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  1. i think stoffe is planning to shut down out little brawl in the game thread. By the way...you'll never get me to pay the bill!!

  2. People seem to really like my stories...makes me wonder if there is some kind of pro-chev conspiracy going on

    *Looks around*

  3. The sad part was the next day I went back for a rematch with the fence and lost again...

  4. Not at all! The ideas for getting in come to my randomly and I immedialtly act on them! I had to take out that last part...you never know who's listening in...

  5. Oh you can win, you just need to try a bit harder. you have to pull out the big guns

    Time travel, alternate realities, ginat monkeys! you need to use them all to stop people from hugging you.

  6. *Chev flies backward through the walls of the profile*


    Ow! Ow! Ow! O-Hey, Endo that's a nice living room! Ow Ow ow!


    *Chev finally breaks through the last wall and ends up next to endo again*


    I don't even know how that happend.


    What's up I ask again?


    EDIT: I got kicked off the Naruto forums. I went after too many Non NaruHina fans and it appears they don't like me threatining to come out of their computers and beat them senseless

  7. Anxiously awaiting Naruto spoilers...Wait! How can I talk to you if I'm in mid-air? and speaking of ducks...


    *Chev holds up the ducks wallet*


    Hehehe stupid duck!


    *Chev feels someone tap his shoulder, he turns around to see that the duck is back with several friends*



  8. How would the force unleashed 2 even work?! The guy is dead. He ain't coming back.

  9. Would you be interested in joining a Star Trek Rp when it gets off the ground? :)

  10. Yes I am. :D Just waiting for Sethos to show up so I can fight him. :D

  11. Darth Corial :) Took me awhile to think it up.

  12. Hey Shana, can you let me know when you'll be done with the Strike Force S chapters? I was really hoping I could post them either this weekend or possibly Monday and I can't really start on the next chapter until I see what you added to the first two chapters. :)

  13. I just have to get my character up and we'll start this up and hopefully once we start other people will want to join. I'll have my characters up either today or tomorrow.

  14. I think i may ahave given you some brain damage from leaping down at you so much and taking you down so many times.

  15. Northen Wisconsin technical collage, I think thats it. I really try to stay far away from it. the chess board of evil is located there

  16. CQ...Do you read any webcomics at all?

  17. *Shakes CQ violently*


    Wake up!!!!

  18. Hey Astor, not to pressure you or anything, but are you planning on posting in the Costumed heroes RP anytime soon? Right now it's just me, CQ, and Cyborg ninja. and I feel a bit guilty.

  19. The boulder respectfully persuades you to post in Shinobi.

  20. I C Wut Day it is thar.


    Happy Birthday! :D

  21. Sorry :p I was going to mention them in my next post but I'm starting to get just a little bit confused. Don't worry, I'll bring them back in very soon. :)

  22. Dude...El Sitherino is leaving lucasforums!

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