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  1. I'm coming over on July 23rd and I'll be there until August 12th. Too bad the dollar sucks now - I think its like 2 dollars to the pound...ah well.:) What is hilarious is that Cambridge sent me a rule book for when I stay on campus and one of the rules is "do not climb onto the roof of a building and attempt to jump top the roof of another building." :confused: Who does that? :lol:



    Only one year of high school left and then its off to a university for me! Got to start all of those applications and admissions essays...eurgh. :¬:


    So how has the vacation been going?



  2. Things are going pretty good now that I'm on summer vacation. I have not been on the boards in ages either...just started coming back on again this past week or so. So many fics to catch up on :p


    I'm so siked for my trip to England this summer! :D Good to see you back!



  3. Hey!


    I'm back from my exile! :D Sorry about that but school was crazy so I decided to just finish that up before coming back on. Oooh I have so many fics to catch up on. Doing pretty good - Summer Vacation finally!



  4. Haha, I love the avatar!



  5. Hey Burnseyy!


    Wow it's been ages since we talked lol. Hows life on the other side of the Atlantic?



  6. Hi!


    Totally random here but I love the avvy. Sokka and his cactus juice. :D



  7. I lengthened the Gina vs. Levin fight. I highlighted it in light yellow so its easy to find. I would appreciate it if you would read it through. Thanks!


    Not the next chapter, but the one after that will be devoted entirely to Gina. Since you are the biggest Gina fan I thought I'd run the general idea by you in a sort of preview thingy.


    Chapter 10: Anae from Alderaan


    Gina the cyborg. The girl that never sleeps. So what does she do while everybody else sleeps? What does Gina do in the Nar Shaddaa nightlife while her jedi companions are asleep? Gina's second life is revealed as she goes around with her alias, the ever-so-innocent Anae, from the peaceful planet Alderaan...but this girl is anything but peaceful.


    Basically she runs around getting info and of course killing but gets back before everbody else wakes up and they have not got a clue that she has been out all night.



  8. I took your advice and I lengthened the Gina vs. Levin fight. I highlighted it in light yellow so its easy to find. I would appreciate it if you would read it through. :)



  9. Oh, I adored this new chapter. I think it's you best one yet...good action, suspense. You know Sri' has really grown on me with every line I red I thought "Y'know? I really like this girl!"



  10. Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you, I have not been on the forums at all for weeks. The new TFP is up and its quite long. Lots of Gina fights - big burly guy underestimating her...ooh they will be sorry. :xp:


    So your next chap is out? I'll go read that right now.



  11. I am so glad the election is over. Political ads suck (and I approve this message). DC was like 92% Obama so not nearly a battleground area.


    Hehe, well, Chapter 8 is down for a re-write but Gina has forced me to do some colored TFP drawings, which are in my album...I'm not sure how to get them in a post from there though...


    Nothing too interesting, just hanging with friends, doing homework...although I did write a whole 10 page term paper last night, on the structure, analysis, and philosophical themes in Hamlet's soliloquies. - not fun.:xp:


    How goes it for you? :)



  12. Hooray for lying! :D


    I used to only lie when I absolutly needed to. Then I lied when it would be beneficial...then when it was conveinient for me...and then when I felt like it...wow how we change.


    I hate books like that. All of my AP books are like that so I get the "cheat" book that put it in plain english. Everybody wonders how I do so well. Maybe I'll tell them...on the last week of school :xp:


    Hook Aruil and Gina up? Well aside from the fact that Gina is a robot and does know affection or even lust that would be hard. I like the idea though. :xp: Although, Aruil will be one of the few people who is not put off by Gina. Everbody else will be all like "she's a creepy cyborg killing machine!" Aruil will just treat her normal, though will inadvertantly confuse Gina with her strange talk.


    I could go as Gino :D



  13. :lol: Yeah, Gina and Aruil - the two wierd people . :xp:


    Aruil: "Oh, look, a Babbling Buzzsnapper!"


    Gina: *takes out gun* "Where? Can I can kill it?"




    And they say lying never pays off. Pffft, what life have they been living? :xp: I going to a Halloween Party too. I was Death last year for the party anyway...I want to be something less...morbid this year. We will see...picking out a costume on the day before Halloween, this should be fun.


    As far as fanfic goes, TOR is perfect, which I think is why they made it so far from K2. Too many people had strong contrasting opinions about Revan and Exile and they didn't want to upset half of the fanbase. Thats what happens when a sequel takes so long...


    No your not terrible! :D Like I said, I'll probably love the game after I play it.



  14. I know what you mean. No matter how they did the storyline, there would be people angry with it because it was not their vision of K3. I was having trouble imagining how they would continue it storyline-wise. I still want it to come out, but I will have to be satisfied with TOR. After playing it I'll be going on about it and denying that I ever doubted it - just wait :D


    Oh, well, the chapter is just meh...but I already wrote the one after and I'm very happy with it. :) It will haver both Gina and Aruil in it...I can't wait for those two to meet. :xp:



  15. I'm pretty sure Arnie is not in it unless its just a cameo...he's too busy running California - the governater. :) I love watching House. Those writers are talented, giving House such rude or insensitive dialogue, yet making us like him anyway. :D Did you see the last one with Cutty and the baby?


    Yeah, if you don't watch TSCC from the begining it's hard to understand. Oh, yes, the parents. Everytime there is a movie that they would shake their heads at I just go out with friends and see it in the theater. It's not as if they won't let me watch it, but they will give me the whole "I can't beleive you enjoy this junk!" routine and I like to avoid that as it gets really annoying, really quick. :xp:



  16. Good movies...hmmm, not recently, though I am anticipating a few: the third "Underworld", Terminator 4, and the Watchmen.


    I've been getting hooked on TV shows left and right though. I just finished season 1 of Heroes on DVD.


    What about you? :)



  17. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm sorely dissappointed that it's not going to continue the KOTOR storyline. Lets put it this way: I'm a bit resentful of it because they lead us to believe it would be a third KOTOR. If this were to come out after a K3, you would see me jumping for joy. Its like expecting to get $100 and ending up with $25. Its not bad but it could have been better.


    Oh, and have not posted the next chapter - I'll get on that now. Its one of those, "no matter how much editing I do I'm still not happy with it chapters" Know what I mean?


    Gina is going to kill me now. :xp:



  18. Hey Burnseyy!


    Did you see that DY has been banned? I wonder why?

    Sorry I don't have time to say more, I'll catch up with you later. :)


    EDIT: Oh, its only for a week. Got scared there for a minute.


    What do you think about The Old Republic


  19. Oh, no not stupid. If I called it stupid I'd be such a hypocrite, as I constantly make reference to Gina's "burning eyes." After writing that stuff about Gina I totally understand what you mean about eyes. I could just picture Sri's eyes throughout the whole chapter.


    Thank you. :D Gina is sent to interoggate Nakaya, but Vorzar and Marit want to use her for something else. Oh, and Gina starts learning some slang. :xp:



  20. Haha, nope, although if I don't get my chapter out this weekend as promised, she will probably terminate me. :xp: Maybew because she has a big role in the next chapter and she wants it out, now.


    Chapter is up? :D *heads over to the CEC*



  21. You know a was just looking at that. (the one I saw was only one paragraph) Normally I comment on new stories but I thought to myself: this has already has more than it deserves. My fic is over two forum pages and I have six readers, yours is 5 forum pages and you probably haver somewhere in the teens I assume. Its not even as though that tiny fic was exceptionally well written either. People are very busy at the moment, in fact most of my readers have not commented on the latest chapter. Thats why I put off the next one. I want to give people a bit of time.


    I just felt a bit guilty after promising a chapter, and then not having it in...so I posted my Gina skit. I figured it would be a humorous way to tell people I've been busy.


    Been good. I have and english essay due at midnight today...eurgh. I'll just slap something together it only has to be two pages. As for my health, I've been a bit drained since "The Shrimp Incident" and I don't think I'll be eating shrimp of any kind for a long time.:xp:



  22. World domination you say? Your offer is tempting...I'm in! :xp: As for my position, hmmm...I'll have to think about that, so many options.


    Well thats good, the baby is healthy. :D I was a month early myself. I hope she goes well...only 7 months to go! Yeah, it's stressful, I've known a few women who were pregnant. But it was well worth it in the end. :)


    Study for rank? As in military? I'm in the JROTC at my school so I know a bit about ranks, though, we don't study for them.



  23. Congradulations JA! :D :D :D :D :D (Wow, I used five grins)


    Sorry I took so long getting back to you. I've only been on a total of 10 minutes since last weekend, and that was just for album stuff. Eh, my writing is going slow too...it's hard to find time, you know? I promised the readers a new chapter - and that was like four days ago... oops.


    I know what you mean about the kick thing. If I'm not into it at the time, nothing is going to happen. But I'm sure you'll get back into KOTOR...I always do.


    I've been doing well, just insanely busy with school work...but thats what I get for overacheiving, huh? Other than that things have gone well. I keep getting flooded with ideas for storylines, but just can't find the time to put it in writing.


    So how have you been, especially with the new member of the family on his/her way? :)



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