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  1. I love that song! Funnily enough its been stuck in my head all day! I smell a youtube video brewing - Juhani montage...they already have it for Hermione and Luna - no I'm not joking - it made me laugh so hard.


    I know what you mean. I prefer a quieter summer at home, only going out with friends for a few hours a few times a week. Yeah, look at the floodgate you opened with the K3 thing :lol: But just remember, you get credit for coming up with the idea in the first place. I think once we get the first chapter written, set the scene, things will go smoothly. It is a lot harder working in a group at first...I'm already enjoying it though.


    No the girls were not nerds. :D I had semi-relationships with some of the American ones that I went to school with. But that was more hey we got drunk, lets make out in the corner. Not a real relationship...but what should I expect, its vacation fling. :xp: Meh, my spanish is not that great...



  2. Yeah, K3 is not really going to get off the ground until all three of us are home. So ironic that you left the day I came back. UInfortunatly not all my friends go to my school...gonna be hard to get their numbers back...meh my other friends will have them I suppose.


    Determination...more like guilt tripping to be honest. Everybody expected me to do it and kept going on about how great it was and blah blah blah...I juist was like O.K. fine I'll do it. :xp: Yes, its never somthing I'd do again, though I still plan to do England next summer, as some friends are going and it will be more like a European vacation for us than anything else. One friend, who is going, thought oxygen was a metal and asked me if food coloring is eatable...yeah I know, I have "special" friends.


    Surprisingly decent? Does that mean good, or just okay? Lucky you...the language barrier in Spain prevented that from happening to me. Hehehe...those Russians are so jealous of your sexyness. :D Any way to push them off the volcano? :xp:



  3. Yeah I used to say hola just for fun, but now it slips out when I don't want it to. Meh, bad side effect.


    Well, for some reason at the end of last year I decided to be an over achiever (which weird since I usually am the exact opposite) and said, "I think I want to skip Spanish 3, so I can take Honors Spanish 4. So I did. It has not been the most relaxing summer though and school does start in two weeks :(. At least most of my other projects (AP Art History, Honors British Lit) were due in July, so when I waited till the last minute, school was still far off...now only two weeks left...eurgh.


    I just want to do nothing but write and watch TV this week. I'm dead. Wow your lucky, with my pale skin I got burned every day in Spain. I'm not a big believer in sun screen...just don't like how it makes my skin feel all oily and nasty. :xp:


    So your camera broke? I broke my cell phone in Spain and lost everybodies numbers. Got to call a couple of my freind up and get them all back. Talk about annoying. Oooh a guy huh? :naughty:



  4. Oh, its great to be home. I was a nine hour flight, and essentially, I went with no sleep for over a day, so I have some jet lag now. Yeah I have not forgotten English though I tend to inadvertedly say Hola instead of Hi. But that'll wear off. :)


    Had a spanish project due for my American school today, but now that that is done I'm going to be Spanish free for the rest of the summer. :D


    At least you got that bit up in the K3 group...I have not posted any there yet...but I'm working on it, and its going quite well. TFP is going well, as far as the written part goes (several chapter ahead of posting)...as for posting...well my brain is mush right about now so probably tommorrow. :xp: How have the volcano's been?



  5. Thanks! Its not a hard project. I always procrastinate and come on the forums when ever I have work. :xp:


    At least I have to get it done by 2:30, and than the teacher wants me to drive to school and hand it to her personally. Even though I'm feeling very anti Spanish at the moment, I'll have to put on a happy face. So in about 5 hours I should be entirely free.


    I better post another TFP chapter, when I get back from school, or Burnseyy will have my head on a plate! :xp:


    Off to finish the project :barf:



  6. Haha, well I definitly lost some IQ points, thats for sure. :xp:


    Oh, lord I missed American food. Spanish food is good, but it all tasted very similar after a few days. Oh, yeah, and people are not peeing in the streets in D.C. And its great to be at my computer again! Its great to be speaking English again, though since I've been home I've been working on my Spanish summer project (its due today and I'm justy starting :D) I have to hand it in to the Language department head at 2:30 today and she has to "assess" my abilities. :¬: But after today I'm Spanish - free for the rest of the summer. :)


    I'm pretty well caught up on K3 but I have a couple questions that I'll pm you. ;)



  7. Well, have fun on your vacation Burnseyy!


    Will you be around to post much? I read your new addition in K3 group. I like it a lot. Well now that you and DY have your bits out, I should finish those projects then, so I can really get cracking on K3. I have five summer projects, and they are all due on the 18th. God, my school is cruel. They have really been hindering my progress...my Government project is twenty essays and a book (most boring book ever) :(



  8. Agreed. I shouldn´t be much of a problem. With Dustil, Mission, Brianna, and Atton, I have plenty to work with. I had no intention of Dustil meeting the exile in chapter 1, thats way too early. :) Now, maybe I´ll take a crack at writing this...after I finish my AP Government summer project. :bored:



  9. Quite right, what I meant was, at before the first chapter we wouldjust put that this is a group fic. Oh, lord, no I dont want to be like "well I did that and DY wrote that first part, and Burnseyy wrote this..." Just a simple note at the begining of the first chapter will do. ;)


    Since the Exile is a more well known character that Dustil, it makes sense that at least for the first few chapters, her part be a bit bigger. At least for the first chapter, I was thinking, like 7 pages at the most for me. Really the first chapter is about setting the scene, and obviously the Exile needs more background and explaining than Dustil.


    As far as I know, there has never been a fic written by more than two people on here...well this should turn a few heads to be sure. Is there anything you would like my to add or stress, regarding the new order and Dantooine?



  10. Yeah, thats what I was thinking, just give all pieces of the first chapter to you and you post it, the second to Burnseyy, and the third to me. Unless, you meant only one of us would post chapters?


    True, only one of our names can be on the thread, but anybody actually reading the fic will see its a group effort as all three of us are posting chapters. There might be a way to get all three of our names on the thread if we ask a mod...but we´ll deal with all that stuff later. And of course we will state at the begining that it is a group effort, so anybody reading will know, which is really what matters.


    Right we all have to finish our pieces and submitt them to whoever is posting the first chapter. So, 8 pages and growing? Wow, O.K., now that I know how long each of our pieces will be there is definitely stuff I can add to mine.



  11. I would want each of us to have a part in each installment. If you have a monster piece, and so does Burnseyy, you can combine the two to make a chapter, and mine could wait for the next chapter. Chapters could contain anywhere between 1 and 3 writers pieces, as needed IMO


    For example: If all three of us have our pieces written, and agreed upon, we would pm them to the person who is going to post the chapter. Like, you could post the first chapter, Burnseyy the second, me the third etc, though each chapter may contain all three people´s work. Does that make sense? I don´t feel like I´m being clear.


    Sorry, but did you mean the entire chapter is twelve pages, or just you part? As long as its divided, I have no problems with monster chapters. I just don´t want twenty pages of one storyline to be a chapter, you know?



  12. So basically when Dustil shows up, the jedi will be working from the sublevel?


    Burnseyy will probably like the Mira idea, as she gave up Mission to me, and two seconds later, Mission lands a fairly large part, while Mira, a small one.


    I plan to have Atton and Brianna be forced to work together...should be interesting. :xp: A question though:


    How long (roughly) should my first Dustil installmenmt be? (in pages typed) I don´t want to write a monstrosity and than find out both you and Burnseyy wrote ten page entries as well, leading to a monster chapter.



    I still got like an hour so we´re good. :D



  13. I was thinking, that some of the more, shell we say street smart jedi, were getting alot of the supplies. Mira still has some good Narr Shaddaa connections and could use them to order supplies, though thte supplier would think they are for her only, and does not know she is a jedi. Somebody could get suspicious of her purchases, leading to her having to cover up, where the resources are going, avoid trackers, space chases, hired bounty hunters etc - possibly a Mira POV for a few chapters.


    As far as ships and stuff, yeah I think Carth would provide them, though construction crews, well if they are animals and droids sure, but I don´t think people should really be brought into it.



  14. Funnily enough, I am a cheese lover (except for blue), how´d you figure that?


    Yeah he drank something that was like 70% alchohol, 25% Red Bull. Theres a disaster waiting to hapen. :xp:


    Ah yes, in my years of schooling I would say that is the moral: Don´t trust the teachers...


    I know, Neville was good at Herbology and Luna liked animals, I would have been perfect. Damn JKR´s brain farts! Yeah the animals are just so innocent. :(



  15. Haha...I have the general picture... I would not have a problem with this. I think Brianna should be there when the exile faces Atris. One question though- Afterwards, would she be able to return to Dantooine and join up with the Dustil/Mission plots? If not I´ll have to think about it. Most likely yes though...


    Yeah I´ve enjoyed it, but I´m ready to come home. I think two weks would have been perfect...not 31 days (yes I actually counted)



  16. Eurgh, I hate tomatoes :¬:.


    Hey, Burnseyy! Have not talked to you in a couple days. Hows your K3 part going?


    Incidentally, Spain just got a whole lot more fun, as some freinds found a bar that will serve minors. While I´m not getting wasted every night like they are...good times. :D One person got so drunk, he pulled a Luna and started swatting at invisible bugs :lol: I was stuck being the designated walker yesterday, as half of them could not even walk a straight line to get home...sigh...idiots. God, in the states I was an AP geek (AP = Advanced placement. Its basically a college class you take in high school and get college credit - super hard - don´t know if they have those in England) but this country is having such a bad influence on me...


    Yeah I loved what Mrs.Weasley said too. Dobby was by no means my favorite character. In fact, I liked both Fred, Tonks, and Lupin more. I was just how JKR discribed how Dobby always wasnted to be free and than they put - here lies Dobby, a free elf on his grave. Cheesy, I know, but very emotional for me. I wanted Luna and Neville to get together too...but she married some random naturalist and he is still single I believe.



  17. Actually it was very nice...you are a great writer! I won´t say more cause I already commented on it in the K3 group. :D


    I´ll be sure to ask you if I have a question, though I´ll probably just wait until I get home.



  18. Yeah I´ve got pale skin too. I literally stand outside for five minutes and my head looks like an overgrown tomato with hair. :xp: I get burned everyday here in Spain...so much sun.


    Yeah she kinda just stuck it in at the end of the battle that Lupin and Tonks were dead. Yet another brain fart, JKR! Also, I took issue with the fact that Bellatrix Lestrange was supposed to be a powerful witch, but was dispatched by Mrs. Weasly...that was...random :confused: I honestly wanted Neville to do it, because of what Bellatrix did to his parents. Fred and Hedwig made me upset, but Dobby actually made me cry. Not so much his dying, rather that on his tombstone they wrote- "Here lies Dobby, a free elf" :cry6:



  19. I know, that makes our K3 thing off to kinda a rough start huh? Where are you going anyway? Hope you have an easier time there than I am in Spain...


    :lol: Yeah I know what you mean about Harry...liked his determination and how he had to deal with all kind of hardships, but his mood swings were annoying - just like Hermione´s - but since she is a girl, she has a legitimate excuse. :xp: Yeah Tonks is cool, (at least in the 5th and 7th anyway) Thats funny that they were your favorites before the got together. I heard that when the 7th book came out and JKR was signing them, a couple, dressed up as Lupin and Tonks came up to her with their books. JKR felt super guilty because she killed them both off. Unnecessary deaths in my opinion. She can kill Tonks but not Malfoy? :confused:



  20. Thanks! I have been keeping up with the K3 group, but I´m sure there is stuff I have missed. When I get back I´ll probably ask you to pm me with what we have so far. Incidentally, how close are you to starting the writing of your part for chapter one?


    If there is anything that you want my opinion on, just post in the K3 group and direct it at me. :)


    But I really did pick the worst time to go on vacation, and Burnseyy is leaving the day before I get back. Still it could be worse...we could have gone on vacation in the middle of the fic. :xp:


    I know, only two hours of internet every other day is killing me!



  21. Sorry I missed ur last message :) Hmmm...well I like Harry, (at least I do in the books) but like Luna alot as well. Its hard to compare since Harry gets so much more focus than her...but yeah I think Luna is my favorite by a hair, followed by Harry than Dumbledore. :D


    Actually its a fairly cheap cafe, only costing a Euro an hour, its really just that I only have time between writing, summer projects and all this Spain school work, I just don´t have time to come on for hours like in the US. But I come back the 16th so after that I´ll be on fairly often.


    Since I get so little computer time, I prefer to post, rather than type up my fic. I´m still writing it though (I always use pencil and paper first) and that the important part. I´m several chapters ahead of my last TFP post and they should be up in fairly quick succession once I´m back in the states. Only 9 more days...


    So who is your favorite HP character?



  22. Googling chav now...


    Oh, lord your right. :lol: Whoa! (imagining Vaders lines with that accent - now thatss scary/funny)


    Thanks, I sent the pic stuff to you..."taking the mick" now that sounds very Brittish to me. :)


    God, I love Mission´s lines. Always use her on the Leviathan just to hear them. :D


    My time at this cafe is about to run out :( so I guess I´ll talk to you later. :D



  23. Oh yeah, Manchester, like Daphne from the show "Fraiser" (youtube it if you have not seen the show) I can tell you are English, but really its only a few words - like "I´m going on holiday" (in the states we say "I´m going on a vacation") but the Harry Potter books have taught me a bit, such as "row", "nutter", "prat" and "dodgey" which I put into my vocab. :)I probably sound dead American to you though, huh?


    Yeah, and that why I don´t eat it much when I´m in the states. :xp: Meh, pay no heed to the French, they hate Americans almost as much. They even tried to blame us for their population gettting more overwheight. Apparantly its the USAs fault that France decided to put like a few thousand extra McDonalds in their country. :roleyess:


    As for concept art: Honestly, the more, the better IMO. I love your drawings so I´m all for it. On the subject of art - would you mind doing a drawing for my fic? The problm with TFP is that its all new characters and its kind of hard for people to visualize them. I would be talkin about just the main characters just standing there, looking tough -nothing to complex. If you agree, I´ll pm you with more detailed descriptions of them.


    Funnily enough I took Mission because I thought she would be minor and not much work. Although I´m excited for the character now that she has a bigger part. :D



  24. Heh, oh yeah, only like a month apart. That sweet!


    Beleive me, most of my food has been from McDonalds. :xp: I didn´t eat that much of it in the states, but here its like my bread of life.


    At least there is a beach here...other than that, yeah, its kinda boring. The first week was fun but now I´m out of stuff to do...and if the teacher asks me if I understand what she is saying (with the air of explaining that 2 plus 2 = 4 - aargh, can´t find the plus sign on this keyboard!) I´m gonna smack her one. :D Yeah I dont know half of the symbols on here and there is only one shift key - yes thats right one- the other one...well if its on here I can´t find it. :xp:


    England next summer should be much more enjoyable - plus Americans are not as hated as they are in Spain. So many dirty looks...


    Well, I´m definitly writing for Dustil and Atton and Mission. Possibly Brianna if DY is willing to give her up- Forgot to ask...anyway, I´ll probably end up doing Jolee as well if nobody else will take him. Once we get passed these early stages of the fic I think it will run fairly smoothly- its gonna be awesome!


    Who are you writing for anmd who do you want to write for?


    Yeah 16 is a difficult age. :) Oh yeah the mid teen crisis: all my friends have had it...I suppose mine is not far off.



  25. Thats not sad, thats smart. ;)


    Yes, randomly shut. It was open at that time the previous week...everyhthing is like that here in Spain though. :¬: There a fiesta here every other day. Yes the partying Spanish people stereotype is true. I´m gonna wait till I get back to the states to do that, as the dollar is weak compared to the Euro.


    The keyboards at this cafe suck so I didn´t finish typing the chapter,m but whatever it should be up soon anyway.


    The more I read our K3 group, the more excited I become for it. I´m already planning the Dustil stuff in my head. If I´m insane for being in Spain for 5 weeks you are just as insane for writing three fics at once. :D


    So how have you been lately?


    The We Hate Atris group :lol: Don´t give me any ideas :xp:...



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