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  1. Well, as we all know, this sort of thing has been done before. Like the comics Superman VS Alien, Batman vs Predator, etc... And I must "disgustfully" add Alien Vs Predator to the list. Don't get me wrong, Alien Vs Predator was a legendary battle, but the Movie sucked! Which is why I really and personally hate director Paul Anderson for what an abomination of a movie he has created! I prefer the games more!
  2. To be honest, it kind of enrages me that they added information like this in the Star Wars history archive website!
  3. Look what I have found (even though it is a fan film). Go to http://www.wookieepedia.com, type in Xenomorph in the search box, and it comes up with information about Alien. They posted information of existence of Xenomorphs, on their website which gives brief history of the Star Wars universe!!! (And its just a fan film!) How does that make you feel, my fellow knights?
  4. I feel I must apoligise for my last post! For FOUR reasons: - I honestly forgot what a thread revival is, now I remember! - It is a big offense! - I thought I posted something similar on some other thread, but for some odd reason, it didn't post. So I thought I might as well post it again on a diiferent thread (this one)! - I accidently posted something similar from some other guy's post without even knowing (I just looked at the persons post a minute ago. I apoligise to the victom)! I will make sure this never happens, but enough about me whining about my mistakes! Back on the subject: I think HK is better! Because he is simply better than IG-88!
  5. I vote for HK-47, not because he is funny and super bad assing cool, but because IG-88 looks like a piece of s***! I mean, HK looks more flexible and agile than IG-88!Afterall, IG was built from parts of a space ship! I think HK would kick his shiny metal ass!
  6. There is also http://www.gamefaqs.com. Thats a really good website, it has everything about games.
  7. Thanks Mono_Giganto! I guess I owe you one!
  8. Well, thank you both very much! I will see if this works!
  9. I have one simple question for you fine gentlemen! HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET THAT HOLOGRAM OF BASTILA/CARTH FROM T3?!?!?!?! Sorry about that! I'm wondering how you get that hologram recording of either Carth or Bastila (depending on the gender for Revan) from T3-M4. I do realise that you need a high influence with T3, and that you need to repair him! But everytime I do, I get this crappy meditation thing from T3! So I ask you people of higher intelligence (not that I'm stupid or anything!), please! How do I get the hologram from T3 in K2?
  10. That's a good idea! If I owned KoTOR Tool, of course! And another thing. Yes, her lips may be big (I agree with you on that one Anakin), but take a good look at Angelina Jolie (or as I often refer to her as "Hot-Lips"). But anyway, back on the subject...
  11. Also, every time you injure him, you can save immediatly and reload the game afterwards, resulting him being un-prepared and giving you a good chance to hit him without missing. But, you must pause immediatly after the loading screen is finnished so you have an early chance to decide on what to injure him with. I did the same process with Vrook and it was pretty useful!
  12. I have a request! Could somebody please give Visas teeth. Because when she talks, you don't see any teeth in her mouth and it kind of makes you wonder how she pronounces words properly without any teeth. If someone could at least give her dentures, most would certainly be appreciated
  13. This may sound stupid, but man did it look real. I was playing kotor 1 some time ago, and I was fighting Bastila on the Star Forge. While revan was fighting up close to bastila, their battle animations forced their faces to came into contact with each other, forming the illusion of a kiss. The same thing happened to me when I was fighting sion in the seconed game (I was a female by the way). I posted this story on some other forum some time ago, but it was technically only a glitch. Would this information help? (please don't kill me!)
  14. Don't get me wrong, I think the mod is a great Idea! But whats wrong with Darth Nihilus? He's pretty fearsome and scary as a sith lord, so whats wrong with his appearance. If you wish to turn him into Revan, then please don't let me stop you! Mohunas, I realise you are new but we do not allow "why?" posts here, it makes the mod requester go on the defensive and we don't want that here. Thanks. -RH
  15. I agree with clone_commando. I personally did not like the robes in KoTOR1, more because they were not bulky enough!
  16. I am having a thought here! I was just playing KoTOR, and I was on the star forge fighting Bastila. During the fight, my character was fighting very closely to bastila, and their faces somehow collided with each other, resulting the illusion of a kiss. Just a thought here; I don't own the program KoTOR Tool and don't know how to use it, but is it possible that you can move Revan up close to Bastila on the kiss scene, and collide his face with bastila's, resulting a kiss? Edit: I mean, its just sounds so crazy and so simple, can it just might work?
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