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  1. yeah, I saw that there were a few more members. And quality craftspeople too :)

  2. Yep, I was able to join all three. Great stuff :)

  3. Say, have you thought of making a social group here for RoR?

  4. do you have a membership at the Bioware Social Network? If you do, we could friend up and check out each others' Dragon Age progress. I haven't been able to load the PC version yet, 'cause the DVD drive on my computer isn't reading the disk. I might have to upgrade my Mac OS to Snow Leopard, hopefully that'll come with new drivers so that my disk drive will work properly in Windows mode.

  5. I got your PM, and I've e-mailed you a new batch of logo screenshots.


    As for what's up, I've been playing a wee bit o' Dragon Age lately. I'm playing the PS3 version, but I just picked up the PC version too, so I can look at the toolsets. I have to clean up my hard drive a bit more before installing. So far I've cleared only 24 GB, and the game needs 20GB according to the box (I want some extra space).


    The only modding I've done lately is the logo, and some underwear mods (they're almost ready for release). I'll need to carve out some time to work on RoR some more.

  6. No. It only happens with the male Twi'lek head tho. I'll probably have to manually hex edit the .mdl and .mdx, which is all guesswork for me. Oh well, at least I can still work on other models.

  7. I don't know too much about area skinning, since I've mostly concentrated on characters. It certainly looks like it could use an upgrade, but I don't think that I'll be volunteering anytime soon.

  8. "him" who? If you're talking about your avatar picture, it already looks pretty cool.

  9. I unfortunately don't have an abundance of time at the moment. What did you have in mind?

  10. I saw you've updated the header banner on the wetpaint site. Looks good. So, are you gonna use that image as your signature banner here? If you do, you'll have to reduce the size a bit (120 pixels high).

  11. They aren't ready yet Slstoev. I said I'm slowly putting some together. They take quite a while to do correctly, and checking for bugs as well. Plus, it gets much more complicated once I start adding in everything that Logan has been working on (modules, dialogs, datapads, etc). I've only done (most, not all) of the heads.2da, appearance.2da, and portraits.2da so that Logan could have working copies of the characters I've modelled and skinned. I haven't added in the characters that anyone else had worked on. It's still a long way from ready.

  12. nope, nothing for RoR is ready for release, so no TSLPatcher files. I'm slowly putting some together, so that when Logan23 is ready to release them, he'll have the option of using the patcher.

  13. Huh? Which TSLPatcher files are you refering to? And for what mod? And put them up where?

  14. Thanks, that means a lot coming from you, Doc.


    I haven't made a TSL version of the Sand Person, and I don't know how easy it would be to convert. If I have to re-model the TSL version of the model (for every armour and robe), it'd take too long. If I can just run it through Taina's replacer, it wouldn't be too hard, I guess. I'd just have to add some new armour textures, and re-do the Jedi robe textures (that'd be a lot of work in itself).

  15. Oh yeah, I'm going to start putting together some TSLPatcher files. It shouldn't be too hard to get started, since I've already got a lot of it done for the small sets of characters I've already sent you.

  16. got 'em. I'll start a playthrough tonight after work :D

  17. well, I'll be working around the house today (gotta clear out some junk, and stuff), so I won't be able to check anything until later tonight. If you wanna e-mail it to me, that'd be fine. Or, are you putting it all on some kinda FTP site? If so, PM or e-mail are both good.

  18. yeah, the X definitely has held the lead. I'll give it one more day though, just in case there are some more stripe fans out there.


    I've also started on a new Dagos. So far I've altered the model a fair bit, and added some thinning/receding hair on top. I have to re-work the colour around his eye socket texture (my wife saw him over my shoulder and said "aww, he looks tired. You should put him to bed." - So I turned off the computer :)).

  19. Say, how do I make a new thread with a poll at the top?


    Oops, looks like I finally found the option for it. I couldn't find it all day, and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I ask the question, poof there it is

  20. For the amount of info you're going to be using, it will probably take quite a while to do all the TSLPatcher work. At least with all the characters that I've sent you, you should be able to use notepad to copy and paste lines from the changes.ini file (or at least, use mine as a guide). It's a good thing that the patcher comes with a really good set of instructions.

  21. so, should we make a new thread, and post it as a poll? BTW I've got the clothes done. I'll post a screen shot tomorrow.

  22. yeah, both are good designs. So far, I've started the underwears for both Cain & Drayen, as well as the preliminary work for Drayen's clothes. I've also done some work on Cain's head model, and he looks a lot less plump now. I'll work on 'em some more tonight.

  23. I'm rubbing my hands together like a mad scientist, waiting to get my greasy mits on a demo... Bwa-ha-ha...


    Hmmm... orange and red are warm colours, while blue & green are cool ones (which are easier on the eyes for long periods). Perhaps something a little purple for the GUI? I like the colour that the LucasForums pages are:

    The dark bars are R=40, G=39, B=56

    The light bars are R=71, G=71, B=112

    The middle colour is R=46, G=46, B=75


    Deep burgundy is another good colour:

    R=128, G=0, B=32 or R=89, G=2, B=35

  24. I haven't worked too much on the others yet. So far, I've only done the hi-res versions of Cain (LS & 2 DS transitions). I haven't re-done his head model yet tho (I want a more angular face to go with the gaunt cheek bones of the skin texture). I'll be doing a lot of modding this weekend, so I'll try to get Cain's & Drayen's heads done at least (but I won't have their unique clothes yet).


    As for the tats, I like the very last one the best (not just because I came up with that pattern myself). It doesn't cover any of his facial wrinkles, so it keeps his air of wisdom intact, and his personality will show through. Plus, since it is completely new, his family history isn't tied directly to any other known Kiffar clan. The very first one (the stripe accross the nose) is my second choice.


    Good luck with the TSLPatcher files :)

  25. That'll be good to see :) (and hear ;))

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