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  1. I've uploaded directly to youtube. It's too soon to see it, since it needs time to process on youtube's end. When it's ready, it should be at

    (I think).


    I'll post it in the main RoR thread as soon as I can.

  2. oh hey, when was the last time you updated the wetpaint site progress?


  3. I did the voice over last night (my wife was out). It took a long time though, 'cause the neighbor's dog was barking at everything (oh, to have a sound proof room would be grand). I've been having trouble converting it back to a windows format. Either I get a really low-res .avi, or a 6+GB .avi, or a 1.3+GB .mov


    I'm gonna try again tonight. I don't think I have a youtube account (I can't remember all the sites I've joined :lol:), otherwise my program could upload it directly. I'd rather upload it to your RoR channel though, just so it is in one convenient place.


    Did you want to review it first before releasing to the public?

  4. well, I got the video to convert, and now I can edit it in iMovie. I'll have to wait until my wife isn't home so that I can record a voice over (I wouldn't want to wake her when I'm modding all night :xp:)

  5. hey, what software do you use to capture in-game video? And what software and format did you save it for upload to youtube?


    I used fraps to capture the video, but it saves in an .avi format that I can't use in iMovie for my Mac. I need to find a free Win video editor so that I can add a voice over, and do a couple of transitional fades. Any suggestions?

  6. alright then. Too bad I'm all out of easy buttons ;). Good luck making that time for yourself and the mod.

  7. Hey Logan, just a small update. Okay, maybe it's too large, I'll put it in the social group.

  8. Hey SA, how's it going? Are you still testing your K1 enhancement pack? Is there anything that I can help you with on that?

  9. I had to wear shorts the last couple of days (mid 20's Celcius). The snow melted early this year - hopefully we don't have a drought, 'cause my lawn is already too brown :lol:


    Work's been slow, so I've been making progress on the playable males. I've been extending my lunch hours, and charging less time (aka smaller paycheck :().


    My neice and nephew (3 & 4 yrs) were visiting this weekend. I took them to the playground yesterday, and had a great time. I also got some great photos, so their mom was happy to get digital copies. They might even be worthy of a photo contest somewhere :D

  10. busy, but the good kind of busy. My wife and I have been visiting lots of family the last couple of weeks.


    I haven't had much time for modding though...

  11. QUOTE=is that picture an armor of yours


    Yep. I made it for the Revenge of Revan mod, so don't expect it to be released any time soon. You can check out the RoR thread to see other screenshots of armours I've made.

  12. my computer had a virus, and it took me a while to clean it up. Because of that, I haven't played ME2 in a while, or done any modding at home (I had everything backed up, so no worries there). Good thing I can mod at work :D


    I haven't played DA in a while either (just haven't had a lot of time lately for games at all). So, how is the new DLC? Lots of fun?


    I did play a bit of Heavy Rain. I get a little too into it though, so I gotta be careful not to talk too loud to the TV (I might wake my wife up :xp:).

  13. got it. I'll watch it soon :D

  14. what did you have in mind for Jax? Do you have a sketch or anything for reference? If I get some time, I might be able to give it a shot.

  15. I've haven't done Liana's DS transitions yet, but I'm happy with her LS texture and model. I'm also pretty happy with the K1 style Jedi robes (I've got one each for Guardian, Sentinel & Consular). Lately I've been working on playable characters, but I'll tell you about it in the member group (before posting on the main thread).


    I had listened to your modcasts awhile ago, and was meaning to give 'em another go. I found them all very informative. I'll definitely like to see an update video :D

  16. thanks. It'll be worn by an NPC (named RedRob41 of course :xp:) in Revenge of Revan.

  17. Just checked out ModDB. Looks good. Perhaps I should do a portrait montage screenshot of all the party members?


    We just visited my sister-in-law and her family this weekend. Her kids are a lot of fun (4 & 3 years old), and it was a peaceful, quiet couple of days in the country.


    During the third period of the hockey game, I almost had 3 heart attacks :xp:too much tension! But the relief I felt after Canada scored the overtime goal was worth it. Even if USA had won, it was a game to remember.

  18. I sent you a nice PM ;) happy rendering :D

  19. QUOTE - hey there. i havent been on lucasfiles in a while and was going through some threads on KOTOR and wanted to give you kudos on your avatar pic. it reminds me of one of my favorite marvel comics characters, darkhawk /QUOTE


    yeah, DH was a big inspiration for making that Mando armour. When Darkhawk #1 came out, it was my first step back into collecting comics, so he has a special place in my long boxes :D. I haven't collected Marvel in a while, but I did check out the War of Kings just because DH was in it (with great covers too).

  20. thanks. I'll have to post on the intro page soon, plus find a place to post some of the RoR artwork.

  21. The armoured robes by Darth Darkus? Those are pretty good.


    Oh, have you checked out that link for the KotOR movies forum? Looks like our influence is spreading :D

  22. Sorry, I'm a little too busy with Revenge of Revan. Maybe after you've put in a lot more work, I might be able to supply a character or two. I didn't join RoR until I'd seen just how much Logan23 was doing himself. It wasn't until post #115 that I actually started to help (and most of Logan's post were VERY detailed, and I was inspired). Most big idea TCs stop long before then, and have little to show for it. So, please try to learn how to do as much as you can. If you do that, people will be much more confident about spending their own precious time by helping you (and not doing it for you). Don't give up :)


    "Luctor et emergo" - (Struggle and emerge)

  23. As for weird weather, we've actually turned quite mild lately, and the snow has be melting. Alberta could still easily get a late blizzard in the next couple of months, so I won't declare spring yet. I've been really enjoying the winter Olympics these past two weeks. The big prize is tomorrow, as the hockey gold is up for grabs. I know that team USA really wants revenge, and to steal away the home ice glory (like Canada did in 2002). Hockey is my favourite sport, so it should be a great game either way.


    Go Canada Go!!

  24. for the robes, you just have to make the new tga file name with a unique number. Then make a unique uti file that matches, and in that uti, input the new tga number in Texture Variation. Canderis has decent screenshots in his tutorial: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=202892.

    Also, T7nowhere has a detailed tutorial: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=143176


    So, you've found a way to change the CurSithLord value? That's great. I still haven't tried to replace Nihilus or Sion in the mainmenu##.mdl yet, so I still don't know if we can add the Sith Mech.

  25. I tried to check the messages yesterday, but I had bad timing - the LF weekly backup started, so pages wouldn't load properly. I just checked the PM, and that's great news. It should allow for some great atmosphere :).

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