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  1. got 'em, thanks. I'll try to come up with some sort of new logo, similar to the CEC.

  2. Hey, any word on those Corellian Military uniform texture files? I was hoping to work on the combat suit version a bit. Take it easy.

  3. Hey, no problem. I thought it was well done, and definately worth a nomination. I tend to pick the mods based on character skinning, because they usually get overlooked by the giant planet/quest/recruitment mods. Skinning and modelling isn't easy either ;)

  4. say, I just saw your post about shiny metal in photoshop on SpaceAlex's thread. Try this tutorial


    I found it by using the Advanced Search feature. I searched for "alpha channel" in the Skinning & Modelling section of Holowan Labs.


    Hope it helps.

  5. how should I send it to you? E-mail? Send me a PM.

  6. I put a new screenshot of the wookiee in your thread, but I just did an edit of my last post instead of adding a new post. Have you checked it out yet?

  7. hey, no problem. Since I'm a fine art grad, I know the value of a good critique. I always try to point out what is going well, as well as what could be improved on. That's the way that I improve my own work.

  8. I'll try and help you out when I get home (so that I have all the programs in front of me). Are you working on a txi for pfbam for TSL or K1?

  9. Hey, I sent you a new set of files for the Rattataki. I had to break it up into 2 packages because of the 10MB limit for hotmail attachments. Hopefully you don't have any problems receiving them.

  10. I guess if you click on that image, it either blows it up in the same window, or it opens the larger one in a new tab. When I click on Kaila's though, they don't show up at all. It just shows a link to your profile page, where the thumbnails are. Maybe my work computer is too slow.

  11. Hey, what do you think of the new layout at ImageShack? I think I prefer the old way that images popped up when you clicked on the link.

  12. I just took a peek, and she looks fantastic. I especially like the first pic, where she has a bit of attitude in her pose, her face and hair look great at that angle. It's kinda hard to see the neck tattoo in those shots. Did you use the bird I sent? No matter. Does the tat appear on both sides?

  13. Did you get those tattoos?

  14. Heh, well I didn't even get to take art in high school.


    It's been good to meet you Spartan, but I've gotta get going. I'm gonna watch the Hour on CBC, then go to bed. I've got to be up for work tomorrow. The real world beckons...

  15. Yep, I graduated in 2006. It was a great program, and I really enjoyed myself. It was super hard though, and I almost quit once. I struggled thru though. Is she enrolled full time, or taking part time courses first? Either way, wish her luck for me.


    I didn't release my first mods on File Front, but I had to start somewhere. The practice helped me get better. Of course, I also had all the training from MacEwan to start me off. I make mods mostly for the fun of it, but also to get a better understanding of how Bioware goes about making games. That'd be a dream job, to work there.

  16. That blue wolf picture is very painterly, and fairly well done. There is room for improvement though. It's certainly better than any free painting that I've done with the program. I'm mostly a photo editor, and I've done some painting with brushes on canvas, but never really mixed the two. I'd certainly encourage your sister to keep up with her art :).


    As for changing hues on skins, that's a great place to start. Most aliens in the Star Wars universe are simply humans with odd skin, hair and eye colouring. If you make a skin mod, and aren't sure about its quality, you can always run it by me. I couldn't graduate from Fine Arts at Grant MacEwan College without developing a critical eye ;), so I think I'm a pretty good judge of mod quality.

  17. Well, the Oilers were shut out tonight :(. Oh well it was gonna happen sooner or later. I just wish the Sens could win a cup already. They tend to do awesome in the regular season, but blow it in the playoffs. Someday....


    I only started skinning last year, and LucasForums has some great tutorials that I've learned from. Have you ever used Photoshop? I hear that GIMP is a free program, but I've never used it.

  18. Hey Senators are my favourite team in the East. I just wish they'd actually do something in the post season :lol:


    As for head mods, that's what I like the most too. You can probably tell that from all the aliens I've released so far.


    BTW, if you click on the "view conversation" link, when you post, it'll notify me (I think).

  19. Yep, I'm from Edmonton alright, born and raised. How long have you lived in the 'Park?


    So, what kind of mods do ya like?

  20. So, how is the new computer? You said it would arive by Monday, so I figure that you're getting it set up the way you like. As for me, my new graphics card is still wacky. Sometimes when I boot it up, it works normally, most of the time when it boots up, the screen is all crazy (only 32 colours instead of millions), and it flickers on and off. I'll back up my hard drive, then take it back to the shop this week. Oh well. Hey, let me know if you want me to e-mail you any files first, just so you have something to work with for now.

  21. Wow! That's some serious processing power. It should make for some excellent cutscenes all right :drool1:

  22. well, considering how good your docking sequences look so far, when you get your new computer, the cutscenes should look fantastic.

    So, how much power will you wield in the new computer?

  23. Hey, how's the new computer working out? I'm still waiting for my iMac to be repaired (I blame WinXP).

  24. Sorry, I didn't know that you'd replied, or I would have gotten back to you right away. If you post your replies on my profile, then I'll get an incoming message notice pop up (and we can then use the "view conversation" link).


    If I find some text and screenshot tutorials, I'll let you know. I can't continue with my own tutorials at the moment, because my computer is in the shop for repairs (I'm on my work computer right now).

  25. Here, try the Digital Art Tutorials at:


    Some of them are free, but most you have to pay for.

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