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  1. Nice, I always wanted to see a planet prison on SW. Looks like I will have the opportunity to see it.
  2. Sorry but both are ugly for me
  3. Korriban. I love exploring the tombs, and Dreshdae is a pretty cool place as well, I like how it looks.
  4. At last! It's good to hear that they will give the opportunity to make Taris again.
  5. Lol. Well I love elder scroll, and a elder scroll MMO would be great.
  6. Ahh nothing better than some SW history ... I love this timeline thing.
  7. Main title and the song when Palpatin arrives the death star.
  8. Looks like a cool planet to explore while on game. I always like to learn more about Sith's and I bet I will learn even more when I buy the game and see what we have on Dromund Kaas.
  9. Avatar was a great movie, I wish to see it on 3D, I bet it looks incredible.
  10. I'm happy that the Barca won the clasico, it's been my favorite team since a little kid. Barcelona now has the best team in the world. Go Barca!
  11. I'll post my character in this week.
  12. ^^ After looking at that I think will go to Rio on 2016
  13. “Fejo, you will fly to Foerost to investigate this attack from this so called Sith”- Master Vandar said to the Jedi Knight. “Yes master”- Fejo answered “You will go as a civilian and you will use refugees transport, so that you could not be discovered”- Master Zhar said “Be very careful, inform us everything and try to uncover if it's really true that this sith's are under the command of Revan and Alek” “Yes master”- Fejo said again “May the force be with you”- the masters of the council said to the knight. Fejo changed his cloth to a more civilian look, wearing a normal light armor and other accessories, he then traveled to the refugees transport center with a T3 series droid given to him, he took the first transport to Foerost. Meanwhile Malak and the last sith lords on Foerost arrive on Korriban, waiting for Revan to finish his meditation and begin the discussions for a new attack.
  14. Foerost was now completely under the control of the Sith's. Revans first conquest was pretty easy, all the cities surrendered to the new empire and their leaders. Revan was now on Korriban, looking the first students to train under the Sith Empire, the head master of the academy was Jorak Uln, an old Sith that fought along side of Exar Kun. Revan after looking at the new students decided to head to his chamber, waiting for the other sith's to arrive and discuss a new attack. Revan took his out a holocam to send a hologram to HK and let him know of his new duties. “HK, Arrive to Korriban, take a ship from our base on Foerost and come to Korriban for new duties”- Revan ordered the assasin droid. Yusu, arrived to the academy as well along side of Revan, Yusu took more time to see and test the new students. “You, student!, whats you're name?”- Yusu asked a student on the training ground. “ My name is Uthar Wynn, my lord.”- the student answered “Oh, so you must be the head master apprentice, take you saber out student, let's see how you have been trained”- Yusu said Uthar without hesitation took his lightsaber out and took a fighting posture, Yusu did as well and both entered on a duel, Uthar was trying hard to maintain of the fight, he was pretty skilled and well balanced on the force but he was not as strong as Yusu, in just minutes of duel Yusu manages to destroy Uthar's saber and let Uthar on the floor. “You are strong, you just need experience”- Yusu says as he turns off his saber. “Yes master, Thank you”- Uthar said with fear, since he thought that Yusu would kill him for failing on the duel. Yusu turns and heads to the academy library, Yusu was once a Jedi Archeologist in his day's of Jedi, but his skills on the force and saber made him a more combatant Jedi. Yusu starts studying while he waits the arrive of the other Sith's. Revan has going to get ready for meditation when Lord Carsew came to his chamber. "Lord Revan, you summoned me."- Carsew asked “Yes, we will start a meeting on the Academy's council chamber, await the arrival of the other Sith lords and then we will begin”- Revan ordered the Sith lord.
  15. Sorry guy's ... plenty of personal things that I needed to take care. But the RP continues. Approved. Name: Fejo Seri Gender: Male Age: 24 Species: Human Affiliation: Jedi Order/ Republic Weapon: Lightsaber (Orange) Rank: Jedi Knight Portrait: Bio: Fejo was born on Manaan to a family of merchants, he was the third son of the couple, but the only one strong enough in the force to be trained with the force. Fejo was taken at a early age like most Jedi's, he passed his youngling test and became a good candidate for any master to take as apprentice, that's why master Bala Nisi took him as apprentice. Fejo managed to pass all his padawan test and he was knighted at the age of 18. After his knighthood the revanchist's tried to recruit him, but Fejo stood by the side of the council since he did understood what the council was doing. Fejo has now been send by the council to investigate the resent attack on Foerost.
  16. HK-47 was created to hunt Jedi's so ... HK all the way.
  17. Hey guy's I am going to change some rules. 1) You can now have a maximun of 3 characters. 2) No killing other characters without an authorization. 3) In case somebody wishes to be The Exile. Feel free to use her.
  18. Revan had left the Foerost system and the comlink was transmitted to Malak who was still on Foerost. " I am not Lord Revan, I am Lord Malak, Revan has left to Korriban, you should have received the hologram by now"- Malak responded as he enters his personal ship to leave Foerost and head to Korriban. "Any problem Lucas?"- Malak asked.
  19. Yusu's men took over all the south sector of Hajibar, it was said that Malak did took over of the north section of Hajibar as well and that all the other siths managed to take the other cities without a problem. Taking Foerost was an easy task for veteran soldiers of the new Sith empire. Most of the planet was now under the control of the Sith, Revan placed a Sith governor and soldiers on the planet. Revan send a message to all the Sith lords, to gather on the Sith academy of Korriban as soon as their duties where finished, to make plans for a new attack. Revan left a big fleet over the planet and headed with his flagship and many other ships to the Horuset System, where Korriban was located. Yusu's task was accomplished, he left a high ranking soldier on charge of the battalion and took his starfighter back to a Interdictor-class Cruiser that was heading to Korriban along with Revan's flagship.
  20. The Sith army arrived on the Foerost planet, divided in to battalions. Lord Malak and Lord Yusu where send to take the capital while the other sith lords where ordered to take other manor cities. A commander comes to the sith lords and informs them about the situation of the city. “Lord Malak and Lord Yusu, our spies have informed us of five thousand republic soldiers protect the city, we have got them completely off guard, we can attack right now without a problem.”- The commander informs. “Good commander, I will take the north part of the city, where we can find the most strong defense, Yusu, take the south where most of the population lives.”- Malak ordered the sith lord “Yes master, I will contact you as soon as I have everything under my control”- Yusu responded. Yusu arrived to the south part of Hajibar. The south part of Hajibar was mostly composed of houses and a small military outpost. “My lord, Republic soldiers have blocked the main entrance to our destination”- a soldier informed “Easy, break the defense”- Lord Yusu said as he takes his lightsaber out and turn the red blade on. The Sith soldiers attack the small republic resistance and crushes them in minutes. “Sire, the heat is under control, you we proceed to the apartment buildings?”- a commanders ask. “Yes, kill anyone that gives resistance, inform them that the Sith have returned under the orders of our hero Revan. “You have that clear don't you soldier?”- says as he holds a republic soldier on his hands “You traitors!!!”- the soldiers responded “No, where here to end the tyranny of the Republic and the Jedi order.”- Yusu said loudly to the republic while he stab the lightsaber in the chest of the soldier.
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