mod stuff, honestly I haven't done much either. Darth Stoney was to help me out on Scrapyard; but I haven't heard from him in a long while :-S

    Aqualaris, I'm not sure what I've done with all my stuff... A I wasn't finished with a lot of stuff. God... 3D sucks up lots of time. Plus Kaurora doesn't work properly either on my WIN7 64bitsss. I need to run a VM with XP to get BIN files. Hardly improving my workflow... And I am just lazy :lol:


    And my crazy Warhammer painting figurines hobby has blown out of proportions lately!

    Anyway, I'm still in for some crazy nights modding ^_^

    T'was always a blast to do some 3D modelling while you're online aswell, chit chatt'n and all that :-p

  11. Well, actually, since yesterday I've updated the tutorial thread and the discussion thread, with niffty links to the new videos. Though somehow I was certain I send out a message to you... odd... seems like I forgot :p


    Oh, well, here's a linky:


  12. Hahhaha, hey there GM!!! It's all well here in Belgium :-)

    Hows college? Having lots of drunk'n parties? Drunk'n hot smoking girlzzzzZZzzZZzz :lol:


    Just bug me on Fb or MSN or whatevar you feel is needed!

  13. It was random, first recording it was just 3ds Max crashing. Second time it was the recording program failing. I'll have another go at it tomorrow.

  14. Hey, a small update on the video thing; I started today, but... boy. First session 3Ds MAx crashes >_>


    Second try the recording program crashes... >_<

    AAAARRGHHHH, maddening!


    And both times I was already bussy for like 25 minutes or longer...


    Anyway, I'll get it done, though perhaps a bit later then expected.

    Sorry about the delay, but it seems my machine just doesn't want to cooperate today.

  15. No problem, I was planning a long time ago, to redo these tutorials.

    But Kaurora refusing to work on my WIN7 made me delay a lot of things.


    Now that I have a work around my Kaurora problem I can get back into action.

    Plus, it seems a few people are being quiet serious into 3D now. You and Canderis come to mind. I want to be sure you know what I know, so you don't need to go and ask everytime you run into an insolvable problem. :)


    The benifit ofcourse is that you can spread the knowledge as well, even improve!

    Keep it going, it's fun to have more area modellers on the boards.

  16. Oh, hey HarIII.


    I've got some models hanging around on my HD that I can use to explain the Walkmesh bit. I got some extra days off, with the 1st november, I'll use them to create this new video. So hang in there, it's going to be done soon ;)

  17. Well, I belong to the working class now :lol:

    Though I still got enough free time to waste away. 3D has been on the low burner, I've taken up my Warhammer hobby again, so I'm painting miniatures like a madman.


    Then spend time on the PC playing some games or just check'n LF and stuff.

    I would be more into 3D, but Kaurora just refuses to work on my Win 7. Tried to solve it, but no luck... so that's a bit of a downer.


    But, méh, hav'n fun nonetheless. :)

  18. Olallala, you're really going for the pilot thing :)



    I guess you'll have plenty of time for girlies later on, who doesn't want to date a sexy pilot :lol:

    Cool beans on getting programs for free, like that you don't need to mess around to get them to work and stuff. So I guess you went for 3Ds Max to further your thirst of 3D goodness? :p

  19. Awesome :p


    Autodesk products ey? What you studying?

    Oh, spotted any nice girlzzzzZZzzZZzzZZzz :lol:

  20. Hey hey SS!


    How's production of those kic*ss wooden rifles :D

    I'm doing well by the way ^_^


    How's live on your end?

  21. A birthday thread!! WOOOTTT!!!

  22. Eh... No. Not working on anything much: for the time being.

  23. Héhéhé, cool stuff :)


    Well, the more you'll mess about with this; the sooner you'll find a good work-method. Took me awhile to find out ther right order of steps. To get a good area in game, which only has a few small bugs/ problems to solve.


    Wasted many hours on just that :lol:

    If anything, once you start 3D, expect to work on it for a loooooonnng while. Before seeing any real result.

  24. You can have gloves? And belts?

    Oh, yeah I remember, thin SithSpecter once tried it out.


    I believe the most game models do have the HOOK for the items. But how to tell the game to really use'em? No idea I'm afraid.


    Congrats on adding those extra's to Korriban! Looks neat! :)

  25. Perhaps it was changed by him? If I'm right he started the group :)

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