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  1. It's possible the sith were in the middle of takeing over Taris and the Spire and whatever fleet it may have had was the closest ship to Taris. the Spire may have been going to Taris to counter the Sith attack. Malak may have somehow found out Bastila was on the Spire and knew where the Spire was going so he set the Ambush above Taris

  2. Well...i finally got a new graphics card. and i have a very annoying problem. my character walks a few steps in any directions then stands still no matter what i press...punch or kick. the new card is an ATI radeon 500. any thoughts here?

  3. I believe that she simply lost her way and need to be put back on the light side. as the exile may have once said: no one is beyond redemption. thats how I deal with Atris. I always try to save her. One reason is because she could be a possible romance...you know...a little reskin here and there

  4. I think that Kreia wanted to protect others from the manipulations of the force. She didn't seem evil to me. she seemed angry. the force took everything from her except the exile. in my opinion she thinks of the exile as the daughter/son she never had and wants to protect her child from what she sees as evil. Granted she wants to train her child to become strong enough to destroy the force.

  5. They might have been on their way to dantooine when Malak ambushed them. Or they might have been on a mission to taris itself.


    They were traveling around the galaxy to try and bring out Revan's memories so they could find a way to stop the sith threat.

  6. I only had about 3 people over today. I got a book. about 70 bucks in cash and a bag of combos. this was a good birthday compared to my other ones. what i really wanted was a new graphics card so i could play my beloved KOTOR 1 and 2 again...


    Thanks for the puddle jumper by the way. I'm gonna need that time machine for...something If anyone notices any changes in the timeline...ummmm...it wasnt me?

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