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  1. OK. I'm just getting tons of new writing ideas for TFP and K3. I have to go write these down. Talk to you later!



  2. tres - not trois ;) You were very close though. :D


    I think I have been posting too much and not writing enough. My K3 is off to an excellent start, but...have not gotten back to it. Once I stop getting brain waves fot TFP I suppose. So are they going to Dantooine...maybe a Dustil Carth reunion later? Dustil could try to make up after his angry behavior on Korriban.Its this typing that slows me down, cause everytime I write, I think, aw great now I got to type this :xp:


    Glad to hear your fics are going well! I am having trouble with two and here you are doing three. Wow.



  3. Que tal? (thats whats up? in Spanish, now you know 3 words! :D)


    A bit. Been caught up with DYs SiD chapter, proffreading. I realized that I was a bit behind in the SiD fic. That and I had a major brain wave for new ideas for TFP.


    Obviously with the loss of Jorrin, CCI needs a new director. I'm going to bring a little more tension into the mix. Taran's little annoyances just are not cutting it. I'm gonna bring in the bitchiest person you will ever read about to lead CCI. Loads of fun writing for. :) And I'm going to bring in a KOTOR character. Possibly Mission. (you will see why when I post the next chp.)


    How is your K3 going, as well as Huntress and Quest for Revan?



  4. Yeah, thats why I'm considering track. Other people are growing, and I'm not, so football was questionable anyway, to say the least. I used to be the laziest person ever a few years ago. Thankfully my high metabloism kept me thin. These days though, I have to work for it though. :xp:


    Sports can indeed be very rewarding, but I don't have much natural talent. I got on a team by hard work, most of the people didn't even try. But yeah, next year is going to be a tough year with 4 APs and 2 honors clases. :sweat: But you give sound advice. :)



  5. I've played football for the past two years for my high school, but I'm not going to next year. The way things worked out I had to choose between academics and athletics. :( I chose academics, as there is no way I'll get a football scolarship or anything (I'm O.K. but not amazing or anything) - but I have over a 4.0 GPA (Honors and APs are weighted) so rewards there are quite possible.


    I still will continue to go to the gym however, and I'm thinking about doing track, as at my school, it is less time consuming. That and we only have Varsity, so I automatically get on a varsity team. :D I do basketball for fun, buut my schools basketball team...lets just say there are not even try outs. My school recruits from all over the world so I knew there was no way I was getting on that team.



  6. Well when I put twelve in intelligence I was thinking more skill wise, not actual IQ or anything. I know a couple things like how to pick locks (no I'm not a robber :xp:) and basic first aid and CPR, but other than that...even computers I'm not that good with. :)


    Possibly wisdom and Intelligence could be switched...in fact they probably should, but I don't know.



  7. I guess my stats would be:


    Strength: 14

    Dexterity: 14

    Constitution: 12

    Intelligance: 12

    Wisdom: 12

    Charisma: 14


    I guess I'm fairly well rounded.


    OMG Karen - :lol: A cop asked her for licence and registration and she showed him her...stuff - one was licence and the other registration. Then Will was like "You should see what she shows you when you ask for her passport." :xp:




  8. Ah, but it can always be deleted! :D


    Order? As in what order our respective additions will go in chapter three? You can put mine wherever seems best. I don't have any cliff hangers going on that should be last or anything. Is that what you meant?


    In chapter one however, I do not want to be first. I think Exile and Visas on Kataar is first anyway, so this should not be a problem right? In fact, in chapter one, I would like my part to go last if possible. :)



  9. Yeah, it just came on this year on Fox.


    I've heard so many good things about Scrubs but have not found the time to get into it. I do hawever watch Will and Grace. :lol: Love that show.


    Ahh, poor you, looking like a sith. *runs off to buy you a plastic red lightsaber* :xp:



  10. I can take or leave the movies to be honest. :¬: I saw the preview for the TV series and decided to give it another chance.


    The new TV series...has potential. Honestly I watch it for Cameron and her funny lines. Helena Bonham Carter is not in the series...unless you mean the new terminator movie that is coming out? I think she is in that.


    Cameron is from a terminator TV series which is Arnold free. :) The show can be made better but its got some good stuff in it.



  11. Yeah, I'm thinking about bringing Mission in for a while, though I might need someone bigger. I will definitly add some KOTOR references in there. I myself would be more inclined to read a fic with KOTOR characters, simply because they are familiar to me, so I don't blame anyone for not. :) Thanks for the advice!



  12. Nah, that was Chloe O'Brian. You would love her. She is so quirky, she is on the show 24. I like it, but its so American.


    As to Cameron: I assume you have seen the terminator movies? If you have, you know they are cyborgs and don't have real emotions or anything. Cameron is a terminator in a 16 year old girl's form, in the new twrminator TV series. She says weird stuff and does not understand human behavior.


    Yeah, DY does have more. Wow you guy were busy posters while I was gone. I want my custom title. :xp:



  13. Its a rather long story, so I do have to take breaks from time to time. Errgh, can't find good Cameron pics!


    Hehe, that dream does make sense now huh? That would be just our luck, own all the sith and then have the ship fly away. :xp:


    I'm gonna try that before I go to sleep. See if it works. 400 posts...geez Burnseyy. :D



  14. You'd be screaming for help and I'd be like. "Do you mind? I'm talking to Mira over here?" Yeah we would all be bugging the KOTOR chars. :D


    Wow, I wish I had cool dreams like that. Of course after this, I'll probably have something similar. I'm searching around for some good quotes for my sig. I'm gonna put Cameron in, but I need a good quote from her. (She is in my albums) And I'm half way through Urban Death, so if I'm a bit slow, thats why. ;)


    Yup, DY died and I dissappeared cause I saw something shiny. :D We are still the bestest jedi ever!



  15. DY would definitly be the consular, and he'd have to keep us focused I think. I know I'd be on a mission, see something shiny then go to investigate that instead. :D Short attention span and all that. I can't laugh at my Yuthura comment because if we saw Mira we would be trying to take pictures with her and trying to get autographs. "Oooh! Oooh! Mira, can you sign my robes and lightsaber?!"


    I think I would be the guardian and you the sentinel as well. We'd wipe the floor with the other jedi. :xp: Incidentally, what were we fighting in the dream?



  16. Thats good, you got the important ones down. I can't wait to see them!


    Haha, thats funny! :lol: Weird dreams. Hehe, you kept mixing us up? Well lets see, I'm about 5 feet 9 inches, I have brown hair with an orange tint when light shines on it (weird right?) same with my eyes (in the sunlight they can sometimes look orange) and I'm pale, I work out so I'm muscularish kinda. :carms:


    Oh, and DY probably died, not me. He saw Yuthura and wanted an autograph but didn't see the assassin droids creeping up behind him. :xp:



  17. We've all been slacking lately I think.Don't sweat it. The problem with my fic is that it is all OCs and people want to read about KOTOR characters. I'm hoping a visual will get a wider range of people intersted in it, as my only readers right now are you DY and Rev. :xp:


    Out of interst, who have you inked, and who have you drawn?



  18. Going out to eat now be back soon



  19. Couldn't you just see Carth walking in on them and Mission getting annoyed at him for not knocking first. "Hey Carth, did ya ever try knocking once and a while? Sod off for a bit, will ya." Not the best dialogue, but for coming up with it in 30 seconds...


    Maybe we could fit that in much much later in the story. Since I have Dustil and Mission, and you have Carth...



  20. Well, he does not only like her for her- erm- stuff, shall we say? It was just kind of a shock because he has been imagining her as a 14 year old for five years now, and to see that...well it made him more shy around her. But as the story progresses, it will go beyond simple physical attraction. :)


    Where are these pictures?, I would love to see them.



  21. Well Dustil has not seen her since K1, not even a hologram. Since Mission is going to be like 20 here, obviously she -er- developed a lot since 14. :D Both physically and mentally. (Though the same personality.) Their meeting is going to be a Dustil sees her and is like whoa :eyepop. Not a slobbering drool monkey mind you, but kind of surprised at how much she grew up. He'll feel a little awkwardish. I'm going to try to make him on the quiet side. She'll just treat him like she always has, as a friend, but he will have to get used to being around her. But secretly finds him...attractive...but not to the extent that he likes her...yet. :)


    God, I'm gonna love writing this.



  22. Thanks! I have a good Aruil and Virago dialogue coming up in the next chapter. I didn't even know there were limits on the amount of characters in a post. See why it took me so long?


    I feel guilty, because I have not done much regarding K3 lately. I'll work on it today. Dy put up a chapter, you put up one. I guess its my turn. :xp:



  23. Things are going good now that I have that monstrocity of a chapter typed and out of the way. :D I'm finally over my jet lag, got my projects done, and am just going to relax and write for the rest of the week. School starts next Wed though :(. Fred (my dog) got into my bag of gummy bears. I use the sugar to keep me going while I type late at night, and he ate them all. Pig. :xp:


    Funny story how I got my name actually. When I was 14 I went to a party. Well I love pie, so I started eating the pies that were there. (Yes I used to be quite the fatass, but I have since discovered the gym.) I don't know if you have ever gotten the "high" feeling after eating way too much food? Well I did. I joined the KOTOR forums on Bioware that same year. My friends, that were at the party, kept bringing up how I got "high" off pie. So when I was choosing a name for Bioware, I picked High On Pie then my age - 14. When I joined Lucas forums I decided to use the same name. Then I figured out that I could abreiviate and just say "HOP." A long rather dull story I know, but thats how I got my name. I assume you picked yours because Yuthura is your favorite character?



  24. Chapter 3 is finally up! :D Its the longest one yet!



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