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  1. Not quite true, however, at least for the art, which is compressed (with S3 DXT5, mostly - 4:1 compression rate, lossy). The resolution on PC, for the backgrounds, maxes out at 1080p (just compared extracted textures with the actual backgrounds). http://www.scummbar.com/tx/games/mise/concept/77_gh-deck.jpg Compare to: http://www.jither.net/media/images/woohoo.png ... the latter being the actual resolution of the background, in a 1024x1024 texture tile.
  2. Well, the .PAK is around 1.2GB and 99.999% of that space is taken up by images - mostly split up into 1024x1024 texture tiles (like the ones posted above). Such a tile is a bit over 1MB, if compressed - saw a few 4MB tiles which may be uncompressed RGB. The remaining data is mostly 500 byte-65KB description files, shader scripts, some PNG textures and the two original resource files from Monkey Madness.
  3. Just for fun, by the way, here's most of Guybrush's costume: http://www.jither.net/media/images/guybrush.png http://www.jither.net/media/images/guybrush2.png http://www.jither.net/media/images/guyho.png
  4. Most likely, yes. As long as they have the correct format, and correct layout, it'd be as simple as replacing the files. Since the (DXT) graphics are deterministic in size (always compressed 1:4), if they keep the same layout, they keep the same file size and the file offsets in the rest of the file don't change, so there shouldn't even be a problem if there's hacky hardcoded direct offsets in the .exe (which is unlikely these days anyway). Not something I'm looking into for a while, but I'll probably release some specs when I get back from vacation in a few weeks (if BG or someone else hasn't already). It's even likely, as in GrimE, that just placing the new art in the proper subfolder, with the proper name, in the correct format, might just mean it's loaded into the game. Since that's easier (and very unlikely not to be implemented) while developing. If it's not turned off on release.
  5. Might add that the "projected art" "theory" (I'm quite sure it's accurate) means that there are hacks done in various spots to expand the original game. I.e., the addition of Spiffy's close-up, the different readings of insult lines, depending on whether they're decided right by the script or not, etc.
  6. Hacky fix only, I think, given the way the game works. The pauses are due to the original game scripts' timing of dialogue lines. Since it's always the original game running (with the new stuff "on top"), dialogue lines can't start until the next line is displayed on screen in the original game. All timing is dictated by the original game. So, if the actor talks "too fast" (which he often will, because the line is faster to say than read), there'll be pauses.
  7. Nothing was done to the old game files (they're binary identical), but since the SCUMM engine running it has had to be updated, there are probably bugs inthere.
  8. At the time you wrote this, the dissecting had pretty much ended ;-) http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=199164 ... except for the audio, which is still being worked on.
  9. Nah, I think (as I did before the game came out) that it's always the original game running, and the new art is "projected onto it".
  10. Finished the bulk of "Remonkeyed Explorer" which opens the main resource file and allows you to save all the files inside. Should be out later this week (probably Friday). Examples of contents inside the .pak file: The original monkey1.001 and monkey1.000 files (unchanged) from the Monkey Madness CD-ROM version Backgrounds Costumes (i.e. character art) Room definitions (in some binary encoded XML - not looking into that before Friday) Fonts (stored as PNG) Shaders (.fx files) tweaks.txt (containing some settings for strange things in the engine) hints.csv (binary file with all the hints) etc. No music or speech - that's in the separate xwb files (which BG is working on). I've managed to "decode" the backgrounds and costumes to .dds (really just a matter of adding the DDS header with width/height etc.) - probably adding decoding from DDS to PNG format before Friday, although I'm not sure that I'll make it combine the various tiles that make up a single background in that short amount of time. Various examples and screenshots (please don't hotlink - my bandwidth can't take it): http://www.jither.net/media/images/remonkeyed.png (screenshot) http://www.jither.net/media/images/woohoo.png (first tile of background art I got decoded) http://www.jither.net/media/images/ghostpig.png (a random costume decoded) Oh yes, it's "Remonkeyed Explorer", because apparently an internal name for the Special Edition is "Remonkeyed Game".
  11. Storyline: Good old MI story. EMI is forgotten That's all really Characters: Almost perfect. At least the main characters (from Guybrush, Elaine, LeChuck and the Voodoo Lady, to the main villain of this story). The citizens were a bit generic, though. Graphics: OK. There's enough detail, if not the plethora one was used to from MI2 and CMI. Animation: Is spot-on 99% of the time. Music: Has potential. There was a lot of great stuff from Land here, but it was muddled and sometimes slaughtered by really bad recording, pseudo-reverb and super-artificial instruments - not sure if DLS and MIDI was being used here, but even that has never sounded so bad. When a new MI theme sounds worse quality than CMI's 12 years ago (or MI2's played with a good synth), there's stuff that could be worked on. And I know TellTale can do it, because S&M was much better in this regard. Sound design: Very nice and atmospheric Interface: Hrm. The main way of controlling movement is worse than any 3D adventure yet. WASD it is, I guess. The way of combining inventory items seems to be only there in order to avoid the user accidentally finding a solution, although I guess it also gives a kind strange kind of extra sense of achievement when a combination works While those movement controls appear to be "innovative" for no reason whatsoever - what's wrong with point and click? Puzzles: Great! Some were much quicker to figure out than others, but they all made the MI kind of sense when figured out. Continuity: Good stuff here. Shoutbacks to MI (including Stan, and I loved the P-P dolls) and a few other LucasArts games. Humour: I liked it Some obvious jokes here and there, but then, those were there in the first four games too, even if people (almost by definition) forget them. **** 4/5
  12. Yeah, HighLand is back with a new "orchestral remix", after just 8 years. At least, this remix has been in the making for 5 of them, but then, it's also been started over the same amount of times. Right now, the talk amongst Andrew and I seems to be that more might show up, but learning from past mistakes, there's no promises Oh, this remix must be listened to LOUD /Serge (who hates that nickname) is off to the Roskilde Festival
  13. Well, I'll certainly buy the Xbox version for playing, and the PC version for... other stuff.
  14. LT! Long time, to say the least... (well, except I've been here for a month ) How are things? And no, the Amiga soundtrack is inspired, if lacking compared to the MT-32 version. And yes, the Amiga soundtrack was the first I heard.
  15. I actually think it's worse than being weaker and whimsical. That flute on the main theme is downright dreadful, as I've been sure to mention to any person who (initially) would listen. That trill on the seventh note of the theme - in every single reiteration (and also whenever the same note is played in other places). It drives me nuts, in a very bad way. So much so, that I'll probably consistently skip the intro every time now, where previously I consistently let it play through Also a bit disappointed that the remix stuck so closely to the original MIDI rather than rearranging it to make it work in a live setting, as I'm sure Land et al themselves would have done. I know that other people would complain about not being faithful then, but the arrangement as it stands just doesn't really work all that well. And for the big G upstairs' sake... Couldn't they have found an actual bass player for the bass part?
  16. His name... is Robert Paulsen (sorry, couldn't resist*) Heh, and I could have sworn that Dom was talking to himself as the Mêlèe lookout. Oh well * (Before anyone thinks I'm correcting Scapetti, that's a reference
  17. I can add to that by saying that (also from distant memory - don't have any of my old SCUMMRev resources around) for Grim, the version was something like lua 3.1 alpha. The decompiler in SCUMMRev 5 (or 3?) was, again AFAIR, written from scratch in Delphi, so not likely to be even remotely correct :-)
  18. And those of us who don't, still talk to telarium regularly or annoy Jake occasionally, so word gets around
  19. You rock, bg! - Serge (retired SCUMMRev developer)
  20. Thanks The "next several months" was probably even being optimistic. Most likely I won't do more on it ever. Might release the source sometime, though (although it won't be for the next month, since I'm leaving), if Ben or someone else wants to work on it.
  21. Ssssh, don't tell anyone, but there's also a SCUMM Revisited 5 pre-release build 130 here: http://scummrev.mixnmojo.com/SCUMMRev5_Build130.zip Since I'm not going to be able to work on it for the next several months, might as well release what's done so far. Don't ask me what it does, because I don't remember. It does view background images from (the original) Maniac Mansion as well as Zak256 (but doesn't save as far as I recall - there's always PrintScr...). Also some weird video exporter thingy (without audio, no audio support whatsoever in SR5, but you can obviously rip that with SR2 and mux'em together with VirtualDub or something) that I believe Remi used to release the videos at TSB Lots of unimplemented stuff - most viewers are bad and unfinished, etc. etc. But it does some stuff
  22. Guess Jake already took care of that... Whether we want it or not, HighLand lives again Did watch the game against Sweden, but soccer (or any spectator sport) is not my forte. Actually, I pretty much hate it Unless there's a lot of other people and various beverages involved.
  23. Oh god, Jake... Did you really have to do THAT Interesting how the page actually still looks OK in Firefox, being authored way before anyone cared about web standards... Only a few links that don't work. Fantastic. Horrible.
  24. Yeah, Tom (Lewandowski of Quest Studios) was the one who started it, really. Got a lot of help from him with converting properly from MT-32 to GM when HighLand started out. It's possible to get all the MIDIs out in MT-32 format yourself with SCUMM Revisited 2 - don't ask me how, I don't remember . They're stored as Standard MIDI format 2 (as far as I recall), which means individual iMUSE sequences are stored one in each track - all "playing" at the same time (which is why it sounds dreadful when (if) SCUMMRev plays them back). So, if you load it into a sequencer (that supports format 2), you can split them up and mix them as iMUSE would (which coincidentally is how HighLand did it in the first place - other than removing all iMUSE SysEx's and changing velocities and patches to match the MT-32). The iMUSE mixing is the part that takes the longest time - if you want it accurate, some tracks, such as woodtick in MI2, are pretty hairy, since some tracks may actually fade in and out of the complete mix to add/remove a few additional instruments to an already playing track.
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